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Here’s a “bonus” Christmas wallpaper for my faithful Members. Yes it is definitely a companion piece to “Spirit of the Season” (from the same “house” even). There’s even a little “easter egg” callback to another of my early Christmas renders if you look closely 🙂

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30 reviews for Snowglobe

  1. Phineas [basicmember]

    I love the warm colours there.

  2. Tracy [lifer]

    Generates warm thoughts. Feels right. Beautiful presentation. Candy canes – always good. 🙂

  3. Gene [lifer]

    Another great one. Thank you Ryan. For me, the concept is a homerun. I marked the overall work as a 9. The only reservation I have is in the overall heavy darkness.

  4. Mario [nonmonthly]

    Great render and composition. Great shadow effect.

  5. Jacqueline Roos [basicmember]

    This one is so awesome, Ryan! I just love it and the beautiful meanings we can read into it! Reminds me of Christmases long past! Thank you so much!

  6. SCP [basicmember]

    Love these crhistmas ones!

  7. Tim [basicmember]

    One of my favorite holiday-themed pieces Ryan. Love it. Wish it was “in season” all year!

  8. Susan [nonmonthly]

    Thank you Ryan, it does make me feel like Christmas is here at last. I haven’t been feeling very much like Christmas up until now.

    I like the colours and the way the decorations work together and most of all the globe.

  9. Chris B [lifer]

    Or now that I look closer they may be the red ornaments from “Ornament” and not red leaves lol.

  10. Chris B [lifer]

    Did someone bring a memento from the North down to Kings Landing?

  11. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Awesome Holiday Render, it’s perfect, the Colours and depth, Great Job Ryan

  12. Amanda [basicmember]

    That is just what I wanted, a new and atmospheric snow globe. Love the candy canes and the wintery tree. Thank you, Ryan.

  13. Opel Carl [nonmonthly]

    Another fantastic Wallpaper. Just the right time to change the old one. Keep on working Ryan!

  14. Zack [lifer]

    Could you do a NB4X twist and swap out the tree for Jack’s Hill from the movie?

  15. Tom F. [donormemberlifer]

    I agree with some of the other posters. Too dark. Also, the snow needs to be more white/brighter.

  16. Shannon [liferplus]

    Thanks for the Holiday Cheer.

  17. Chase [basicmember]

    I enjoy the concept, a warm Christmas Even looking into a winter scene, just seems a bit gloomy for such a cheerful time.

  18. Tom [basicmember]

    Like the theme except for the middle of the ball and it’s too gloomy for my taste. Sorry.

  19. Kin [lifer]

    I actually appreciate the dark tone a lot. Is it possible to get another dark version but in black/blue (whilst keeping the same colors for candy canes)?

  20. Pat Anderson [basicmember]

    I’m very sorry to say, but it’s way too dark….can barely make it out. Think there was a similar problem with the past few renderings…..maybe it’s my computer????

  21. Gavin Edwards [basicmember]

    I would love to see the pickle jar versions of this. A neon blue or green would really make it pop!

  22. Marian Justiss [lifer]

    I was excited when I saw it and I love the theme, but it’s just too dark.

  23. M. Magee [lifer]

    The perfect Christmas gift from the past with a modern dream. Definitely going on my phone.

  24. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is a great upgrade. Nice Job!!!

  25. LisaT [liferplus]

    This took my breath away and softened my heart and mind, Ryan!

    I remember the 1st and welcome the latest!

    As if I could reach out and touch this scene, I proudly place it as wallpaper to be enjoyed and seen!

  26. Mark A. [liferplus]

    I’m guessing that the easter egg is a nod to “peppermint.”

  27. Scott [lifer]

    This is really cool! Well done!

  28. DeV [nonmonthly]

    I like it – but it doesn’t show up as a downloadable facebook cover

  29. Zack [lifer]

    A nice mellow wallpaper to give us all a break from the lights and tinsel that normally gets plastered all over the house at this time of year. Nice ‘easter egg’ surrounding the snowglobe.

  30. Ryan

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I agree it looked a bit on the dark side so I?ve uploaded a new version that is a good bit brighter. You might need to reload the page to see the new version though. Hope you like it!

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