First Moonlight


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66 reviews for First Moonlight

  1. Enoch Ridings [basicmember]

    Stunning artwork

  2. Lambchops

    I have been looking at your art for a decade now and I just love First Moonlight. It is probably my favorite piece of art on the site. Where is this place? Because I really want to be there.

  3. Sebastian

    Hey Ryan,

    I noticed the night version (at least the 1920×1080 version) is a few pixels off from the day version. I was kinda wondering whether this was just a slight error or oversight or was it intentional?

    Still, this is a beautiful image the likes of which I have never seen on other websites!

  4. Tyler

    Admittedly the moon is not realistic. Does that bother me? Hardly, in fact I prefer it because the light more closely resembles a star. This is a top 10 for me. I concur that your night scenery is among the best. Top notch stuff!

  5. Trevor

    This is an amazing image. I feel like I’m actually there!

  6. Henry

    This image takes me away. I love how realistic it is and how beautiful it is. One of my favorite wallpapers!

  7. Loxmyth

    I know you cannot stop the unauthorized copy of your work, but I have run across one where I think you should consider protesting. WinCustomize is a responsible and reliable website, but I suspect they cannot check on this sort of thing without someone telling them. In their section titled “logonstudio vista” I found a copy of your “first moonlight” claimed by another person. I posted an angry comment there, which I hope someone reads, and I think you should look at it. Here is the url copied from my browser address window:

    I have faith that wincustomize will respond favorably to a complaint from you. Good Luck.

  8. Ian Jungli

    Hey I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR DAY/NIGHT SCENES!

    It’s cool when I catch the desktop picture (“wallpaper”) fade from a day scene into a night scene. Very nice. Keep up the great work!

  9. Ralph

    I have 2 22 wide screens from dell running at 1680×1050. I wish you supported the resolution of 3360×1050.


    I had 111 DB pics and now i have 112! 112 YAAAAAY!!! 10 EASY! I like this much better than the day version. I don’t seem to like early morning or late afternoon pics! Blue + Green = MEGAMEGAMEGAMEGASUPERULTRABCDYNBSAVFDSZMEGAAWESUM!!!!!!


    my name stands for H****** the super ultimate mega master of mealworms everywhere

    H******* is my name and i will NOT post my name on the internet!

  12. horizstar

    There’s nothing I like better than your moonlight work.

  13. Nicholas

    This is a very nice image. I really love all your night scenes (I’m addicted to dark images) 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    If possible, can I make a suggestion regarding your mobile resolutions? Is it possible to add a few more? Sure, you have plenty already, but I would love to have some of your images as a background on my Touch HD, but none of the resolutions actually fit since it’s screen resolution is WVGA 480×800…

    Thanks 🙂

  14. Yanthor

    Ryan, I’m glad you worked on a new project when inspiration struck rather than get the dual screens out a few days earlier. Your willingness to follow inspiration is what makes your work so great! Meanwhile, I dream of a day when I can have similar flexibility with my job. Keep up the wonderful work!

  15. Michael!

    Thanks for the great picture!!! Also for the new resolution of 1680X1050 Widescreen

  16. Agnus

    Awesome image m8,one of the best in the site i think!Keep up the good work and add some more night themes:)

  17. Anna

    So glad to see you back!!!


  18. Daniel

    I am curious to see on how you will top this Phenomenal wallpaper.

    All of your wallpapers have been great over the years but this one is remarkable. If I didn’t know better I would swear I was looking at an actual photograph. It’s pictures like these that make me marvel at how beautiful the night sky really is.

  19. Gary

    Love this pic. The forground clouds seem a little to sharp-edged(?), though. However, I’m signed up for another year – Love your work!

  20. Mike


    As usual the work is fantastic. I do have a request and perhaps you will think it is a good idea.

    I have three monitors, and what I’d love is some of your fantastic water and moonlit effects where the setting is on a island, and I can see water all around me (all three monitors) with just a bit of sand.

    Take ‘first moonlight’ and delete the greenery and wrap the water around me, in other words.

    Thanks! Feel better!


  21. Chris

    Your work is consistently exceptional, but this one is amongst the best I’ve ever seen. The colors, reflection off the water, ambient lighting, The stars, the skyglow from the full moon.

    Needless to say, this image quickly found its way to the background of the various computers and systems around the house. Works great on the PS3, too!

    I’m glad you’re recovering well, and it appears you had some pent-up creativity to put to electrons make the wait worth it for all of us.


