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An update to 2001’s “Winterborn”. I
wanted this version to be brighter and have a little more “magic”.
Hope you enjoy it!!

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36 reviews for Winterborn

  1. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    This artwork creates a microscope view of creation in a micro world seldom explored.

  2. Stravonski [lifer]

    I would love this for my computer screen, but gotta have it for Dual monitor. Maybe this part on the left side & a smaller one a bit further back for the left so not cut in the middle?

  3. Mark A. [liferplus]

    Ryan, this one and a few others are missing the losses link.

  4. Rick Mozil [basicmember]

    Howdy _ Ryan you certainly captured and portrayed the brilliance, detail and beauty of the most remarkable natural creations by Mother Earth _ Good work Horseman LR

  5. Camille [nonmonthly]

    So crisp and sparkly. I can feel the cold. Love all of your work.

  6. Troels [lifer]


    I would love a 5790*1200 for my 3 screen setup at work!

  7. TJDragon

    Magical, Ryan! Brilliant!

    I agree with an earlier comment – this could be a microscopic photograph. (I also agree that you should not let naysayers or grumblers dampen your spirit.)

  8. fvbounty

    Ditto, dual screen please!

  9. 2/3monitor

    Dual and triple screen versions please!!

  10. Atmos42

    Still hoping for a dual screen version for my work PC. Would begging help?

  11. John K.

    Are there ever going to be a dual and triple screen version for us multi-monitor users?

    I’m getting the feeling there won’t be by the lack of response on the matter so far, but it would be nice if Ryan confirmed one way or the other.

  12. Rankin

    It’s a good picture. It’s simple and yet elegant with a good texture. Excellent way to capture the Christmas spirit in a snow flake.

  13. Jason

    Are they rendering?

  14. Katie

    I love “Winterborn” and have always been sad that the only images available looked distorted on my desktop. I love this updated version! Well done!

  15. John

    Is there going to be a multi-screen version of this?

  16. from Utah

    Nice pic always blown away by the detail that you put into these. I can see the amount of work that you put into these renders. Don’t regret my membership one bit!

  17. Henry V.

    Fantastic picture! I love it!

  18. JK

    Too bright for my desktop taste.

  19. Fumigator

    You give this image a lower rating because you’re not personally being snowed on right now? Lame.

  20. Chris B

    Winterborn was one of my favorites and this one is a great update for it! The semi transparentness (If that’s a word) of it is awesome.

    I would be happy with the original if the resolution fit my screen 🙂

  21. T3chn0g33k

    This could pass for an actual macro photograph! You have definitely outdid yourself in realism! Please keep it up, and never mind the occasional nitpickers.

  22. Seraphim

    Definetly not too early. Here in the Alps we’ve had about 10 cm (about 4 inches) of snow last weekend. I can’t wait for winter to start, and this is perfect for getting me in the mood for it! As always: a masterpiece.

  23. Cougz

    Its coming into summer in the other half of the world remember, so don’t forget your international fans in the southern hemisphere too. I live near the great barrier reef in the coral sea, so Christmas for me it hot with palm trees and seafood !! No snow for me !!

  24. John M

    So, today (Nov. 3rd) is my birthday, and what a great present. Thanks for the great art — I am a big fan, and love your originality and all that you do!

  25. betsey

    I fell in love when you teased us with it…..

  26. Littlemom

    love it. can we expect another Christmas render this year maybe one with lots of snow?

  27. Noliving

    Where is the lossless 2560×1440 version?

  28. John N.

    Nice! Like some others here, a touch of some Christmas (colored) lights would make this a 10 as well as add some colors to it.

  29. Nico

    I see a hint of prismatic color on the left side wonder if some soft Christmas lights in the background would give it that “Christmas” feel. As always Thanks!

  30. Dave

    Wife suggested maybe some color variations for the desktop to cycle through. Either way, bring on the snow!!

  31. Thomas

    Looks real nice!!

    Waiting hard for the dual screen versions!! 😀

  32. Ben

    Awesome, Really love the detail of the flake. I hope you are able to get the winter version of the Red and Gold working again. Keep up the great work Ryan. Your rock!!

  33. Brad

    Outstanding. I love your winter related work. My favorite, I think, is still Snowy Creek (2006), though.

  34. Randy

    Thanks for going with hexagonal design, as found in nature.

  35. Thom

    Looks great. would it be possible to start including 768 x 1280 in your mobile resolutions? It’s the resolution of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8, came out this week. 🙂

  36. Chase

    Very nice. Very wintry, not necessarily a Christmas image but then again, I’ve never been one to skip holidays since Thanksgiving is still weeks away.

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