Spire City by Night


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5 reviews for Spire City by Night

  1. JH [lifer]

    Much like the previous poster I had this on my desktop way back when, lost it for several years and then feverishly searched to find it again (almost lost hope). Has been back on my work desktop for the last couple of years, people still remark on it. I’ll never stop enjoying it.

  2. Loudog

    An old favorite of mine…I also had this on my desktop in the early 00’s. Somehow reminds me of Unreal Tournament.

  3. Firestar

    Ever notice how the city from SG Atlantis looks like it was modeled after this? Very reminiscent.

  4. Rearden

    This was one of my favorites when I first joined back in college. I loved your old cityscapes like this and the “Gotham” series (at least, I think that’s what they were called) I’d love to see some more like these.

  5. MC

    I was just looking back at old cityscapes and noticed this one because it stuck out. Even though the technology is outdated, I still think it’s a great idea, and futuristic cities rendered by artists never cease to amaze me. They, unlike nature scenes, take me to places that man has yet to discover in his own mind…

    The reflection of the moon on the water is beautiful, and the city’s colors really complement it. I hope to see another *updated* city like this in the future.

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