Shallows (Evening)

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Since I created a night version of “Shallows” it made sense to do one of “Shallows (Morning)“.       I did add a bit of fog in this one to illuminate the forest.

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10 reviews for Shallows (Evening)

  1. Shawn Wohlt

    why are the triple screens lately looking like they get cut off?

  2. Jonathan Filbert

    This and the morning version are really nice.

  3. Tatiana Taylor

  4. Dirk Lankens

    This is great, normally I like the abstracts more, but I like darker backgrounds with only small highlights. Thank you for my new background.

  5. Are Tysland

    This is definitely one of my favourites!

  6. Veronica Miller

  7. Robert Caldwell

    This is my favorite of the “Shallows” images. I experienced the initial image as a sort of quite pleasant, photorealistic Monet with a subtle twist of humor in the hard-to-find frog. This one has your creative stamp – with its air of mystery and luminescent lilies that make one wonder exactly where we are. Food for the imagination.

  8. Jared jareddingus

    This is one of my new favorites! Thanks, Ryan

  9. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love the extra fog, it sets a great mood and atmosphere.

  10. webworx
    [Lifetime Plus]

    How do you take a great photo and make it better?
    I don’t know… let’s ask.
    Hey, RYYYAAAN!!!…

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