The Black Angel — Halloween 2014

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The “Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City always freaked me out as a college student back in the 90s. As you can see from the photo above, I couldn’t even look at it.

While the statue in Iowa was my main inspiration, I’m sure some of you will also think of Doctor Who when you see this render.

Either way I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!!

PS: Jessie took issue with my claiming the inspiration for this piece was the Black Angel in Iowa City. She correctly noted that our son Ian has been putting together a black angel costume for Halloween for the past month so he should get the credit. Thanks for the inspiration Ian!

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61 reviews for The Black Angel — Halloween 2014

  1. Tim Edwards

    This remains one of my favourite DB renders. I use it every year, and sometimes when it’s not even October!

  2. Doug Bowman

  3. Johan [basicmember]

    The black and white one is a perfect winter wallpaper.

  4. Tracy

    Incredible render! All your images are gorgeous, but I swear I could reach out and touch this one! Such an amazing job! Thank you!!

  5. Tim

    This is one of the best Bg’s I have ever seen!!

    The triple screen split files link is down thougn and well… I need my fix! …/smackarm

  6. Amy Barker

    I really like this. I also think it’s cool you went to college in Iowa City. I’m in Iowa City actually, grew up around here and live in the city now. I’ve never been to see the black angel. I would hear the kids talk about it when I was in High School. Nice job on this one!

  7. Clark L

    I love the black and white version, though the colored version does look a bit spookier

  8. Steve

    This is just quite simply a stunning panorama! Love the blood-red and the gothic touch! So appropriate for All Hallow’s Eve!

  9. Steve

    This is just quite simply a stunning panorama! Love the blood-red and the gothic touch! So appropriate for All Hallow’s Eve!

  10. SGlasgow

    tri-screen split files missing.

    Please re-upload the 3 screen split files for us Mac folks. Right now it is “missing”.

  11. Kelton

    love the black and white image. would love it for the S5 and 3360X1050 ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Ryan

    Thanks for the note! Use the 2048 x 2048 images for the Retina iPad (it has to be a square image to account for rotating the device).

  13. JM

    I know the devices haven’t been out for terribly long, but can we get this in the resolution for the new iPad Air 2s? (2048×1536, according to Apple’s site.) ^_^

  14. Jenanne

    My, a poet amongst us! Lovely. Which reminds me — Ryan, your haiku contest held some time back was really fun; perhaps you could hold something similar in the near future? WHEN you have the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Halloween, all!

  15. Ben

    This is one of my favorite images that you’ve ever done. The ambience, style and tone of it are gorgeous, and however you’ve pulled the render itself off is amazing. It’s a whole new level of beautiful.

  16. Ted S

    But this is wonderful! And twice as awesome for not being a grainy mess like so many renders of the last few years ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. cpw

    I really like the black and white version – it almost has a more sinister feeling to it. Have you done a dual screen render in B&W?

  18. KR

    It’s awesome, but why are the bottom sections blurry on this and pickle jar versions.

  19. MSwinson

    Could you do the most recent version without the vines going up the statue? They seem a bit busy.

  20. Russell

    This one is creepy.

  21. Russell

    This one is creepy.

  22. Brian

    I liked ver 1.0, and see you point about high marks out of the gate. But in my opinion all the changes to ver 2.0 are for the better. Nice additions/changes. Looking forward to the multi-screen.

  23. Brian

    It’s eerie, but freakin’ awesome! I hope you make a multiple monitor version.

  24. Brian

    It’s eerie, but freakin’ awesome! I hope you make a multiple monitor version.

  25. Eric

    @Ryan … “Nice Hair!”

    @Chris … But that’s how us zombies see it as we rise from our beds. hehe! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

    PS. @Ryan – Multi-screen please!!!

  26. Chris

    i really wish you would have defined the blur a bit more, or pulled it mostly off-screen. it almost takes away from the rest of the picture (unless that’s where your mac toolbar is)

  27. Holt

    can’t wait for multi-display versions.

  28. Mike

    I thought first one worked really good. The blurry rock or whatever it is in the foreground is very distracting. I would say bring back the taller grass from the first one.

  29. Michael

    Overall I think Version 1 was more spooky. I do like the added details of the grave to the right, vines on the trees, and blowing leaves in version 2. The added light and reduction of the grass gives the image a feeling being maintained and closer to civilization.

