The Overseer


This is the evolution of a very popular render I created in 2005. “The Overseer” is a character that shows up in quite a few of my scenes. They travel from world to world through interdimensional pathways for reasons known only to themselves. This rendition features the Overseer and a feline friend surveying the cosmos. Created using Lightwave 3D

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27 reviews for The Overseer

  1. Max Gay [lifer]

    This is my go to I have been a member on the site for at least 10 years now. I absolutely love this one hands down

  2. Jessica Macon [basicmember]

    This one has always been my favorite. Every computer that I ever had (work or personal) has been graced with this image. It’s so beautiful and calming.

  3. Glynne MacLean [basicmember]

    Love this – my favourite is the cat. Any chance of having a large cat in a version of your Portals – leaving out the humanoid?

  4. Glynne MacLean [basicmember]

    Love this – my favourite is the cat. Any chance of having a large cat in a version of your Portals – leaving out the humanoid?

  5. Glynne MacLean [basicmember]

    Love this – my favourite is the cat. Any chance of having a large cat in a version of your Portals – leaving out the humanoid?

  6. docster [basicmember]

    Nicely developed, Ryan; the canine’s a great addition. This a view I’d love to have.

  7. Nate R. [nonmonthly]

    This is magnificent in its grandeur we only look up to see the stars yet to overlook a whole galaxy and rule it is beyond imagination!

  8. John S. [basicmember]

    I have used almost every BG Ryan has made, yet I keep coming back to this one. Has to be my favorite.

  9. Jessica M. [basicmember]

    This has always been my favorite one from the beginning years ago. It has been on every computer I have owned. Looking out through the windows is just so relaxing. Sometimes, its more interesting to look on then participate.

  10. Brian B

    This is a great update of one of my all-time favorite wallpapers. Awesome job!

  11. Bill

    The triscreen makes me wish I had three monitors…

  12. Richard

    I have *always* loved these fantasy styled pictures. Arcana and Portals are a couple of my favourites, but this is lovely too.

    The Fantasy nerd in me loves the God like figure looking out over his (her?) domain….

  13. Linda

    I love the perspective – you can really see how the figure IS the Overseer. Or is he? Anyone that has been owned by a cat truly knows who the Overseer of a house is!

  14. Bill M

    I don’t comment often, but this one is over-the-top good. The dual-screen perspective is fantastic. Instantly one of my favorites!

  15. Ian

    In “Portals” you angled the images to give a different perspective for each section. I feel this is what would really make this piece come together for me. I bet it will not be nearly as easy angling each “window” and keeping it lined up as it was angling the ones in “Portals”.

    Also, like I said before, it would be neat to put “Overseer over more different wallpapers. Not just space ones, but I think it would be neat over your 2010 “Subarctic” with the Orca.

  16. Ian

    I really like what you have done with this. The original has always been one of my favorites. However, once I set it as my wallpaper on my laptop (1920×1080 HD) I noticed that the perspective is wrong. Each “window” looks more like a panel that was placed there, rather than looking through at the galaxy. I’m not sure if you cut and overlayed the galaxy onto the overseer or visa versa, but the curvature of the image seems off. I don’t know if you can “bend” the galaxy image to match the curve of the floor. But overall I really like the concept. I would love to see you overlay the Overseer onto other wallpapers of yours.

  17. BobC

    I put this on my desktop as soon as I saw it. I’m liking it better and better and better. I tried the triple-screen crop suggested below by drow and I definitely agree that this works extremely well – I can see the windows and blue lights better, the galaxy somehow works better, and (as Ryan says) the floor is really cool…

  18. drow

    i really like the triple-screen variant the best, i’m using a crop of that instead of the widescreen.

  19. BobC

    For me, this is by far the best setting of the “Island in the Void” yet. The extragalactic point of view from an unknown, inhabited place is fabulous. The juxtaposition of the familiar with the fantastic is wonderful. (I like the cat, turning to look at ?)

  20. Ruth

    The small details really make this one come to life; awesome, Ryan! <3

  21. Martin

    If Carl Sagan had made “Cosmos” today, I imagine that his “Spaceship of the Imagination” would have looked something like this. (Never got around to watching the recent update with Neil deGrasse Tyson, but I plan to do so ASAP.)

  22. Zachary

    The original overseer is one of my favorites. The updates to the figure and the floor and the addition of the cat are great. I still prefer the planet with moons to the galaxy though.

    Hopefully you’ll add dual 1080p soon. 🙂

  23. Jenanne

    I love the changes you’ve made, especially to the overseer and the addition of his/her feline companion. The overseer’s robe is particularly nice, and the changes in the colors makes the figure really pop against the galaxy. Thank you, Ryan! I just knew my cats came from outer space….

  24. Gardner

    The cat’s a very nice touch, too.

  25. Deanna

    Ohheckyeah this is a 10. Love it. Really happy you are giving it it’s own spot and the little changes are perfect.

  26. violet

    love love love all the details

  27. BeccaM

    A long while ago, ‘The Overseer’ was among the reasons I decided to buy a lifetime membership. I’m so glad you decided to update it.

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