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By request I’ve created a day version of Skyline. As with the first version I stuck with the building textures that came with the Kitbash models but I changed up the windows a bit. You will most likely see these buildings in future renders, but they won’t look like this again.

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10 reviews for Skyline (Day)

  1. Sean [basicmember]

    I really like the buildings and the way it is composed, however, it looks completely abandoned. I’d like to see boats on the water, people walking on the sidewalks and paths, maybe flying cars dotting the skies. Right now it just seems like a fallen civilization.

  2. Jason [basicmember]

    The white buildings and stark blue sky remind me a lot of the game “Mirror’s Edge”. I love it!

  3. Susan [basicmember]

    I’m expecting to see Superman flying around in the distance

  4. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Awesome, love both night and day versions, Best render hands down of a SyFy city, like the old time science fiction movies, but yet looks really modern, it makes you want to go there and explore, The Best Ryan!!!

  5. Gene [lifer]

    I like it a lot, though not quite as much as the night version. Studying it, and examining my own response, I see that I’m sort of torn. Standing by itself, it’s a striking work. And yet, somehow, right next to its night sibling, it seems a little less — something. That said, I love ’em both. Thanks again Ryan!!!

  6. Xetal [liferplus]

    I prefer the night version, but then I usually do.

    Agree the centre-right looks a bit over exposed, but the main thing is to have another version of a splendid cityscape.

  7. sedragonlady [liferplus]

    I do like this but I have to agree with an earlier reviewer that it is a touch too bright. Though that maybe the influence of my current migrane. Thanks for expanding my current horizons.

  8. Steve H [basicmember]

    The day version of this is a great idea, and the part to the left (multiscreen) in shadow looks good. However, for me the center – right are oversaturated and too bright to my eyes. Could there be a version with the sunlight “turned down” a bit possibly – thanks. Still awesome though 🙂

  9. Shao Lang [lifer]

    I very much like this render! I find the vibrancy of this one, soooo much more than the night time

  10. Tyler [lifer]

    So fresh and so clean! I prefer this to the night for sure thank you Ryan.

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