    Version 1 gives off a sense of being out of the middle of nowhere and a more eerie vibe. I’m hoping for a version 3 that mashes the best of both.

  30. Jeremy

    Love it, just such great work. Happily been a member for several years and just renewed for another 2, thanks so much Ryan!

  31. Thom

    My eyes can’t stop being attracted to the blur at the bottom of the image. ๐Ÿ™

  32. Jenanne

    It’s even better. GREAT!

  33. Ryan

    You might be right. Reload the page…

  34. Zach

    To me, there is WAY too much light in v2–so much so, that it takes away the haunting feel of the image. I greatly prefer the one in the picklejar, and hope that there will be multiscreen renders of both.

  35. Nick

    This is the best Halloween background I’ve ever seen.

  36. Mike

    I know it takes additional time to do the multi-monitor renders, but was disappointed that there wasn’t a V2 sized for Facebook

  37. JMK in CT

    Im having a hard time judging how tall the statue is. Comparing it to objects in the foreground and background I get the feeling its only a few feet tall. Any way to make it seem bigger?

  38. Ryan

    It’s always tough when one of my first drafts takes off and gets high-ratings, because there will always be folks who won’t like my changes. Still, I knew when I posted the first version of “The Black Angel” that I wasn’t completely finished with it.I’ve reworked the foreground (the grass was too tall and just a blur before), added some more vines to the trees and the statue, added some blowing leaves, and finally brightened the scene a bit so you can see more details in the foreground.I hope you like the changes. The first version will remain available in Pickle Jar!

  39. mjtom

    I love the reddish/pink hues of the sky. I like the angel statue; it’s symbolic, looming and creates unrestful feeling. Thanks!

  40. Ryan

    Can you use my 3840 x 1080 renders?

  41. KG

    Render in 3820×1080 please.

  42. Jenanne

    Fantastic! This is going right into my Halloween mix with the rest of your spooky renders. Thanks!

  43. Littlemom

    This is a very awesome render. I love it. and it’s perfect for Halloween. You and your family have a happy Halloween too.

  44. MattTCG

    I love this render but I need 2560×1080…please.

  45. MattTCG

    I love this render but I need 2560×1080…please.

  46. Hunter

    I have been lacking in comments lately, because… Well, I can’t comment on every render. But this is really amazing. Good job!

  47. Deanna

    Serious love for this image!! I agree with Zach. This is your best Halloween render yet!

  48. Randall

    Don’t blink…Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead.

  49. Rob C

    Love the picture from ’92 as well.

    Always fascinated by what inspires artists – thanks for sharing.

  50. Zach

    This one is spectacular, Ryan! I can’t wait for the multis, and I think that it would also look spooky with a deep blue sky. Wow, perfect right from the get-go.

  51. Todd

    Absolute best Halloween render ever!!! If I could rate higher I would.

  52. Topher

    That could be the best halloween one ever.

  53. Ryan

    Oh I’ve seen it alright (only the first two episodes with them though). As I mentioned in my post, the original inspiration was a famous old grave marker in my old college town.

  54. Andrew

    Wow, no reference to the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who yet? That statue and the new wallpaper look an awful lot like them. Hopefully the one in your art doesn’t move the second I look away from it!

    Ryan, if you haven’t seen the episode with the angels, I highly recommend it.

  55. Foz

    You’re going to diiiiiieeee….

  56. Tony Robso

    This is just brilliant, easily my favourite Halloween render, just so atmospheric!

  57. ChrisW

    Very nice. Like the Weeping Angels from DR. WHO, I’m a little afraid to take my eyes off it…

  58. Tyler

    Beautiful and quite scary. This is one of the times where Ryan nails it and goes straight to multi. Would have to rank this a top Halloween render of all time.

  59. JoeC

    Great subject! Can’t wait for the dual screen.

  60. Suribachi

    She keeps watch over the dead, her name long forgotten to the winds of time. She is cloaked in silent beauty that only is seen and admired as the leaves fall.

    Happy Halloween and good job, I look forward to more of the same.

  61. Chebe

    Do you plan on adding ultrawide screen 3440 x 1440 ?

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