Painted Sky


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I’ve been chasing that “lit from below” look with my clouds for some time now. The best way to achieve it with Vue seems to be using the “spherical” render mode where your world becomes a sphere (instead of an infinite flat plane). It makes for some incredible lighting options, but unfortunately everything seems to take 5 times as long to render. For this scene I’ve rendered the sky as a background first (as I did with “Skygate“) and then worked on the foreground as I would in the normal “flat” Vue scene. It was a lot easier to do preview renders this way πŸ™‚

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27 reviews for Painted Sky

  1. WeeSam [basicmember]

    I want to be there right now. So pretty. It’s going straight to my desktop and staying there for some time I imagine.

  2. Smitmaul [nonmonthly]

    Ryan, perhaps you’ll be asked to set up the digital art needed for a commercial version of a HoliDome. I’d go here.

  3. petery [basicmember]

    So luminous. Almost like the air is glowing. Wonderful, truly worth the extra effort I think.

  4. tecbuddy1 [plusmember]

    To be there kicked back with a great woman by my side and a cold one….paradise

  5. Bill A [liferplus]

    Thank you for your hard work Ryan. I love this one! I have it up at work and at home. The tri-screen gets raves at work. I always send them your way.

  6. Rodewaryer [basicmember]

    You hit this one over the fence, no issues, no distractions, just nailed it in all respects. High FIVE!

  7. Cheryl [nonmonthly]

    Every image is of the utmost quality.

  8. Stesim62 [basicmember]

    The quality I’ve grown to expect over the past 6 years. Ryan never dissapoints in digital imagery craftsmanship.

  9. Ryan [nonmonthly]

    Reminds me of “Tropic of Capricorn” which was a favorite of mine back in the day

  10. Steve57 [lifer]

    This is strikingly beautiful. However, I can’t find the 1280 x 1024 size.

  11. Mario [basicmember]

    Great work! Makes me want to move to this location.

  12. TaurusGuy813 [lifer]

    Love this one, similar to the night one with turtle.

    Hoping you would make a 3840 x 1080 for it.

  13. Timhogs [liferplus]

    This one is very good, but I have to tell you that at first, I thought the cloud at top center looked like a Chinook helicopter…

  14. Ramon R [lifer]

    Once again, what I refer to as beauty on a devastating level… the light in this one, especially the way the rays are beaming over the clouds… this is superb work… keep it up.

  15. Mikes [lifer]

    The overall growth of the quality of the images and the website and everything is amazing. This is my new favorite image. The realism is insanity and the colors and clarity of the image is perfect.

  16. wes581 [basicmember]

    Downloaded the art to my phone the minute I saw it. Thanks!

  17. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Simply Beautiful, Wow, Looks as if I am looking out a door way or standing there, taking in all the beauty. really Awesome render Ryan , Love this

  18. David [basicmember]

    No more double monitor sizes?

  19. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is really beautiful Ryan!!! I had originally thought the foreground was a bit to busy for my taste until I looked at a larger version of it, and now I absolutely love it. Great Job!!!

  20. Shao Lang [lifer]

    I simply can’t stop staring at it. The beauty behind it, and the relaxing nature of the scene set before us is just astounding! I can picture myself at a cabin on a private island, relaxing and watching the sun set and moon come out. Simply melts the stress away by the design of the natural beauty of the flowers and the sky, with the water so calm. I absolutely LOVE IT! My favourite one to date, and that is saying something, given the others you have released.

  21. Jenanne [liferplus]

    This is breathtakingly beautiful. Obviously, it was a great idea to render these in two parts. Now you can make them as elaborate as you want. Yes!

  22. Paul [nonmonthly]


  23. Carolyn [lifer]

    This is wonderful. I just realized I’ve been enjoying your stuff for SO long (10 years, 12, more??), I don’t say WOW anymore. I should.

  24. Mark A. [liferplus]

    wow doesn’t begin to describe this one. 123,456,789 stars!

  25. René [nonmonthly]

    Just beautiful …. it’s like being on vacation on a desert island!

    I love it!

  26. Edot8 [plusmember]

    I love the cloud that appears, to me, like a poodle. It’s a nice touch with all the color in the sky. I would love to find a place like this.

  27. Gunslinger [lifer]

    Hey Ryan, this is absolutely beautiful!!

    I love the black horizon above the sea!

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