Valley of the Sun


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Trying to learn how to properly texture my World Machine creations inside Vue d’Esprit. This one was designed first and foremost as a multiscreen wallpaper so I will probably have to go back and create something special for the single-screen majority.

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33 reviews for Valley of the Sun

  1. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    Howdy. “Valley of the Sun” from the 2015 gallery (Ryan, Digital Blasphemy). As a resident in our mountain valley this creation by Ryan is a scene I experience most early mornings from my office/study west window that looks to the orange/yellow rays of the rising sun that graces the tips of our southwest mountain range.

  2. Kim Human [basicmember]

    Awesome! This is my favorite one……today anyway. Great work!

  3. Jason [basicmember]

    I’ve been going back a little ways this morning and picking some new wallpapers now that winter’s over; this one caught my eye immediately. That is a gorgeous sunrise (sunset?) scene.

  4. Ty Lambert [nonmonthly]

    This one reminds me of the view from Queenstown looking back over Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand.

    Very similar terrain.

  5. Chris [lifer]

    This is beautiful – especially in the multi-monitor renders. Your talent for landscapes continues to astound. Thank you!

  6. R. Lindsay [lifer]

    Hi Ryan,

    This location looks allot like where I go fishing in Alaska. It is called the Knik River Valley. I will send you a picture if you would like. You might like it.

    Thanks for you great work

  7. Rene [nonmonthly]

    Excellent job! Please add a Galaxy S6 version so I can show it off on my phone πŸ™‚

  8. Angelique [lifer]


  9. Marlowe [lifer]

    This is amazing work and has to be one of my favourite wall papers. The detail is breathtaking. This made my day!

  10. Lance [nonmonthly]


    Exquisite work! I love the detail in the water and the sunshine filtering through the morning mist. You continue to impress.

  11. Susan [nonmonthly]

    I like this one, I’ve thought that some of your renders have been a bit dark (Outlier for instance), but I like the colours and the glowing effect in this one. It stands out

  12. Jamie [nonmonthly]


  13. Lynn [nonmonthly]

    This is awesome. I’ve been a member for some time, and this is really the best you’ve done; and you’ve done some awesome stuff.

  14. Rick [lifer]

    Ryan, I’ve been a member for several years and I love just about everything you produce. I really like your nature settings, they are some of my favorites (Red and Gold from 2008, I can’t stop looking at that tree). This one here… wow dude, this may take the top spot for a while. Sunset/sunrise, mountains, water… what’s not to like?? You NAILED it on this one! Awesome. Keep up the exquisite work.

  15. Sebastian [nonmonthly]

    Since 2003 at the age of eleven, I have always been a fan of your work, and I feel this is your best creation yet Ryan! Everything about this creation is perfect, the lighting, the scale, and the textures are unbelievable. I admire every wallpaper you make, but this one I like so much that I just had to write this comment!

    Keep up the amazing work Ryan! This one is simply superb!

  16. Brian [nonmonthly]

    Reminds me a little of my favorite wallpaper of yours, Highland Spring. This looks fantastic on my three screens. Designing for multiscreen from the ground up makes a huge difference.

  17. Littlemom [lifer]

    This is absolutely stunning!!! Great job Ryan!!!

  18. Gene [lifer]

    Now that he mentions it, I too see Chris’s fox. I probably would not have noticed it myself, but now that I do, well, you know. Thanks a bunch, Chris!!! πŸ˜‰

  19. Gene [lifer]

    Take a look at the shadow line that crosses the right-side mountain/prominence in a “north-east” direction (about 45 deg off vertical). As I see it on my screen, there’s something about it that seems to catch my eye too readily. I would go nowhere near calling this a “defect” but to my eye, it appears a little too — something… Very slightly “offish”??? Or maybe I am… Time to quit trying to verbalize the purely subjective!

  20. Gene [lifer]

    This is a lovely work. I immediately set the first version as my desktop image, realizing of course, that it was the first version. I’d probably leave it up there for several weeks (my usual practice) even if no changes come, but seeing it for a few days, I have a thought or two (accept or reject at your discretion).

    To my eye and on my screen, the sky “glow” is too “pinky-magenta.” But I teetered on this. If your intent is to have this be a specifically EARTHLY image, then it probably is too magenta. On the other hand, if it is meant to be other-worldly, as your images sometimes clearly are, then perhaps the color is appropriate. So, my respectful recommendation/thought is to either make the whole more consistently “earthly,” recognizeable as such in the whole, or go the other way, and include enough other-worldly cues and hints that the very pink sky does not seem slightly out of place.

    All that said, it’s already a lovely work. Bravo, Ryan, and thank you again for brightening a stranger’s day (pun sort of intended… πŸ˜‰ )

  21. Brian J. [lifer]

    This scene is so beautiful it makes me wish I had a triple monitor setup to enjoy it fully.

  22. Secuda [nonmonthly]

    looks good as always, cant wait for day/night rework.

  23. Adam [lifer]

    That’s what I said when I saw this. Unreal… Keep it up! Can’t wait to see more!

  24. Craig [nonmonthly]

    NO need to change anything, but I’m sure this would make an incredible night or twilight (purpleish hue) scene

  25. drow [nonmonthly]

    pretty awesome kinda sums it up. i do need to get a second or third monitor one of these days, though.

  26. Brent [nonmonthly]

    Besides, don’t we ALL see cloud animals?Ҙºï¸ Just beautiful!!!

  27. Chris C [lifer]

    Tail…legs…head…two ears… Maybe its just me, but I can’t help but see a little fox or some animal in the center cloud formation. Please change this or it’s all I’m going to be thinking about when I see this otherwise breathtaking image!

  28. robk64 [nonmonthly]

    This is why I became a member. Great job!

  29. Lester D [lifer]

    Maybe a different hue to the sky. But I like it.

  30. Colin [nonmonthly]

    Normally your renderings of nature have incredible detail. This one seems rather flat in mountain and sky texture. It is also “overexposed”

  31. j0sh [lifer]

    Love the color in this one. I just got a new phone and was trying to find a good wallpaper and I think I found it.

  32. Brimmer [lifer]

    Wish I had a Triple Screen setup to truly enjoy this.

    Love it.

  33. Wraith [lifer]

    Beautiful, I would love a print of this.

    Small critique, it seems to me like there’s too much focus on the sky; my eyes feel like the mountains should be the main focal point, or that more of the lake should be visible. Other than that, I love it. πŸ™‚

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