Above the Canopy


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This one started with me trying to create a high-resolution (15K+) completely procedural gas-giant planet using Lightwave that I could use to fill the entire sky in one of my large Vue renders without any loss of quality.

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30 reviews for Above the Canopy

  1. Luiz Marques [liferplus]

    Surprised that there was no multimonitor version for this one…

  2. Laura [lifer]

    Somehow I clicked “5” instead of “7”.

    It’s just relaxing, and peaceful. Really like the coloring of the rings.

  3. Caleb [nonmonthly]

    Is there no multimonitor version coming? This is a great wallpaper, in my opinion, and I’d love to have it stretching across my work desktop.

  4. Tatiana [lifer]

    Enshrouded is one of my favorite wallpapers, and this is basically Enshrouded In Space! I love it. I have it as my background at home and work. Usually, I change my backgrounds every week, but I love this one so much that I don’t want to change it yet.

  5. Michael R [lifer]

    Gas giant and trees are fine, clouds need a lot of work. Brightness washes out all detail.

  6. Terry [nonmonthly]

    Love the foliage – the clouds… not so much…

  7. Brian J. [lifer]

    I love this one. Just in time for Star Wars VII coming out! I just can’t wait until it has a multimonitor version (and Winter Cliffs too!).

  8. MystMan [donormember]

    I thought this image was amazing however the clouds in the background look flat and boring. I’d get rid of it entirely and do something else. Ignore the dude about astronomy, yes, he’s right, but this is about artistry. The colors are amazing. You’re a master at perception.

  9. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Wonderful texture on the planet and the shading. Love the foreground as it leads up to the planet itself. Take a plane ride to see a great site.

  10. AlohaJerry [lifer]

    Working in astronomy, I can say that the cloud bands would not be spots like that. They would be more swirly as the winds and convection currents churn them.

    Love the picture concept, though. I always love your images where a large planet is on the horizon, like you are on a forest moon.

  11. AlohaJerry [lifer]

    Working in astronomy, I can say that the cloud bands would not be spots like that. They would be more swirly as the winds and convection currents churn them.

    Love the picture concept, though. I always love your images where a large planet is on the horizon, like you are on a forest moon.

  12. Holly [lifer]

    I think the green trees should be up against the colors of the planet, not white. I think white detracts whereas green would make it pop.

  13. Oscar [lifer]

    Speaking purely about abovecanopy1, I think this version has major potential. While I very much enjoy the “preferred” render that will make it to the gallery, the “full color sky” version appealed to me in that instead of looking like a planet looming over the sky, it looks like a GIANT waterfall with various rock types behind the water itself, giving it its exotic color scheme. The impressionistic nature of the colors for the, now labeled, water lend to the reality that some water will strike the rocks behind the waterfall. If you made an entire new image with this approach in mind (or a significant mod), I think it would look fantastic. Just an idea Ryan 🙂

  14. BobC [lifer]

    Today’s update helps a lot with the clouds.

    I agree with Duke about the lighting being self-contradictory and weird. My brain sees an airless moon (or maybe 200 foot thick atmosphere) — but there’s lush trees there! It is nevertheless a haunting image….

  15. Duke [nonmonthly]

    With the sunlight coming from where it is, and the clouds and trees on the ground… the sky should be blue, not starry. I think that’s the think that looks most weird to me.

  16. Morpheus in KC [nonmonthly]

    I had looked at an early version of this one and it wasn’t one of my favorites. But now, looking at the more refined version, blown up on my 32″ monitor, I have to change my tune. Good work as always, Ryan. You continue to amaze.

  17. Angelique [lifer]

    Hmm. This is kinda interesting. The foliage is very realistic but I don’t really like the clouds, as they seem too dense and too bright white (not as realistic-looking). The planet is pretty but the texture looking kinda impressionist smudgy brush texture sort of clashes with the foliage and trees which are rendered differently. I like it though

  18. Xetal [lifer]

    …with a smaller planet (or a lesss close-up viewpoint.)

  19. C in TX [lifer]

    I like the planet as is. It’s cool and I like the colors and texture. The clouds are better too.

  20. horcruxhp [nonmonthly]

    Ryan, I agree with David in that the smaller planet works better for the image. The clouds also look more natural in this context. Now… how about a multi-screen version so I can use it on my system?

  21. Jenanne [liferplus]

    The colors ARE amazing!!

  22. Jenanne [liferplus]

    The clouds are still a bit grainy, but overall this is greatly improved. I like David’s idea of a night version. Or, even better, perhaps a twilight version so the tree tops have an “Enshrouded” misty aspect.

  23. SethEden [liferplus]

    I believe this version BEGS for a multi-screen version! 😀 I love the framing and layout!

  24. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I this new version much better.

  25. David [liferplus]

    I think a clear night sky with a much smaller version of that planet in one corner (or just a full moon) would be a good juxtaposition against the trees and mist. Just me though!

  26. Josh Woodworth [donormemberlifer]

    No it works Ryan but change the planet colour to something more contrasting with Green like neon Blue?

  27. Jenanne [liferplus]

    I loved “Enshrouded,” but “Above the Canopy” just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry, Ryan.

  28. Tom [basicmember]

    What is above the tree tops? Not one of my favorites. Sorry.

  29. Yanna [basicmember]

    This is a very nice wallpaper ,as usual with Ryan Bliss’s creations, but I feel that we also need a pickle jar version where the gas planet is a bit further away (in other words: where the planet doesn’t fill up the whole sky).

    The colors are amazing, I might add!

  30. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I like the idea of this but don’t think the planet and the tree scene below really works together as a whole on this render. But again because you’ve done it I’ll save it to my ever growing DB wallpaper collection

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