Pot of Gold (Night)


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I had always planned on making a night version of “Pot of Gold” but I underestimated how much
trouble I would have doing it Vue d’Esprit. Most of my
“glowing” work is created in Lightwave.

I did finally manage to create something interesting in Vue but after
nearly 5 days (!) of rendering I aborted the scene. Instead I decided
it would be better all-around if I recreated the pond scene in
Lightwave for my night version.

I hope you like the result!

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39 reviews for Pot of Gold (Night)

  1. Jim Early [basicmember]

    Very, very pretty. You do really good work. I really like the nighttime feel with the emphasis on the flower center.

  2. docster [basicmember]

    This is the ‘shrooms’ botanical buddy, right…?

  3. Nate R. [nonmonthly]

    How light is used makes this so beautiful!

  4. Richard H.

    @Ryan: I was pleased to notice the multi-screen 5K renders of this, but it’s a shame that there’s no single-screen 5K version. I’ve chopped out the middle third of the triple-screen 5K render for that purpose, but quite honestly it doesn’t look as good as the dedicated single-screen versions you’ve provided. The depth of field seems a bit wrong; it’s not as nice, clean and sharp as the single-screen render.

    So could you please provide the missing single-screen 5K version? Thanks…!

  5. Chris

    I saw it, and I realized that I needed it. Its perfect.

  6. Frank M.

    The way the colouring is used to highlight the details, and add that flare to the rest of the main colour(s), this is just spectacular!

  7. Rankin

    This is the reason I joined DB sir. This kind of unique artwork with the vibrant colors and gorgeous contrast….Great job and please keep up the good work.

  8. Marika

    I got the app. Love it. I don’t see pot of Gold Night on there. Is it going to be added?

  9. Ryan

    Thank you! Either try the Android App or follow these tips.

  10. Marika

    Love this one. Trying to download on my s4 and keeps saying unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong

  11. SaltNPeppa

    I love this. Absolute top marks.

    My only complaint is that I wish I could see the other flowers in the fuzzy areas in the background. 🙂 But I’m not gonna ask for that because of the obvious render times involved. 😉

  12. Ryan

    I think Bryan was hoping I would create a day version using the scene I put together in Lightwave for the night. I will see what I can do but I will admit that I am ready to move on…

  13. kellzilla

    There already is an updated day version:


  14. RDL

    Would love to see a lantern scene with lots of these.

  15. Bryan

    I love the night version. Finally the pads/leafs are a good size when contrasted with the flower. I like how the veins in the pads all have a glow to them that slowly builds as they are concentrated at the base of the leaf. Great colors!

    Any Chance there will be a Day version with Pads/Leafs the same size as the night version?

  16. docsensi

    the colors of luminescence, the ability to bring out the fantastic and surreal in nature is once more exemplified in this piece.

  17. Joe

    Between the glowing lights and darkness, it really seems that you lost a lot of the crisp, clean lines of the daytime render. I like the color and composition, but I am just really missing the hard edges of the flower that made the day one so spectacular.

  18. kellzilla

    I think one of the things that is shooting this up your list is the fact that it looks like it’s a ‘going back to your roots’ image – back when your stuff was *just* outside reality, but looked real enough to be reality SOMEWHERE. This looks incredibly realistic, even if we would never, ever find it on Earth.

  19. Yal

    Nur ein Wort: Fantastisch

  20. Jason

    I have always liked the darker desktop pictures. I mainly use my pc at night so the brighter pics can be blinding. This is amazing. Any chance there will be a resolution for the galaxy S5?

  21. Ruth

    …only because I can’t go higher in rating it! I really love your work, Ryan, but this truly is one of your absolute best works so far! There is nothing whatsoever to be improved upon in my humble opinion! @drow – right?!? 🙂

  22. Elaine

    Love this! The glow is amazing.

  23. Tristan

    Nice work, has that fantastical/surreal feel of your earlier works that we’ve always enjoyed. Thanks for it!

  24. drow

    pandora, eat your heart out.

  25. R

    Wicked Awesome!I love the arrangement of the pads, and the way you made the water look is just short of amazing. Hear Hear!

  26. Jenanne

    Personally, I would not die happy if Ryan never created another image, but I understand what you mean — this one is REALLY special. Have a happy day! 🙂

  27. Zach

    Wicked cool image, Ryan! Is it just me or are there DoF differences between some of the renders? For instance, I looked at the 1920×1200 single screen, and the 3840×1200 dual screen as a test. It looks like the DoF is much more narrow in the dual screen (I can see significantly more blur on the blue “petals” in the front).

  28. anna_writr

    I always love your night images. This one is a ten!! I have water lilies in my pond at home. I wish they glowed like this!

  29. Karen

    This one just leapt out at me when you posted it. I want to put it on my phone, my facebook page, my laptop AND my TV!! I will die a happy woman if you never create another thing 🙂

  30. kellzilla

    I cannot say enough how beautiful this is! I think this shot right up to my favorite piece from the last couple years. The “awe-inspiring” kind of awesome.

  31. Amanda

    I love this – it is too great for words. Can we get a Facebook Timeline size of this please 🙂

  32. NikB

    What a great effect, and it looks fantastic on my desktop (and will also look great on my phone in the very near future)!

  33. BobC

    Stupendous! I like the solution to the glowing leaves much better than the Work-in-Progress sketch. Also, here the limited depth of field works really well. I’m in total agreement with the enthusiasm of my fellow DB members…

  34. Ross H.

    I love it! This is going to be my new background!

  35. Jon

    Very, very excellent work. It really captures the eye.

    I really enjoy your dark, fluorescent images more than anything. I would urge you to develop more of those.

  36. MarkB

    As someone who prefers dark backgrounds, I love your “night” versions. This is no exception. Thank you!

  37. Jenanne

    This is just magnificent, Ryan. Superb! And certainly worth the effort you put into it (IMHO). I love it and it’s going up NOW!

  38. Littlemom

    This is so beautiful I absolutely love it. Your work is amazing thanks Ryan!!!

  39. Pete

    This is just stunning work, Ryan! I’ve always loved your glowing versions of nature scenes, but this is definitely one of the best you’ve ever done. The detail is astounding, and just visually outstanding. The depth of field is just right to the point where it feels photorealistic, yet totally alien at the same time. This may be one of my favorites of all time.

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