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I was driving the other day across the grim Illinois winterscape and saw the sun beaming through a mostly leaden sky.  It inspired me to try to recreate those sunbeams in VUE.   I did attempt to make the foreground, created using GAEA, is a bit more interesting that the barren cornfields that surround me.

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15 reviews for Cloudbreak

  1. Molly Wakeling

    Wow. Those light beams came out really well! Absolutely gorgeous. Glad you made a more interesting landscape than the midwest 😛

  2. Robert Lanktree

    My vote would be for the tree version even though the sunbeam lighting effect is better on the barren version. Not that any of these reviews is going to get any attention, but there it is.

  3. TacoJohn1267

  4. Cathi Britz

    Kudos Ryan! I love this one!

  5. Michael North

    I love the mood on this picture. The sun beams are amazing.

  6. webworx
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Fantastic light play! Thanks for a new favorite.

  7. David Darrough

    Love it!

  8. Robert Caldwell

    We’ve been seeing this type of lighting and mountain snow quite a bit in western Montana lately. I’m always fond of the patterns of light when the sun starts to break through the overcast and illuminates areas of snow after a recent period of below zero temps and unremitting gloom. Love this image!

  9. Daniel Wiedemeier

    Outstanding! I absolutely love the detail!

  10. Josh Briggs

    Love this one, really evokes the feeling you get when looking out over this and seeing the sun break through the clouds.

  11. Eric Immerman

    One of my favorite images you have done. I just want to stand back and drink it in. It has so much depth. I want to go exploring where the patches of light are shinning through. If this was a view outside my window I would never leave.

  12. Tatiana Taylor

    Absolutely beautiful! (There is a faint line about a third of the way in from the left where the image is slightly brighter on the right side of the line compared to the left side. Easiest to see near the middle of the image. An artifact of the rendering? Still a gorgeous landscape that I’m putting on my desktop immediately.)

    • Ryan

      Thanks for the heads up about that. I’ve updated the files so let me know if you still see the artifact.

  13. Ken Huglin

    Love this! I live in the driest part of the western US, and we don’t see enough snow like this any more. Great job, Ryan!

  14. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    This is really nice. I love dark and cloudy days and this is perfect. Thanks Ryan.

  15. Jason Pond
    [Lifetime Plus]

    The detailed graphics are amazing and as usual, the image is beautiful. I darkened it slightly and put it on my desktop ASAP. Really cool work my Man!

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