Shallows (Night)

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Trying a night version of “Shallows“.    As with all my night scenes, the challenge is to add some light somewhere.     Here I chose to make one of the blooms glow supernaturally, harkening back to “Pot of Gold (Night)“.   I didn’t go quite as crazy with the illumination here as the bloom isn’t really the main focus of the scene.

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10 reviews for Shallows (Night)

  1. David Watson

  2. Tatiana Taylor

  3. Mike Drabicky

    Gee, you could have added a green glowing frog on the lily pad right next to the blossom. That would have added some more mystery to the overall image.

  4. Michael North

    The glowing flower reminds me of the flowers from the Dota 2 anime on Netflix.

  5. Thomas Frost Jr

    The lighted bloom does appear to be the main focus to me. My attention was drawn to it. Re your question, I say put it in the Pickle jar.

  6. William B

    Very nice, particularly as the background to a dark theme MacOS.

  7. Veronica Miller

  8. Gabriel Laboc-Jenkins

    My new background. I always enjoy the darker scenes, but this one is particularly beautiful.

  9. Armen Vardanian

    it’s nice, but the opaqueness suggests emptiness. I really like that the reflection in the centre shows what looks like trees and sky. it would be interesting to accentuate what is above the shallows in the reflection, especially warped and distorted from the ripples.

    I actually came to suggest fireflies as a light source in view (they need a home) , but the reflection really caught my imagination and I’m thinking a distant campfire light on the banks out of view, or even having two different types (trees and sky) reflected and warped. hidden depths in the night time shallows!

  10. Steven Ellison

    Once again, a great “dark” background that works well as a terminal window background.

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