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Exploring how to create different kinds of craters using Gaea here. I still have much to learn. As usual I debated whether or not to add a human to this but in the end decided against it. All of humanity hangs there in the void.

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12 reviews for Homeworld

  1. lilylavender

    Another incredible work of art! Thank you so much, Ryan!

  2. ChrisW [basicmember]

    I guess that’s what you’d call this if you were THERE, right?

    Beautiful, though. I imagine this is what Neil Armstrong could’ve seen thirty years ago…

  3. Zealot [lifer]

    Concerning the craters you are right. But the theme an idea of that wallpaper is great.

  4. JavaJoe [plusmember]

    Homeworld is gorgeous on all my devices. I like to match my duel-monitor Mac with my iPad and iPhone for device continuity and I’m falling in love with so many different images that I’m changing them up all the time. Having to look at my screen all day Homeworld makes it less of a chore and more of an adventure. Excellent work! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  5. Aslan [liferplus]

    No ‘Clangers’ ?

  6. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This one is nice for a space scene, I just personally prefer your landscape renders and the seasonal ones too


  7. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Too Cool.

  8. Mike [lifer]

    Please 🙂 Looks great btw!

  9. Ryan

    It was certainly inspired by First Man. I loved that movie! I use different densities of stars in different places so maybe that’s what you are seeing?

  10. Heather [lifer]

    I love love love this. It reminds me from a scene in the movie First Man when Armstrong is standing on the moon staring back at the Earth. I do have a question though. Were different shades of black used for space? It seems like there are different variations or it looks segmented.

  11. Tracy [lifer]

    Love the detail of Earth’s night life. Adding humans takes away some of the power of the scene, especially something as powerful as this one! Well done!

  12. Exitstageleft [liferplus]


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