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When I was creating “Cloudbreak” back in January my original idea was to add a forest to the scene.   I was worried, however, that it would take too long to render so I went forward without trees.   I recently decided to reopen the scene and see if I could add them and have the scene render economically (on Shadowfax no less).   To better see the individual trees (and shave a few hours off the render time) I’ve zoomed in the camera just a bit.    Either this render or the original will go into the Pickle Jar shortly so let me know which you prefer!

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11 reviews for Cloudbreak

  1. Tatiana Taylor

  2. webworx

    I am a sucker for lighting effects like this. Thanks for bringing some much needed light to my day!

  3. Michael Westover

    Alright, I admit my bias – I’m a sucker for misty tree-swathed mountains.

  4. Michael Schmitt

    I would prefer the original because it is something different than the other “clouds in the mountain trees” renders, such as Misty Ridge, Morning Mist, Strathwood, et al.

  5. Michael Taylor

    I like the one with trees more than the barren example…

  6. Kevin Fox

    This is the better version. Love trees.

  7. Roita Larsen

    I love this version – I live in Washington as well and it reminds me of home.

  8. Hans Larsson

    Ah, very nice indeed, airy.
    (The wall is about a days march north of here.. 😉 )

  9. Nathan Zachary

    I enjoyed the original version, but the forest makes this render infinitely more appealing to me. Thanks, Ryan!

  10. Cathy Warren

    I absolutely love how beautifully serene this render is. And I’m glad you added the forest back in, I don’t think it would be the same without it.

  11. Elena Woontner

    Very familiar…Strongly reminiscing of Western Washington where I live.

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