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More learning with Houdini.Β  Β It’s amazing at creating intricate geometric designs.Β  Β 

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13 reviews for Connections

  1. Sean Ryan

    Is there no way to download the actual splits for a dual/tri monitor setup? Or do i need to just split the image before use?

  2. Jeffrey Thayer

    Love these and all the colour versions, awesome and memorizing detail. Awesome job Ryan.

  3. Tracy Walker

    Love the abstract – that’s all I use. But is missing dual-screen downloads where the dual-screen is split between left and right side. (MacOS)

  4. terry

    Not usually an abstract fan but I like this πŸ™‚

  5. Cathy Warren

    I really like the pickle jar Connections (Crystal) probably my favorite of the three versions. Thanks Ryan.

  6. Tim Porter

    Love this, thanks Ryan.

  7. Andrew Lamonica

    Love the Abstracts. This one is going on my work computer, tomorrow.

  8. Tamarie Hall

  9. Doug Bowman

    A Pickle Jar version with some accent color could be even better. πŸ™‚

  10. mark Mando

    ooooh now thats lovely on the 2k panel, nice work ryan, reminds me of some of your early pieces.

  11. Cathy Warren

    This abstract reminds me of the intricacies of a spiderweb, and in this case not at all a bad thing. I’m not usually into abstracts but I totally get what you were trying to do here with learning how to do certain things. Looking forward to seeing the landscape you’ve made.

  12. Sally Watts

    Very different but interesting and detailed. Was watching a spider the other day and thinking how complex a web was. This makes me think of that.

  13. Thomas Patten

    Get lost following the threads, looks like you are on your way to greater abstracts Thx

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