Cloud Canyon


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I’ve wanted to revisit “Cloud Canyon” from 2007 for a quite a while now. It seemed like a job made for Gaea so I took a stab at it. I chose to frame the single-screen bit differently than the original but the multiscreen version should look familiar.

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Cloud Canyon Dual

9 reviews for Cloud Canyon

  1. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    It just keeps getting better, love the detail and the lighting, it feels so real, Awesome Render Ryan.

  2. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Loving this update. Great job Ryan!!!

  3. DJ [basicmember]

    Love seeing you re-dos and updates, you’ve improved so much over the years! This is very nice!

  4. Nathan Zachary [lifer]

    Well this was certainly unexpected! The 2007 “Cloud Canyon” is one of my all-time favourites, and is probably the wallpaper of yours that has had the most “screen time” for me. This is a beautiful update and I personally gave it a 9. I’m thinking that the only reason it wasn’t a 10 for me is that I have such a nostalgic view of the 2007 version. Make no doubt, though, that this is GLORIOUS! Thank you so much, Ryan!

  5. Matt [liferplus]

    Awesome render yet again Ryan. Keep up the great work

  6. Aslan [liferplus]

    Reminds me of an early morning departure out of Big Bear CA (KL35). Low level over the lake and dam and then into the void… stunning.

  7. Steve [liferplus]

    Hey Ryan,

    The details in the canyon and clouds are just simply stunning. Thank you as always!

  8. Telaria [basicmember]

    Very cool ! I don’t remember the original version so I’m looking at this with a ‘fresh’ view! Thanks for another great render, Ryan!! Btw, the addition of a dragonrider that Chris Spera suggested is wonderful !!

  9. Chris Spera [donormemberlifer]

    This might be cool with a little dragon rider action in it. Say… a rider on the plateau on the right, looking out towards the dawn…

    It might also be nice in a winter scene as well; and perhaps a night version. Any thoughts on what is in the valley under the clouds??

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