Painted Canyon


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Playing around with 3D landscape editing in Vue 2014. I resorted to booleans to get some of the cutaway effects.

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58 reviews for Painted Canyon

  1. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    Anyone up for a hike to explore this canyon? A 3D rendering of an imaginary place. This work invites one particularly me to walk through the frame of the picture and explore the canyon beyond.

  2. Renaud [liferplus]

    Would love to see more similar renders.

  3. Sara McCaslin [basicmember]

    I’ve had this on my laptop before, and people think its real! I love this … it looks realistic, and seems like its full of adventure.

  4. MooeyG [lifer]

    Makes me think of a fantasy story. This could be a scene right out of Dragonriders of Pern! Also, reminds me of Arizona’s canyons.

  5. Mario Cari [basicmember]

    A great place to get away from it all. I’d put my home somewhere among those trees! Well done and so realistic!

  6. Honey

    makes me feel as though i was there!

  7. Paul

    This year we took a river trip down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.

    Makes me feel like I am still there.

  8. John

    I’ll observe that the deep shadow tones in this piece make it work *fantastically* well with the new Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite…

  9. Kevin

    One of your absolute best Ryan! Love it.

  10. Tom

    I live in Arizona, and totally agree with Glenn’s comment. I concur with comments made by other members in that this is definitely one of Ryan’s greatest creations.

  11. Daniel

    Amazing! I am not the least bit surprised that it is now your highest rated wallpaper, it deserves it.

  12. David

    Ryan, man you killed it! Everyone passing my desk wants to know who took the picture! Love it, love it, love it.!!

  13. sigmaman

    One of your best Ryan!

  14. aslan

    Just perfect….

  15. Glenn

    You’ve totally captured a side canyon of Lake Powell.Just beautiful!

  16. Tyler K

    I love the little patch of trees growing there. Very cozy, clandestine and comfortable atmosphere in this image. The lighting is just right. Really great job.

  17. Greg

    Everyone that has seen this is SHOCKED that it’s a rendering.

  18. Brian

    One of those rare love-a-first-sight-of-the-thumbnail. IMO, Painted Canyon is in the same league as Highland Spring. HS still wins because I’m a sucker for a huge vista!

  19. Terry

    Simply stunning Ryan well done 🙂

  20. Zach

    This is a wonderful background, and it just replaced Red & Gold, which is my standard for this time of year. Thank you for the lovely work, Ryan!

  21. Joe

    Just to follow up on the heaps of praise from my earlier review: it seems like this piece was updated recently to brighten the ambient light. While it does bring out more foreground detail, I somehow preferred the darker, starker contrast. Too bad there is currently no pickle jar to compare. The way Vue renders shorelines close to the camera have always been a weak link, so keeping that in the shadow is a wise choice.

    And, commenter “Foz” makes a good point below: there’s noticeable clipping from branches passing through the canyon wall in the (newly added?) dead trees. Hopefully that’s a quick fix for a future render.

  22. Foz

    This is another truly amazing piece.

    However there is one minor glaring issue – the dead trees in the background, the one on the left, look at the branches, there are a few branches just hanging in mid-air OR they are coming out of the wall. I can’t tell which.

  23. Jeff

    This is why I paid for a life membership to this site.

  24. Drew

    Yep, this is why I subscribe to DB. Just renewed my membership.

  25. BobC

    I wholeheartedly agree with my fellow DB members. This is my kind of place, – beautifully conceived and rendered. The update that seems to have appeared in the past few days is even better than the already great original. I’m thinking about purchasing two more monitors so when that triple screen comes out….

  26. iellis02

    I love it! I have to get a poster of this to go with my poster of Highland Spring!

  27. Aelver

    Definitely one of your best!

  28. Halfwolf

    Barely patient, waiting for a triple monitor version…

  29. Weeznow

    I want to have a picnic under those trees… for several hours.

  30. Skyweir

    This work truly captures the grandeur of the canyons of the Southwest. The early lighting is perfect and brings out the definition in the sandstone and the trees.

    A theme of your most highly rated works seems to be clarity and detail, especially in vegetation. This one is masterful and stunning!

  31. Blake

    This looks like Southern Utah! Just on a grander scale! Beautiful sandstone looking features.

  32. Eric


  33. 0beron

    This deserves the top spot on the all time highest rated list! Wonderfully modelled rock features – such a visually interesting set of shapes. I really like how the light comes from round the bend in the canyon. The rock wall looks brightly illuminated but the colours are perfectly exposed. Superb render, can’t wait for the multiscreens.

