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A little Xfrog doodle that I created and rendered on my old MacBook Pro while Bucephalus and Asfaloth rendered other projects.

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6 reviews for Infinitesimal

  1. Ben K [nonmonthly]

    We definitely need a multiscreen of this work! Just realized this one wasn’t in my rotation. I’m missing out on a great piece!

  2. Spike

    I love most of your ‘molecular’ images, and this one is no exception. I, too, would love to see multiscreen versions.

  3. CHSpera

    This is really nice. I’d love to see different color options and multiscreen renders. I’ve got dual monitors at work and home that would love to have some love…

  4. sigmaman

    Up there with painted canyon.10.

  5. DougB.

    Ryan is on a roll….

  6. Jenanne

    For a little doodle, this certainly is awesome. Been waiting for this one!

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