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Autumn scenes are some of my favorite to create.   When Jessie and I lived in California the thing I missed most about the Midwest was the changing of the leaves and the color temperatures.   I’ve tried to create at least one Autumn render every year and I hope you enjoy this one. 

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20 reviews for Peak Color

  1. Eric Woodland

  2. Pete Ikusz

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like this image but there are pieces you have done that are just magical and still shine over latest works. Take your redandgold1, I’m not sure how to describe it other than perfect – focused on a target yet detailed throughout. Something about that focused element and all it’s detail makes it one of my go to images to this day. This is very nice for something new though and I appreciate the intricacies that you are now able to generate. Maybe I’m just one that likes the focus on an item – like Haiku – and you have many similar to that – I really appreciate those. This is indeed fun for my favorite season. Hope you come up with something fantastic for Halloween (bwblackangel1 is still my #1, it’s just too cool) !!!

  3. terry

    Awesome work Ryan, Don’t expect anything less 🙂

  4. Doug Bowman

  5. Tim Edwards

  6. Brian Milot Sr

    To tag on to what Jason said, as a new englander this just feels like home. Well done!

  7. Kevin Matthies

  8. Jennifer Jonsson

    I love what you do with light and reflection. I still have the autumn Shady Creek up on my desktop and probably will for a while but this will be next.

  9. Gian Luigi

    And here is another great work!

  10. Jason Pond

    Being from NH where leaf peeping is a huge industry, this feels like “Home” in the White Mountains during sunrise. Very nicely done, Thank You!!

  11. Rick Hogg

    Very Very good thank you.

  12. Jen Helgren

    Amazing work, Ryan!

  13. JD

  14. Martin Pilot

    You’ve done many fall scenes in the past and I always found them both impressive and moving. I find in this one has the same qualities, but it feels so real… you can almost feel the mist in the air! Bravo!

  15. Patrick Lane


  16. Ken Huglin

    You nailed this one, Ryan. It’s stunning! Everything comes together beautifully.

  17. Samuel Knight

  18. Ryan Hart

  19. Darren Bruno

    Looks great!

  20. Cathy Warren

    Thank you Ryan for giving us another Autumn render! It’s also my favorite season. This one doesn’t disappoint.

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