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While “Arcana (2011)” was intended to update both “White Magic” and “Pyre“, quite a few people wanted to see a proper update to the 2000 original (the source file for which was lost to a hard drive failure, btw).

This one sat on Asfaloth for many days while one of my Vue landscapes rendered on Bucephalus. I may make a change or two now that I can open it up on my main machine.

360 Panorama

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32 reviews for Pyre

  1. Kryse [liferplus]

    I downloaded the 360 VR for my oculus and I loved the surprise you added, I wasn’t expecting it at all it gave me a little fright lol. 🙂

  2. davethefan [nonmonthly]

    Love this, reminds me of Ingress – and it’s the right colour!

  3. Pippa [nonmonthly]

    Just bought a second monitor and love this

  4. Ken Mastin [lifer]

    I really like this. I would like to see the dual screen image in a smaller version.

    Have a great holiday season and thanks for all you do.


  5. Dustin [lifer]

    I’ve been a lifetime member for quite some time and have been anxiously waiting for the Pyre redo! Not only has it been “redone”, it has been “Remastered”! This will be my wallpaper for quite some time! Thanks Ryan

  6. Gardner

    Thanks for the remake, it looks beautiful.

    That being said, is there any chance of a blue version instead of green?

  7. Richard_H

    I love all the “techno mage” (I’m a huge Bab 5 fan) themed images. Nice update to the original.

  8. Ryan

    Thanks Matt! It always bugged me that I hadn’t created a new version of “Pyre” after your suggestion got the most likes. I’m glad you approve of the update!Here it is on a poster, though I recommend the wrapped canvas.

  9. Matt D.

    As one of the people who’s been waiting for the remake of Pyre, this is amazing! Pyre was one of my first favorites and the reason I became a lifetime member. This was also the piece I requested after winning one of your mini contests on Facebook 🙂

    I’d love to buy this as a poster from Zazzle too, any word on availability?

  10. Iain

    Loved the original done years ago, and this one is even better, showing off the skills and software/hardware updates learned and used in the years in between.

    more please.

  11. Mike

    I love updates to previous masterpieces – especially the ones centered around magic and fantasy settings! This is brilliant!!

  12. Zachary

    Arcana is one of my favorites. This one is excellent too. I can’t wait for the dual display versions.

  13. BIll

    Love it! I have become a fan of adjusting the hue of your wallpapers and setting a different color for each virtual desktop. This image really lends itself to that. Fantastic!

  14. Tyler

    V3 is quite busy. As far as overall particles. Everything else is perfect. To me it ends up distorting the scene because there is so much energy and effects going on. A little overkill in other words.

  15. kirnkorner

    Finally, after all this time I have been waiting for a reboot of Pyre. Thank you Ryan! The original is one of my most favorite renders of all time, and this one does not disappoint. If anything, I’d like to see a red version, but the green/blue is absolutely awesome. It will go on all my devices immediately.

    It also makes me realize how long I have been following Digital Blasphemy. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years!

  16. Jenanne

    V3 is definitely my favorite. I like the pyromancer’s changed pose; what he’s doing is much clearer now and I love the magic fire coming off of his hands. Terrific!

  17. Talell

    At first I thought the change in stance of the Sorcerer was weaker but then saw the power coming from his hands. He’s turned from a summoner to a commander of the power. Love it.

  18. Ryan

    I’ve add a third (final?) version of “Pyre” this morning. Added a bit more “halo” around the pyre, changed the pose of the pyromancer, and added some magic coming from his fingertips.Let me know what you think!

  19. Frank

    I love both versions of this, thank you for the Pickle Jar!

    The way I see it, the gallery version is a few moments after your Pickle Jar version, as even more power is manifested.

  20. Nox

    Beautiful work, Ryan. This is the kind of thing I love seeing from you… revamp some of the old masterpieces. You know the phrase well… art is never finished.

    Keep doing this.

    And get that pirate ship updated soon 🙂

  21. Frank

    Great Update, thank you!!

  22. Jenanne

    The added detail in V2 is super (magical power coalescing?). Terrific update!

  23. Steve

    The issue has been correct with the ‘Blue Cubes’ and WOW!

    Thank you, looks great now.

  24. Steve

    Hi Ryan,

    thanks for the blue pickle jar version.

    But what’s with the series of blue cubes which have appears on the column and the foreground? It’s also lacking details on the ground at the lower edge of the image.

    It almost seems to have reverted to a work-in-progress?

    I’d be fine if it were of course, and a new version was imminent 🙂

  25. Talell

    So many different fantasy worlds captured into this one picture. Amazing thank you

  26. rhymez

    +1 for a blue pickle jar

  27. Dav

    Oh you’re the man!

    That was fast… -And just in time for my Birthday too!

  28. Geoff

    Can we get some pickle jar versions in different colors? I personally love blue… 🙂

  29. JacobKlein

    The detail is amazing! I really wish you would post .png versions only, instead of .jpg which lose detail when applied to Windows Desktop backgrounds. Try it for yourself – take one of your 1920×1080 .jpg files, save it as .png, and apply each as background, and you’ll notice the difference.

  30. Draeke

    It was a great wp then, but now it’s awesome, well done!

  31. Tyler

    First post? Excellent tribute and imagine will see another revision or two. I love the design of the “pyre” energy.

  32. Angelique

    is there ever gonna be a remake of “White Magic”?

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