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Shibaozhai: Created 1/22/99 using Bryce 3D, and Zenstar’s Tree Druid plugin for Ray Dream Studio. After seeing the incredibly realistic work of Bills Munns, I decided to try my hand at rendering an actual place.

Shibaozhai means “stone treasure stronghold” in Chinese. I was watching a special on “The Learning Channel” called “Lost Treasures of the Yangtze”, where I saw this temple. The temple is built directly into a solid rock face overlooking the river.

This temple will most likely be underwater when the Chinese government succeeds in damming the Yangtze. Plans are in the works to build a giant wall around the temple, so that it will actually sit in the middle of the swollen river. The likelihood of this actually happening, however, is uncertain. There are many many treasures that will be lost forever when the waters rise and flood the Three Gorges. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

Either way, this is my first render of a real world location. I’ve taken some liberties (of course), but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

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  1. Jeff [lifer]

    Still use this background and it?s awesome!

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