The Midnight Sun

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I learned a few weeks ago that my Crohn’s Disease was back after a 10 year remission. I’d honestly forgotten that I had a horrible chronic disease until the familiar symptoms started occurring again recently. Needless to say I’ve been stressing a bit and this newest render is most likely a manifestation of that. The medical bills have already started rolling in ($2000 for a colonoscopy!) so if any of you would like to help out with them please hit up my tip jar!

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21 reviews for The Midnight Sun

  1. lilylavender

    Love the colors! A kaleidoscope landscape on a digital canvas!

  2. Eyal [lifer]


  3. Anne [basicmember]

    I have lupus, and I totally get you when you say your Crohn’s has been quiet for so long you almost forgot about it. I’m so sorry it’s rearing its ugly head now 🙁 Best wishes for a quick status change back to remission. In the meantime–hang in there.

  4. Eyal [lifer]

    It is a stunning piece!

    pretty please for Multi Screen?

  5. Ryan

    Thanks Eric! It usually depends on the render-time if I can post a multiscreen version at the same time as I post the single-screen. The multiscreen versions can take extra days to render so I usually just post them when I’m finished with them.

  6. Eric [liferplus]

    Ryan, my heart goes out to you for your relapse, and to your family as it always effects them as well. May you go quickly into remission / recovery.

    The first time I saw this render I thought “Why a nuclear explosion?” Then after hearing your plight I was like “makes sense”.

    But now to satisfy my curiosity. Why is it that some renders show up with all the (1/2/3 screens) sizes like “Unfolding” with the initial posting, while others do not (this one) “The Midnight Sun”?

    Strength/Healing/Hope be w/ you.

  7. SteveSw [lifer]

    Most people I know who have it don’t forget about Crohn’s. The fact that you have may be illuminate your reaction to the disease: a distant horror made beatuful by your construction.

    Best wishes and good luck.

  8. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Ah jeez, Ryan, I’m so sorry to hear the Crohn’s is back. You hadn’t mentioned it in so long I thought perhaps you’d found a cure. I love Midnight Sun, nevertheless.

  9. Lance [basicmember]

    …In so many ways. Ryan- My very best wishes to you in your fight against this terrible disease.

    As always, your talent shines throughout this vibrant and forceful work.

  10. StijnH [liferplus]

    Another beautiful piece, admiring your work for the 20th year now I believe. I’m so sorry to hear about your remission, I wish you and your family the very best dealing with it and all the related hospital admissions.

  11. ChrisW [basicmember]

    Sorry to hear about the Crohn’s. And…yeah, if I got that kind of bad news myself, I’d want to nuke something, too.

    Beautiful pic, by the way. Made even more memorable when you realize what it is.

  12. drow [basicmember]

    awesome. sorry to hear about the crohn’s, i wish that guy would keep it to himself. kick its ass again.

  13. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    Friggin excellent….all around. Home run render.

  14. Susan [lifer]

    Oooof. I couldn’t figure out why this beautiful piece would be an expression of stress…. Then I finally realized that the “sunset” was a mushroom cloud. Subtle and beautifully horrifying. Kind of creeps up on you.

  15. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I’m so sorry to hear your crohn’s disease is back. In spite of that you’ve created a really beautiful scene here.

  16. Magnus [lifer]

    Love this ! but where is the 3440 x 1440 (21:9) version ?

  17. Matt [liferplus]

    Man can I relate to this Ryan. Kidney transplant when I was 9 that lasted long enough to not think about it then…BOOM-“I’m baaack”. Also, hospitals suck by themselves then you have to pay for it. I’ll be praying for you buddy. Also, help this guy out everyone, he definitely deserves it!

  18. Sara [liferplus]

    I love the bright and dark colors. It looks great on my desktop.

  19. James C [lifer]

    Love the coloring in this one! I like that it still is somewhat of a darker wallpaper overall but with a nice blast of color in the middle. Excellent work.

  20. Cody [basicmember]

    The juxtaposition of this beautiful island & colors..and a mushroom cloud. It didn’t dawn on me for a bit what I was seeing, when it did it was chilling.

  21. Mark A. [liferplus]

    I like this one. it’s very colorful

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