Roche Limit


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8 reviews for Roche Limit

  1. Melchior [lifer]

    I really like these outer-space scenes! 😀 ^_^

  2. Paul

    This was one of my favorite backgrounds for terminals. Not a lot of bright colors to mess with the fonts.

  3. John R

    I lean toward your nature scenes, admittedly I am most enchanted by the ones with the planets in them. but somehow this big planet has become my favorite of your works. I can almost feel those rings rotating by.

  4. Alex H

    Another one where the picture is great and the title adds a poetic touch.

  5. Ben K


    if you haven’t seen it spread across at least a dual monitor, i’d say you’re missing out on even more awesomeness.

  6. bonesbro

    The closeup of the rings was amazing spread across three monitors.

  7. Rob

    I must agree with the previous post; while I love most of your other images, this is my favorite as well.

  8. Jamie N.

    This is – without a doubt – my all time favourite image.

    The colours are stunning. The perspective is stunning. The rings are stunning.

    It is a perfect picture. I’m going to get it printed into a huge picture and hung on my wall one day.

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