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Learning Houdini. 

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13 reviews for Sapient

  1. April Pinger

    I don’t think it looks creepy. I think it looks like really cool abstract representation of a face. I like the unique ones like this. Keep it up!

  2. Donald Shipp


  3. Jason Pond

    An absolutely perfect “comeback” to abstracts.. Love It!!

  4. webworx

    Very cool! I see a Love-It or Hate-It response from people’s comments, I’m more in the former group.

  5. Marius Peregrine

    Brainstorm! (1999)

  6. Doug Bowman

  7. Matthew DiPasquale

    As a big fan of the abstracts, I find this amazing, vibes say “Thinker” crossed with a Kaylon feel from Orville 🙂 Wondering if any Pickle Jar variants are in the works with green/red/purple highlights? Love it either way, thank you!

  8. Joseph Bernard

    Ah abstracts, how I’ve missed you. Immediate main wallpaper, now I have to rework my entire Rainmeter setup around this.

  9. Clifton Cates

    Happy to be seeing abstracts again

  10. Suresh Nair

    Quite like it. Was attracted to your work by your unique abstracts – and definitely like this one

  11. Dirk Lankens

    I like it very much. I always like dark backgrounds with little highlights, it’s easier on my eyes. And an amazing level of detail, could be my next Windows background. I’m using “shallowsevening1_dual_7680x2160” for now. Somehow it reminds me of “Brainstorm” which was one of your very best.

  12. Brian McDaniel

    Yuck! Looks like skin disease. Not your best work!

  13. Cathy Warren

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