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Fun fact: I chose the name “Elevado” because it was the name of
the street we lived on in Vista, CA.

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6 reviews for Elevado

  1. Lester DSouza

    My most favorite wallpaper. EVER!

  2. Lester

    Hi Ryan, Any chance you’ll re make this in 1920*1080

  3. Ryan

    I hope you are still a member Michelle!

  4. Michelle

    I stumbled upon this one by chance, and I really like it. However, the rocks come across to me as fake, distractingly plastic looking. You have improved in talent so much since this was done in 2002 that I’m sure it’d look even more spectacular if you made this or something similar to it again.

  5. Mark

    Ever read the Book of Mormon? This reminds me of what one of the Chief Judge over the land would look like or Captian Moroni in ancient South America.

    WOW, Great stuff.



  6. Romarch

    …my main character in a Roman-themed AD&D campaign I ran for several years. This fellow looks like a Roman on the frontier; the tunic and cloak especially make for that effect, and if he’s wearing boots, that’s just the sort of local flavor a frontier Roman might adopt. That era wasn’t constant warfare; sometimes a Legionary must’ve just stood somewhere like this in awe and thought “I can’t believe we actually made it all the way out here…” Thank you for capturing the feeling of my RP sessions!

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