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A company I follow called “Kitbash3D” recently released one of their object sets for free with the stipulation that the meshes be used to create optimistic artwork to bring hope to people in these uncertain times.
I have never used their products but I thought it would be a good way to create something hopeful, optimistic artwork relatively quickly which seems to be what the current situation requires. For this reason I didn’t really do much of any editing or changes to their meshes other than to apply my own window lights.
They gave the meshes away for free (they normally cost $200) to spread maximum joy and in that spirit I am happy to offer a free version for everyone to download. That said, DB needs your support now more than ever.
The nice folks at Kitbash also asked that everyone who uses the meshes include the hashtag #brightartdarktimes. How do you guys feel about me using their products in the future?
I hope you enjoy it and stay safe, smart and healthy!

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38 reviews for Skyline

  1. DarthSync [liferplus]

    I rarely give Full Marks to anything (because there’s always room for improvement, whether I can identify it or not), but this is fantastic work. I want to live there.

  2. Michael S [lifer]

    It doesn’t appear that the preview image has been updated with the 4/1 change.

  3. Steve [basicmember]

    Love the updated version, it really brings the city alive!!

  4. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Awesome, love both night and day versions, Best render hands down of a SyFy city, like the old time science fiction movies, but yet looks really modern, it makes you want to go there and explore, The Best Ryan!!!

  5. Ryan

    Sorry for the confusion! The “MacOS” links are zip files with split up images for Mac users. The links with the resolution are single images that you can use on your PC.

  6. Nick [basicmember]

    Do you only provide multi monitor displays for macOS? Ive been following ur stuff for years and love showing it off. Now i have 3x 1440P monitors with only single images. Still cool but ……..

  7. Eamonn [liferplus]

    Love this. Reminds me of an old “Encyclopedia of Science Fiction” pictorial book I had as a kid.

  8. Deirdre [basicmember]

    I came looking for a spring-themed wallpaper and saw this on the home page. Wow! Took my breath away! I love cityscapes and this is so unique and gorgeous. DB never ceases to amaze me!

  9. Joe [basicmember]

    I’m running a triple-monitor setup, the left monitor looks very zoomed in compared to the rest of the photo. Otherwise it’s awesome, keeping this one up for a while.

  10. Ryan

    Just added the multiscreen version. Hope you like it!

  11. greberty [basicmember]

    I just love this, and the color combo is great! Is multiscreen coming?

  12. Ellimist [lifer]

    Amazing. I’ve always loved all your cityscapes, I still use the praxis series as well as metropolis to this day. Would love more along this same theme…perhaps some more detail about that hotspot on Praxis?

  13. Ryan

    Thank you! I checked their site and you can use any 16:9 image so I would say there are lots of possibilities already in my gallery. There are a few looping animations too. Members are welcome to use any of my work for Zoom virtual backgrounds while working or schooling from home during the pandemic.

  14. Paul [donormember]

    Love it. And have you considered making some pieces intended as virtual backgrounds? We’re all on Zoom now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Drew [lifer]

    This feel like an older piece of work, but gorgeously rendered with the latest technology. I love it. There’s such a dramatic atmosphere to the piece. You can imagine this city holds a million stories and I want to be immersed in all of them.

  16. Greg [basicmember]

    Reminds me of the New York skyline in The Expanse tv show.

  17. Richard H [lifer]

    This is beautiful! I’m a sucker for cityscapes.

  18. David d. [liferplus]

    Awesome to see a skyline render- love some of the older ones you’ve done over the years… love to see what else you could do with more of your own unique style and fingerprint on it.

  19. CynG [basicmember]

    I like the other-worldly yet also familiar feel of this piece. The warm coppery tones really appeal to me against the purpleish-gray night sky. I’d be interested to see more of what you can do with Kitbash’s products.

  20. Xetal [liferplus]

    …since you did a cityscape. Delightful

  21. Michael [liferplus]

    It’s been a while since the last cityscape. I mounted the UHD render on my 4k gaming screen (42″ Sony Bravia) and the colors and definition really pop! I like the night time view as it keeps the brightness in the room more manageable. Well done!

    Go Project Rochallor! Almost to the finish line!

  22. Gene [lifer]

    It might have to do with the different monitors we all have, and that we use them under a variety of ambient conditions, but unlike the other member who commented, I didn’t see the building color as “orange”. To me it looks more “copper-ish,” and I really like the warm effect I see in it. The color and the design, in about a 60/40 proportion, led me to mark this one a 10. Well done, as usual, Ryan!

    On a lighter note, it seems that on this “obviously not inhabited by humans” planet, they must have much more effective zoning and urban development programs than we do. We could never achieve such harmonious, coordinated design! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Joe [basicmember]

    I can only comment from my personal perspective. The color casting from the side evokes either sunrise or sunset; While the orderly estate of skyscrapers piercing into the sky with the backdrop of our planet and the forecast of calm waters make for a somber depiction of what is (or will be) in the moment.

  24. Tyler [lifer]

    I’m a cityscape fiend so highly biased here. Obviously all the Gotham stuff grabs me as well. Will take as much of this style as I can get.

  25. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    A pickle jar version would be interesting with some color changes to the buildings, and I know what you said about leeway in doing changes. It just needs some alternate colors and/or lighting as suggested by others. Still a fairly refreshing scene honestly.

  26. Clifton [lifer]

    I like this one, and at any other time that would be sufficient.

    However, a day shot (with the moon slightly faded out) and the buildings in a blue or green shade might be more “optimistic” for me.

  27. Rob [basicmember]

    Just a personal thing, unlike some other reviews I really dislike orange, generally find it jarring and not restful to look at. I’d love to see this with the orange replaced by some sleek blue/grey/silver instead

  28. BobC [lifer]

    I like the “Golden Age of SciFi” look and feel of this.

    Not sure I completely understand how the Kitbash thing works, but I looked at their website and it appears that the “meshes” are sort of 3D outlines of objects (?) with endless creative possibilities. I’d love to see what you can get by exploring their use.

  29. CBRRider1 [liferplus]

    I love it. Instant background. All the lights on cause people are working from home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Timhogs [liferplus]

    I love the cityscapes!

  31. Logan [lifer]

    Seems like a future, slightly more monochromatic image of the night skyline of Doha, Qatar.

  32. DJ [basicmember]


  33. DJ [basicmember]

    Has a fresh, pristine feel to it, with enough ‘organic-ness’ that it doesn’t seem too plastic in spite of the very “clean” textures – I like it!

  34. Eye popping [liferplus]

    Ryan I LOVE this one. The orange hue catches the eye right away and gives so much more feeling to this city line. Changed my background immediately! 10/10

  35. Rick Raborn [liferplus]


    I think you did great with it! What I like is the color palette. It looks like a desert city of the future hence my Dubai 2150 moniker.

  36. Ryan

    The folks at Kitbash made everything except the moon ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I’m not a huge fan of abstracts and this definitely looks like an abstract. The pillars or whatever they are almost look like letters. I do however love the moon/planet and the skyscrapers.

  38. Doc [liferplus]

    Very cool. The triple screen version really shows this image at it’s best.

    Always liked ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Metropolis I-A’ pickle jar versions too.

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