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An abstract I started doodling on Asfaloth while Bucephalus was busy rendering “The Black Angel”. The geometry was modeled using Structure Synth, textured and rendered using Lightwave.

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18 reviews for Oculus

  1. Lance [basicmember]

    Title says it all.

  2. Sam

    This is a great piece, however the one size I need (2560×1024) appears to be a broken link. That size is not included in the zipped files, either.

  3. Eric

    Like the abstract. Could you double-check the 2560 x 1024 (dual 5:4)” link to http://digitalblasphemy.com/content/jpgs/2x/oculus12x2560.jpg… generates a 404.

  4. Deanna

    Love the colors. This reminds me of some of the architecture in the city of Rata Sum, Guild Wars 2. I noticed it especially while I was standing by the bank. 🙂

  5. lilu

    a side by side render for the oculus rift would be awesome!

  6. kellzilla

    Love it! Instantly went onto my desktop after changing out of my Halloween setup. Your abstracts are always my faves.

  7. Jamie

    As a previous poster pointed out, although a good piece this is really similar to Axiomatic.

  8. TomNls

    Always been a fan of your abstracts that convey depth.

    Quick heads up though – 2560×1024 (dual 5:4) doesn’t seem to be working…

  9. Logan

    It reminds me of your work “Axiomatic” from 2008.

  10. JDD

    Simple and effective

    Similar to previous work that I liked – can’t remember the title

  11. JDD

    Simple and effective

    Similar to previous work that I liked – can’t remember the title

  12. BobC

    A very, very creative update. (self described as a “doodle!) I, of course, love that it can be taken as an “abstract” or as the interior of a fantastic cylinder of indeterminate size…

  13. Ryan

    Yes I am going to add 5K support eventually. “Legacy support” (for my older images) is going to be spotty though because I just haven’t been rendering that large.

  14. Dan

    *Retina… stupid autocorrect!

    P.S. One of my favourite abstracts for a while!

  15. Dan

    Ryan, will you be looking to up the resolution of your renders to support the new Retinal 5K Display on the new iMacs (5,120 x 2,880)? Something like this would look stunning in full res! Also, any chance of some colour variants (green, red, yellow, multi)?

  16. das

    Now that sort of abstract has been missing for some time. Nice.

  17. Jonathan C

    This one triggers the 3D perception in a grand way!! This would make a awesome canvas for a large wall!!

  18. Jenanne

    First abstract in quite some time. Like it!

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