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10 reviews for Pharos

  1. Marian Justiss

    I love this. So classic. Might be good to refresh.

  2. Kevin [lifer]

    This one is a classic. Any chance of an updated version and/or re-render at modern resolutions?

  3. Michelle [lifer]

    Discovered this via the “random” tab (it’s my new favorite tab, I click on it every day and have discovered so many new favorites!) An updated version of this, or a variation of another lighthouse, would be awesome. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Chris [nonmonthly]

    One of my absolute favorites, have used it on every computer I’ve owned or used in the past 8 years. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work!

  5. Rankin

    Simple and yet very well executed. I think this one would be a great candidate for revision.

  6. David

    If not an update, I would love to see a dual screen!

  7. Timothy

    Nah! Leave it as it is. Why mess with perfection? Just like the old phrase, “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke”. You did good (in 2002 or 2012).

  8. David

    This one is worth the re-visit! Love lighthouses and with ten years of PC tech and better software under your belt the 2012 version should blow us away!

    Thanks so much!!!

  9. Hook

    I have to second the lighthouse being a uniquely nostalgic symbol for most people (especially for us New Englanders). Plus with the recent landscape masterpieces that Ryan has produced, its gives particular enthusiasm to see this one revisited.

  10. John N.

    Please update this! I love anything to do with lighthouses and this could do with an update (especially in widescreen mode). Maybe the lighthouse itself could be a little different, but love everything else in the scene. I tried cropping it at one time, but the resolution is a little “grainy”.

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