  34. JM

    My wallpaper ADD is entirely your fault…desktops, laptop, iPad, Windows Phone…

  35. Tony R

    I want to beeeeee thereeeee

  36. Bez

    Wow I love this!

  37. Kim

    Make it work for triple screen! 😀

  38. Jenanne

    For the first time in recent memory, a render has pushed “Highland Spring” into the number two position in the Top Rated images. Ryan, you’ve managed to top yourself, no easy task. Yay, Ryan!

  39. Bill

    Lighting, shading, textures and perspective all add up to one spectacular image. It’s no small feat to capture as much of the true beauty of nature as you did.

  40. Are

    Definitely one of your all time best images.

  41. Joe

    Simply wonderful.

    The kind of wallpaper that keeps the eye engaged. There is great depth of detail here. Beautiful composition and palette. The choice to keep the foreground in the shadow swallows the viewer into this scene.

    Unlike another reviewer, I find the shadows to the right VERY realistic, backlit by the captured ambient light. It actually helps you feel the scale of canyon outside of the frame.

    Anxiously awaiting the multiscreen renders!

  42. Penny D

    I love the shadow play. It also gives the impression that it is waiting for someone, or something… to come home. Let it wait. Though 1 little Cedar tree, Bonsai style, for the stunted locale, to the bottom right might prove to be the finishing touch.

  43. Slackweed

    I usually only post here to complain about your images being too noisy.

    But this.. this is outstanding. I think my single favorite render of yours. Absolutely beautiful.

  44. Lester D

    One of your best Ryan. Superb.

  45. Kerry

    Wow, beautiful work! The lighting is fantastic. Great job.

  46. David W

    So very contemplative and such a sense of depth created by the darkness of the foreground. Been a fan of yours for years. Keep knocking them out!

  47. Jenanne

    Incredibly beautiful. While I agree the right hand side cliff-face, particularly the jagged shadow, needs a bit more work, overall this render is fantastic. 10+

  48. FacePlants

    I love this render! The contrast of the hard rock and the patch of soft green trees with taller dead trees standing tall behind them. The cave wall almost looks like stone fingers reaching out to touch the trees. The only critique I have is that the right side of the foreground feels a little ’empty’ to me.

  49. MT

    PLEASE make this in triple fit! THX!

  50. Travis

    This image invokes many memories of a bend in the Zion National Park “Narrows” slot canyon.

  51. CE

    Wow. Just wow! I love it!

    And I have to disagree with Joe, the lighting on the right side makes sense to me. I think maybe it is the sharp angles combined with softer lighting that makes it look a little weird to some? Maybe the boulder lit on the far side right next to the curved face lit on the facing side is a little confusing.

  52. Ryan

    My first title for this was “Big Bend” because I drew on my memories of visiting there in 2007. I changed the title because I didn’t want to invite a direct comparison.

  53. Brian J.

    I somewhat agree with Joe that the shadowing comes a little odd on the right, but I guess it’s because the rock has broken off at a hard right angle, causing the odd shadow.

    Overall though, I love this picture. It reminds me of a camping trip I went on to the Rio Grande National Park in south Texas. The river forms the US/Mexico border, and you can canoe up the river into a canyon with sheer hundred foot walls, with odd beaches here and there growing some sparse trees. Magical quiet there.

  54. Brandi U.

    Love this one. The light falling into the canyon is perfect. Photo realistic.

  55. Joe

    The right side of this image is very bothersome. I stared at it for the longest time when it was a preview, and I hoped it was unfinished. The differences between the shapes of the rock and the shadows are too abrupt and the rock formations are extremely ambiguous because of the backlighting. Are there 2 columns and a boulder? 1 column and a boulder? Just a wall with texture catching the light at abrupt angles? I just don’t think I’m seeing this wall’s geology the way you intended, and I hate to rate such an otherwise amazing piece so low because that right side ambiguity is all I can look at, and I can’t appreciate the lovely left side of the canyon.

  56. Pete

    Oh, this is just absolutely gorgeous. My first thought was that you had posted a photo from a vacation you thought you might render. Definitely one of my new favorites.

  57. betsey

    trying to remember which wall from the way past this reminds me of…..

  58. Holly [basicmember]

    Simply said. A stunner.

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