Sleepwalker Woods (Winter)


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I thought my “Sleepwalkers” forest might make a nice setting for a
winter scene. What do you think?

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36 reviews for Sleepwalker Woods (Winter)

  1. Mark A. [liferplus]

    Ryan, this one and a few others are missing the losses link.

  2. MarkDShark

    So chilling…very cool Rayan!

  3. Paul

    Will there be a 5760 x 1080 version?

  4. Randy

    Will there be a Multi-Screen Version?

  5. Joe

    Love it

  6. Jason

    Are they rendering?

  7. Cheryl

    Peaceful and serene, but its a bit more obvious than the other versions that its not a photograph, but its still a 9 :). I always think of this as “the road home”.

  8. Katie

    I love when you create seasonal versions of the same initial image. That way I can take my favorites and use them year-round as the seasons change.

  9. Janet

    X-Mas Walkers doo eet! I watch the walking dead and it would be awesome! I still see the zombies in my dead although lol

  10. Ryan

    I am playing with a Christmas version of this scene now and it will have neither zombies nor crows.

  11. Kana

    nooo… no Christmas zombie walkers. Zombies = Halloween, not Christmas.

    I’d love to see one with colored lights strands going down each side in the trees or something – the woods in a festive mood 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work, Ryan!

  12. kellzilla

    …the “White Walkers style” into holiday zombies. No Christmas references. No Santa. No shopping. Please. White Walkers are a specific THING! He capitalized it for a reason, people!

  13. kellzilla

    That is, of course, if you actually make the white walker version. 😉

  14. Rob C.

    I also live in New England – I’ll respectfully disagree… sometimes I’ve been in snowstorms in the woods when it’s been this bright. In fact, I love hiking in the wood in the snow, and this reminds me of a couple of those hikes. Thanks Ryan!

  15. JMK in CT

    I live in New England and I know snow. This picture seems too bright. Its often very grey and drab when it snows. Its after the storm passes and the sun come out that you can be blinded. I think this need to be a lot darker.

  16. JK

    As a wallpaper. Except for the occasional night pic you see here and there.

  17. Feylief

    I second Max Power’s (someone likes reading the hairdryer settings) and Chris B’s suggestions. Walkers with fuzzy santa hats and dragging Christmas lights. If you ever animate, I want those lights blinking.

    Seriously, why doesn’t this have a higher rating? It’s beautiful.

    For some reason, I keep seeing a snowy owl in the branches, then the doing a double take. No owl. Could you put one in so my brain will stop seeing things that aren’t there?

  18. Littlemom

    So pretty!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jerry

    I’d also like to see a “Nighttime” version of this without walkers and crows.

  20. Chris B

    Looks very similar to Canopy Creek and Elegy, which is good, but it seems like it needs something else.

    Holiday walkers would be awesome with Santa hats, or Zombie Santa being pulled in his slay by his 8 oozing zombies 🙂

  21. Beausuff

    Can we con you into doing a nighttime version of this?

  22. Maggie

    I would LOVE to see this one animated for PS3. It’s beautiful, and reminds me of similar scenes I’ve experienced in my travels.

  23. Max Power

    Holiday attired shopping Zombies. Please.


  24. Meathead

    Love it… and yes White Walkers version please!

  25. Liggs

    I like it a lot! Very similar to the winter versions of Canopy Creek and Elegy which I liked a lot as well. Keep up the great work Ryan!

  26. Shelly K.

    Your idea to put White Walkers in this scene would make it spooky! 🙂

  27. Paul

    Can’t wait for the dualscreen version!

  28. Scott

    Thinking the walkers should have Santa hats.

  29. PaperBoy

    There it is, thanks. (Sweet!)

  30. PaperBoy

    Love it Ryan. Looking forward to the FB timeline cover version.

  31. dujeon

    Awesome thanks – thinking the white walkers idea is great 🙂

  32. Ryan

    Sorry about that. The 1280 x 1024 version should be listed now.

  33. dujeon

    Hi Ryan, this looks really nice – is it possible to have the 1280 x 1024 res, many thanks

  34. Nico

    Love it

  35. Donut

    I noticed on the last few wallpapers that you stopped putting up retina iPad versions. I’ve been using them for my widescreen that I turn to portrait as well as for my 3rd gen iPad. Any chance of getting those?

  36. Chris B

    The white walkers would be really sweet, but come on, you don’t want a pickle jar version of Coldhands Santa riding in on his big Elk & giving them frozen heads wrapped in Christmas paper? 🙂 The ravens are already there 😉

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