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I designed “Amatheia” in Blender (my first Blender planet) with the end goal of doing a “tribute” to the 20 year old “Tropical Moon of Thetis”. The “day” version was a bit of a departure but hopefully this scene will evoke the original.

I rendered quite a few different atmospheres before settling on this one and I will share some of those in the Pickle Jar down the line.

I hesitate to call this a “night” version, because the sun angle here implies that it’s still day time. How is this possible astronomically?? Easy! Off frame there’s another moon eclipsing the sunlight momentarily 🙂

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10 reviews for Amatheia Moonlight

  1. Msfit57 [nonmonthly]

    Truly perfect Ryan.

  2. Marco [lifer]

    I wish I was there taking a mid night swim.

  3. MIB4u [liferplus]

    … are you sure you wanna share 10667×6000 as lossless master? I mean, gr8, thnx! or is it variable anyway?

  4. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Simply awesome and so beautiful

  5. seth [lifer]

    Overall, the color and compostion look fantastic. But the clouds in front of the planet aren’t so good — too thin?. They look kind of like wires, and I had to stare for a bit before I realized they were clouds.

  6. Frank [liferplus]

    Absolutely Wonderful! Ryan. 2560×1440 Monitor I recently bought was worth it. Thank You

  7. Tarot [basicmember]

    I like the other one better. I have the tri-screen one on my PC now. The clouds are cooler and the reflection of the planet on the water is better in that one imo. Maybe pickle jar it.

  8. Brandi U [liferplus]

    What a beautiful tribute to the original.

  9. Tarot [basicmember]

    Both versions are amazing. I do like this one a bit more. Revisiting the classics is great.

  10. BobC [lifer]

    This does, indeed, evoke the original! There is an overall sense of wonder and awe. I particularly like the lighting and color choice. My only (slight) reservation is that, if this were the only version, the alien clouds would be a bit confusing.

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