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If you’ve followed my work for a while you’ll know that I am endlessly fascinated by flowers.   While “Park Place” was monopolizing my main machine I thought I would re-familiarize myself with my old trusty Plant Factory software on my Shadowfax workstation.   Initially my goal was to create an update to “Dreams of Avarice”  that I could then import into Cinema4D and explore the texturing system there, but as I hashed things out in VUE I found I was fairly happy with the results.   I still may try it in the future either with this mesh or another.

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17 reviews for Metaflora

  1. Natalia Najder

    It’s amazing!

  2. webworx

    Great idea and rendition!

  3. Michael Taylor

    Just fairly??? I like this one. Actually, one of my favorites…

  4. Thomas Patten

    this one is a hit out of the park … wow

  5. Cathy Warren

    Very pretty colors.

  6. Alisha Edison-Hair

  7. Susan Rati Lane

    This is gorgeous and ethereal, and it’s nice to see a closeup of something. I think this one is going to be my next phone skin.

  8. Kyle Head

  9. Laura Tomaja

    Amazing! Love it!

  10. Jacob Morgan

    Very cool. I love how the anthers are gemstones.

  11. Brian Milot Sr

    Blasted this one right outta the park!

  12. Robert Tidwell

    wow, just wow.

  13. Steven Ruo

    This is absolutely stunning Ryan. Thank you so much for the beauty you bring to the world!

  14. Nathan Zachary

    To me, it’s stunningly beautiful to look at with all of the vibrant colours, but a little overwhelming as a desktop background. Interesting timing, too, as I just changed my background to “Pot of Gold (Night)” yesterday. 🙂

  15. pvaz869

  16. Kevin McClain

    This is gorgeous! The details and lighting make this just pop!

  17. Alexander Clifton-Melhuish


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