Winterborn — Christmas 2001


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15 reviews for Winterborn — Christmas 2001

  1. rdreamer

    This picture is awesome! Can you post a Droid HD version of it?

  2. kellzilla

    You could try the updated Winterborn in the meantime:

  3. kelton

    would love a multi screen of this.

  4. Ry

    Back when I had a 1024×768 monitor I used this one a lot in the winter. I managed to tweak it down to a netbook workable size. My desktop uses a 1920×1080 monitor, but I’m tempted to break out my 1280×1024 just so that I can use this. I definitely think a 2012 version would be appreciated by many. I think you would have fun with it (and pickle jar versions) too.

  5. John

    I, like others, would like to see an updated Winterborn–perhaps animated. All of your images are amazing; but this one remains one of my favorites and has been a staple of my winter screensaver for many years. A wide screen-dual monitor update would make it possible to add this to my Win7 walpaper rotation.

  6. Tree

    I think any/all of these would be an awesome addition to your animated wallpapers. Like nickaix said “just watch it snow”. Not that I need a screen saver for that where I live.

  7. Jeff

    I really like this one. It’s perfect for the Holiday season. Would you consider doing an update on it?

  8. Missy

    I really like this work, even though it’s a little dated now. I think it really captures the mystical nature of snow. But I think it would look even better if you made the edges of the snowflake sharp rather than rounded.

  9. nickaix

    I think I am going to put this and all the pickle jar versions into a wallpaper-switching program and just watch it snow!

  10. Chris B

    1920×1080 and this is one of my favorites but it doesn’t stretch well onto my monitor. And i bet you could do an even more amazing one.

  11. Jimmaresa

    Really outstanding in its simplicity. Great talent!

  12. Raj

    CAn I get it in 2560×1600 please?

  13. Jack Sprad

    Can we get this on in a high rez version (2650X1200)

  14. LadySassy

    I really love this picture. Bringing in close a snowflake is awesome.

  15. violet [nonmonthly]

    really like variation 3 but i accidentally downvoted it

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