Valley of the Stars


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Here’s a night version of “Valley of the Sun. It certainly took a lot less time to render than the day version because I removed most of the cloud cover from the sky. I left the mountain mist intact however.

The snowcaps are supposed to be lit by moonlight here, but I may need to practice that effect more with such wide-angle renders.

As before, I’ve chosen a single-screen area and cropped the multiscreen. I would like to do dedicated single-screen renders of both this and the day version someday soon.

Let me know what you think!

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50 reviews for Valley of the Stars

  1. Lance [basicmember]

    I have fallen in love with this one. The dual screen render is just perfect

  2. Kenneth Eddington [basicmember]


  3. Ali [lifer]

    Aurora, mists, tall mountains and a galaxy that looks like the Milky Way. I like it! But make sure you don’t go overboard with the “heavy artillery” in your renders, so that the they won’t be like those movies with too many A-list actors. You got this one just right; one more element and it would’ve been overcrowded. It’s been a while since I logged in, it’s good to be back.

  4. Janis C. [lifer]

    Sorry Ryan, I couldn’t resist (review title).

  5. Mike [lifer]

    I’m jealous of the view from that ridge beyond the city. But was the 3200×1200 left out deliberately? It’s the perfect fit for the wonky monitor setup I have at work.

  6. Kurt [lifer]

    starvalleyportals1 is showing up as one of the pickle jar versions of valleyofthestars.

  7. Darlene Y. [nonmonthly]

    Yet another masterpiece!

  8. spazzium [lifer]

    I could have sworn this was in a closely compatible format earlier. I just upgraded to Win10. After upgrading my updating the drivers for my graphics card, the fist place I went was digital blasphemy to get my new favorite background. I think I was using dual 4:3 or dual 5:4 earlier. Any possibility of getting a render in this format?

  9. Frooom [lifer]

    I would love a version of this with no peoples. Some of your work is unbelievably evocative, especially the ones that show different stars/skies, and makes me long for interstellar travel.

  10. Daniel [lifer]

    Very nice!, altho i think a variation without the clouds/ mist and castle would be cool aswell. That way the focus would be purely on the stars and the beautiful landscape of mountains. ;).

  11. Littlemom [lifer]

    Wow this looks awesome like this. Love it!!!

  12. Jenanne [lifer]

    Terrific new picklejar version, Ryan!

  13. Bluequail [nonmonthly]

    The scene is beautiful. It would be amazing if you could make it available for a 21:9 (3440 x 1440) screen.

  14. Don T [lifer]

    Are you no longer producing this format? I would think it would be a common format for people.

  15. R [nonmonthly]

    Really like the addition of the castle.

  16. Dustin [lifer]

    The whole scene is just unbelievably awesome! Well done!

  17. DarthSync [lifer]

    Love it. I especially love the night-time scenes.

  18. SGlasgow [lifer]

    Hey Ryan.

    Don’t forget us split screen multi-screen mac users! The last 4-5 uploads don’t have the files. We need what you always have been doing for years. It can be stretched to our needs in OSX.

    Just keep doing what you were. I want to new desktop wallpapers too!


  19. Jeff Myers [nonmonthly]

    I am also a huge fan of all of David & Leigh Eddings books. Riva?? I think that JG hit it right on.

  20. Jeff Myers [nonmonthly]

    What? No 1680 x 1050 for desktop members??

  21. Ryan

    I have been reading those book to my kids at bedtime. Coincidence?

  22. JG [nonmonthly]

    I’d swear this is the city of Riva out of David Eddings’ The Belgariad.

  23. Arngu [lifer]

    Almost like the Mountains here in the Center of Europe. in the Middle of the Alps. Will love to use this one on my devices, THX, Great Work !

  24. BobC [lifer]

    I agree with RCD. Also, the composition for single screen is rather more satisfying (and you may have consequently saved me the purchase of another monitor). Thank You!

  25. RCD [nonmonthly]

    Amazing image! You’ve got it all, auroras, galaxies, clouds, majestic mountains, still waters and a mysterious temple! Very nice. Did you create the galaxy? It looks a lot like the Milky Way.

  26. Craig [lifer]

    Can you please offer 1680 x 1050? Other wallpapers you offer have that size. Thanks!

  27. Gary [lifer]

    I want to download the picklejar version of the Valley of the Stars and when I click on the link it takes me to this comment page for the (Alternate Versions), but I don’t see the image.

  28. Romarch [lifer]

    I like this quite a bit now that the field of view includes the actual valley like the daytime version did. πŸ™‚

  29. Kevin [plusmemberlifer]

    Any chance we can get a 1440X900 res? Thanks!

  30. Ryan

    Version 1 was pretty well received but I still had a change or two I wanted to make. This new version adds a small castle on the shore…

  31. Elaine [lifer]

    Wow! Valley of the Stars is gorgeous! The way you render aurora borealis is magical.

  32. Kevin [lifer]

    I always love the beautiful space renders that you do with aurora borealis and the Milky Way in them. These scenes just make me want to walk around in these stellar environments.

    One thing I will suggest is that you remove some of the noise from the water, as it makes the water appear grainy. Great work nonetheless!

  33. TomR [lifer]

    Long time I’ve been a fan; first time to comment. I really love this wallpaper. I feel completely drawn in, like I am looking through my screens into the vast beyond. Thanks.

  34. joe [lifer]

    this is amazing

  35. BobC [lifer]

    This is extremely (!) pretty, but doggonit, that second 27″ monitor that I’m considering buying….

  36. Zach [lifer]

    I really enjoyed the Valley of the Sun, but this version (Valley of the Stars) is even better! I, too, prefer darker wallpapers, which may be why I like this one better. Thanks, Ryan!

  37. Dave Ross [nonmonthly]

    Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Making it my desktop background now!

  38. Clear [lifer]

    This is such an awesome render! This just became the new backdrop on my Note 3. Thanks so much for the mobile renders! πŸ™‚

  39. Angelique [lifer]

    So beautiful! I love that you added the aurora over the mountains, though I do wish that more of the aurora could be seen in the single-screen version. Also the stars are kinda tiny on my little scree so I wish they were larger. Other than that – perfect πŸ™‚

  40. Littlemom [lifer]

    Absolutely stunning!!!

  41. Littlemom [lifer]

    Absolutely stunning!!!

  42. Kerry [nonmonthly]

    Beautiful image! I’ve always loved your night and space renders.

  43. Jenanne [lifer]

    Magnificent! Looks fantastic on my computer and tablet. Not much else to say about this one, Ryan. πŸ™‚

  44. Lester D [lifer]

    Awesome Ryan.

  45. Molly W. [nonmonthly]

    I’m so glad you did another image featuring the Milky Way!

  46. Yvan T. [nonmonthly]

    I love it, with all the stars and the fog on the ground. very realistic.

  47. Mark [lifer]

    Thank you, I really like this one. I prefer my desktop backgrounds dark and this is perfect

  48. Gardner [lifer]

    I think this might be a candidate for replacing my current desktop. (Harbinger has been my mainstay for years now) I’ll have to give this a try to see how it works. Right off the bat, though, the combo of galaxy and aurora looks odd somehow, but I think it might grow on me. Have you thought of doing it with one or the other?

  49. Terry [nonmonthly]

    I admit I’ve always preferred this kind of work over abstracts, the night sky stuff you really nail. Well done.

  50. Ryan

    Let me know what you think of the new split-screen options!

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