Snowy Poinsettia


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14 reviews for Snowy Poinsettia

  1. Ryan

    The 5760 x 1080 file is available here.

  2. Tim M [nonmonthly]

    Great wallpaper, but you cannot use split files in Windows 10, so it doesn’t work well at all. What happened to 5760×1080 files?

  3. DigitDust

    The 3360×1050 version is not posted…

  4. Mike B.

    …but where is the 3360×1050 version? Seems to be missing one.

  5. Laura

    The original was a Christmas desktop staple for years, love the update!

  6. CHSpera

    I love your realistic pieces, and this is one of them. Multiscreen versions would be awesome!

  7. Clawed

    Nice! And just in time for christmas… but I run two monitors. Feeling a bit left out by the lack of multiscreens lately!

  8. Rich A

    To my eye, the snow looks more like salt. Otherwise, looks great.

  9. Sharon

    This is absolutely perfect. Stunning. Thank you!

  10. Chris

    You’re original Poinsettia was the first Christmas themed desktop I ever did several years ago. I love this. I am really looking forward to multi-screen versions.

  11. Jenanne

    Great update of Poinsettia 2004, and just in time for Christmas. Very nice! Thanks, Ryan – it’s been a great year, with 44 new and updated renders (so far) to beautify our screens. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and the happiest new year ever.

  12. Tyler

    Just a sprinkle of snow. Well done Ryan and Merry Christmas.

  13. BobC

    What a serene and lovely scene. A nice idea, beautifully done.

  14. Jeff

    Ryan, you’ve done some of your most amazing work at Christmastime, but this celebration of the festive season is now my personal favourite.

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