Dome of the Red Seeress


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As I was falling asleep the other night I thought to myself how the “Blue Seeress” scene would look with the white stones turned black. If nothing else it would be a little less glaring on my very bright new monitor 🙂
I will probably move this one to the Pickle Jar somewhere down the line, but I wanted to feature it in the gallery briefly because not everyone sees the PJ posts.

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Dome of the Red Seeress Dual

9 reviews for Dome of the Red Seeress

  1. Susan [basicmember]

    I think I can see more detail

  2. Zealot [lifer]

    Do not misunderstand me; it’s technically very good wallpaper, especially for bright monitors. But I liked the original version with white stones much more. The old version is one of my favorites from your work and I hoped always to a new version which could be maybe slightly better. Technically the new version is better but in my eyes, the old version gives a much more positive feeling. I could not describe in other way…

    Maybe you could play with the color of the stones, how about a sort of bright grey as the color of the stones. Like at antique places in Greece or elsewhere. Or a sandy color like in Egypt.

  3. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    I love both versions, each has their own lighting, reflection, colour and shadows. There Awesome

  4. John L [lifer]

    Nice re-render – I was just perusing others from DB past, and I found an old copy of “Cradle” that I don’t see on the website anymore: the version I have looks different than the one on Planetscapes now, and I have a lower res version. Wonder if that one would deserve a rerun…

  5. DC [lifer]

    dark version should be the official version. PJ the light one.

  6. Todd [basicmember]

    I always loved to style but it was always way too bright for me. This is perfect to my eyes

  7. Oscar [basicmember]

    I completely like the shades of colors for this. It’s easy on the eyes and it looks beautiful.

  8. BobC [lifer]

    I agree that the color change shifts the entire mood of the piece. The white/blue, “Greek Island” colors are indeed pretty, airy, and upbeat, but particularly the red on black, the red robe, and the central statue being virtually totally in shadow entirely change the atmosphere. Very interesting and effective!

  9. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I LOVE this version of this render!!! The blue version is pretty, but I thought the blue dome was a bit bright, but you have nailed this by darkening it up. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Great job Ryan on this one!!!

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