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My first experiment using Mandelbulber, an open-source 3D fractal renderer. This once rendered in 7 hours at 5280 x 3295 on Bucephalus. I called this one “Helios” because my son Jason (5) told me this one looked like a sunrise. My other son Ian (8) thought it looked like a Sarlaac. . .

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58 reviews for Helios

  1. Romarch

    I love slot canyons and am having a *lot* of fun imagining the water flows that might have created this one. *g*

  2. Ben K

    You can almost touch it! This one’s in my top 10 for sure.

  3. Krueger

    Love the “textures”

  4. Jeremy

    This has a ton of potential for lava rock and other cave formation / rock formation situations. This is a great display of the raw capability of a new tool.

  5. Paul

    Way to stretch, Ryan. Disgusting to some, beautiful to others. Perfect. Keep pushing your own creative boundaries.

  6. Jenanne

    …but “Some things are best left at the toilet”? Really? So you didn’t like it. You couldn’t have put it more constructively for Ryan’s sake? You are a member; he must do some renders you like.

  7. Gilvan

    Some things are best left at the toilet…

  8. Jason

    And I like Ian’s way of thinking! 😉

  9. Spike

    Wow. Just wow… moved immediately to one of my favorites alongside the redo of Borealis and the original Phraxis!

  10. Alex

    Very impressive and detailed fractal work. Maybe you already have this for Mandelbulber, but if not, a GPU rendering plugin to make things go faster: http://xyrus-worx.org/content.php?page=tacitus

    FIY- the 5120×1440 dual 16:9 is linking to the 7680×1440 triple 16:9.

  11. YooperJeff

    Great Job Ryan, This is probably my favorite one yet! I’m a big fan of Fractals.

  12. sigmaman

    Looks like someone has taken up some sort of freeform knitting or crochet.lol.

  13. sigmaman

    Looks like someone has taken up some sort of freeform knitting or crochet.lol.

  14. Chris B

    Both the single and multi screens look amazing. Like how the blue & reds come together in the milti screens… just need more monitors myself lol

  15. Fumigator

    I’m glad to see one more abstract before the year is out, and this one is pretty impressive. 2 thumbs up

  16. Terry

    Can’t wait for the multiscreen of Octopus Garden Ryan its flawless.

  17. Dan

    Fractals are fascinating and beautiful, and this one ranks as one of my favorite DB wallpapers. I would love to see other versions with a different color palate.

  18. Granpuff

    Where’s the 3840X1200 version?

  19. Granpuff

    Where’s the 3840X1200 version?

  20. Greg

    Ryan, I see that one of the multiscreens is missing: “3840 x 1200 (dual 16:10)”. Is this intended or an error in your PS action or something else?

  21. Ryan

    Here is the area I chose to zoom in on for Helios 3.

  22. Chris B

    with Fractals 🙂

    trying to figure out where it was taken from.

  23. Lidia

    I think I like this new version/perspective even better. Very nice!

  24. Nathan

    Hey Ryan, I have been using your images as the background for my Motorola Droid for awhile now. I recently upgraded to the new Droid Razr (qHD screen 960×540). I was wondering if you could start coming out with new 1080×960 wallpapers for this phone? Possibly render some of your old images in this resolution as well? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  25. KireK

    I know lots of folks like this one, but it’s a little dark for me. I honestly prefer more upbeat wallpaper. Normally I love fractals.. but some how this one doesn’t do it for me.

  26. Ben

    Surprised this is scoring low right now, it’s immediately one of my all time favorites. Then again, I prefer the abstracts, and love the colorful stuff, so maybe just my own bias.

  27. Ryan

    Yes I hope to have the multiscreens finished soon!

  28. Mars

    🙂 were ready

  29. JDD

    I like this view better. nice

  30. jlpilkin

    Now this one is wallpaper-worthy 🙂 The extra red and slight DOF blur does it for me.

  31. Ryan

    I’ve added one more (probably final) version this morning. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the “Sarlaac” aspect of this piece so I’ve moved the camera in for a tight close-up. Since this is a fractal, more details become evident the closer you get.

  32. CG

    Will you be putting out a multi-screen version of this and Octopus Garden?

  33. celmendo

    The colors in the alternate are wonderful but the main version with the light and blurring make it have so much depth I love them both.

  34. Chris B

    Love it, both of them. I love how just a shift in brightness and a swap out of a color totally changes the feeling of the pic. Feel free to keep playing. The shapes & patterns are perfect though 😉

  35. Brian

    It looks like this new program is going to take your abstract work to the next level.

  36. Eric

    Love the depth of Shadows and Light. Bravo!

  37. Scott

    Eh…looks a bit random…but I’m looking forward to seeing what else you can do with this program.

  38. Patrick

    I’m not often a fan of abstracts, but this is by far my favorite work of the year! Way to go!

  39. Terry

    Not a great fan of abstracts – this looks interesting – almost like a slice of coral or something. Looking forward to your Christmas work 🙂

  40. David

    Thanks Ryan, I can confirm this has been fixed on Red Harbinger and the Red/Blue String theory, ones that still need fixing:

    -Elegy (Winter/Night)

    -Grand Design (both zoom levels/versions)

    -String Theory (yellow, blue)



  41. Betsey

    staring at it makes me dizzy–not ditsy–I LOVE IT!!!

  42. Lidia

    Very Nice!!

    I agree with Ian that it’s somewhat reminiscent of a Sarlacc, except it’s beautiful instead of scary.

  43. Alvaro

    Glad you’re doing fractals again, and in 3D no less.

  44. Travis M.

    A stunning piece of work to be sure, but to me it is also somehow… frightening? Disturbing? Both perhaps.

  45. Andrew S

    .. Sarlaac 🙂

  46. John D

    Nice fractal for a change of pace… Love the Monty Python reference…:0)

  47. MPR

    This *needs* to be an iPhone skin. Just sayin.

  48. Chandler

    what is that. ive never seen something like that from you. cool

  49. Ryan

    Sorry about that. I’ve updated most of the files. Looks like my PS action to resize the multiscreens went haywire.Need to locate my source file for String Theory though…

  50. Brandi U.

    You churn out some really amazing things with just a couple of hours learning software. 😉

    And as an amateur artist, I’m going to check out Mandlebulber myself!

  51. Eric

    I say keep that machine. It performs magic. Or more correctly, Ryan, you create the magic that it produces. WOW, there just aren’t enough word to glorify this piece. Way to go … again! Cheers!

  52. Lucas

    A beautiful pandemonium… That’s how I see it! Epic Ryan! This is one goes straight to favorites! Just grand!

  53. Dan

    This is so awesome!!! Unlike anything you’ve done in the past!! Good work my friend.

  54. David

    Hi Ryan-

    I noticed the 5120×1600 image is really 5120×1440 on the following images, and haven’t been resolved yet:

    -Elegy (Winter/Night)

    -Grand Design (both zoom levels/versions)

    -Red Harbinger

    -String Theory (yellow, red/blue, and blue versions)

  55. dmackoy

    Trying to focus on one area just draws my attention to another, its pretty wild.

  56. Jenanne

    I love your abstracts, and I love fractals. Wow!

  57. Jenanne

    But why is there a link to Pickle Jar Variations? I don’t see any PJs for this one. At least, not yet. 🙂

  58. Tom B

    I really love this fractal stuff, just wish the picklejar variations had more DoF like the original 🙂

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