Shady Creek (Autumn)

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The autumn entry in my “Shady Creek” series inspired by the creek that runs behind my home.

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13 reviews for Shady Creek (Autumn)

  1. Tatiana Taylor
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime Plus]

  2. Charlotte Leonard
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Very beautiful and so realistic.

  3. Donald Shipp

    This makes me want to sit in a lawn chair by the creek with a bottle of wine, a glass, and my Kindle. Until I can do that, it will be one of the autumn scenes on my monitor this fall.

  4. Ian Goos
    [Lifetime Plus]

  5. webworx
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Another incredible autumn scene… can’t wait to retire to such scenery. The desert is just too stark for me!

  6. Lilly O’Handley

    Wooo hooo! Nice work. I was having a sh** day at work when this email came through. Turned the whole day around. Thank you.

  7. John Queern

    I think this is my favorite so far! Great detail, color, lighting… looks perfect as a 3-screen wallpaper.

  8. Jen Helgren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Wow, Ryan, this is just gorgeous! Sunset or night version, please?

  9. Thom S

    Wonderful!!! Can’t wait to see the winter version 😉

  10. Daniel Wiedemeier

    Great detail, stunning!

  11. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Wow!!! Ryan this is so beautiful!!! Autumn is my favorite season and you have done it justice.

  12. Doug Orwig

    I love your autumn landscapes!
    Your autumn images are my favorites.
    This is spectacular!

  13. Jedi Hawk

    Very nice and peaceful.

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