Tropical Moon of Ianeira

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Continuing a theme I started with “Tropical Moon of Thetis” and have revisited over the years.    Even going as far back as “Space Vista“, I’ve long had a fascination with creating planets and viewing them over an ocean (preferably from a beach).    I had always used Lightwave3D to create the planets but this time I am learning to use a new software package, Cinema4D.
I am very aware that the lighting on the planet is a bit off for a scene like this.   For the sun to be lighting the planet on the horizon, technically the foreground scene should be awash in daylight.  Imagine then that another moon of Ianeira is eclipsing the sunlight to provide you with an even rarer vista 🙂   

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8 reviews for Tropical Moon of Ianeira

  1. Natalia Najder
    [Plus, Donor, Lifetime]


  2. Randall Bowman

    I’m a big fan of Thetis, so thanks for doing this one! Lovely!

  3. Jeffrey Thayer

    I simply love these Other Worlds Scapes, this one is fantástico, they simply let your imagination run free. Awesome work Ryan.

  4. Lewis Cloud

  5. Eric Liscinsky
    [Donor, Lifetime]

    Okay, I’ll bite. How many moons does Ianeira have? And will we be seeing them?

    Baited Breath!

    P.S. Great description!

  6. Andrew ahavens3827


  7. Robert Caldwell

    I totally, totally love the Thetis images (and all the gas giants and planets over the ocean images). Delicious eye candy and a lot of fun.

  8. Colin White

    A tropical moonrise during the eclipse of a secondary moon! Fantastic!!

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