  22. Phllip D

    stunning work. You just get better and better at 3d art as time moves on…especially in Vue application.

    The waves is now better than your original version since you added more foamy like texture on the foreground waves. It is not perfect, but close enough. I am aware making waves without the aid of photoshop is challenging…

    Speaking of holiday wallpapers, how about valentines? Maybe a heart shape swimming pool with plants/vegetation surrounded it?

    I recently bought a new monitor and now have two monitors, but I have not tested out with dual walllpapers yet….I rather use your wallpapers for duals instead of my own Vue images due to rendering times too long for me, I dont have enought patience for it 🙂

  23. J.D.

    Love this one.

    Seems appropriate with the recent full moon on the 10th

  24. Walo

    to me it doesn’t matter if the moon was too bright or not, I like this image anyway. To me you have another success.

  25. Patrick


    The night scene variations are some of my absolute favorites, no question.

    Keep it up with the night scenes, and hope you’re feeling better!

  26. D.Carver

    That one word sums it up. Wow!

    Blue is cool….

  27. Joss

    Hey Ryan,

    I can’t comment on your latest post, so I’m doing so here.

    I’ve just tried to download the 3840 x 1024 version of FirstMoonlight, but the link sends me to an error page advising me that it does not exist on the server.

    Have I tried jumping too soon, or was there an error there?

    It would be much appreciated if I could use what looks like an amazing piece on my desktop!

    Thanks, Joss.

  28. Mike

    Wow!! This is beautiful! 🙂

  29. JK

    Strictly my personal preference but I would like to see night versions of EVERY thing posted on DB.

    Well done!


    Some guy who loves dark wallpapers

  30. JP

    This is an absolutely stunning piece–I love the night time view. Thank you so much for your great design work.

  31. Ingo

    that’s all i can think to say.

  32. hurtzDonut

    Take care!!

  33. Jon

    I thought the day version of this image was great, but the night version is even more impressive. The shoreline looks better in this image as well. The whole picture seems slightly nostalgic too.

    Congrats on another great image and a great start to 2009!

  34. dejerdejer

    I like this better than the day version. Both are great but the night gives the “suspect” shoreline a much better appearance!!

    Your work is so good. I like how our comments make a difference in your work. You really care about what the people that pay to use your site have to say. We all appreciate that!!

    Keep up the great work I will be upgrading to a lifetime membership in the near future. Now that I know your not dieing. 😉

    This pic is 9/10!

  35. Kody

    hey ryan this is a really great picture. i really like the way the water looks and the sky how it just captures the moment of serenity completely.

    i had read that you were trying to get used to the new water effects and the new structure of the program’s water feature and i was thinking that a play around remake of endless blue would help out with that because that specific picture had really great water in my opinion.

  36. Sly V.

    wow Ryan, wow . . .

  37. Daniel

    This is now my favorite wallpaper. You did an amazing job with the colors, and it gives you the feeling of being at the beach on the night of a full moon. This wallpaper is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see what you give us this year :D!

  38. Squirt

    This wallpaper is stunning. I love your work; it just makes me…happy! Thanks, and hope 2009 is great for you and your family.

  39. Matt

    The night version is where it is at!

  40. Steve

    I’ve had the day version as my wallpaper since it came out. But wow… Especially reading that you basically came up with this on a whim… Absolutely incredible. You never cease to amaze us with what you come up with! It makes me glad I’ve got my lifetime membership!

  41. Mengistuh


  42. Billy

    just curious, at night water level is higher, am i rite?

    as always, your works is GREAT!!

  43. Irim

    The day version was lovely, but…

    The night version rocks my socks off.

    More night versions please!!!!


  44. Terry

    Before I was always a fan of your landscapes, I’d go one step further now and say it is the night images I like the most. The colours of the clouds and how they have been illuminated is beautiful.

  45. Michael B.

    I thought the daylight version was just so-so… I probably wouldn’t have downloaded it. But I can’t wait for the multi-screen render of this one! I’m glad you decided to make it…

  46. Pat

    I never would’ve thought of a night time version for this one, but it’s really great. I agree with one of the comments that for a moon it’s too bright. I think a Tropical Moon kind of moon would also look awesome in this picture. I’m happy with this one though – even better than the first.

  47. Kyle

    I really like the new render of it. I vote change nothing, the moon is the best part.

  48. Adam

    I agree with a few others on here…Don’t change a thing. The brilliance of the moon is the best part!

  49. Scott

    I always prefer the night versions.

  50. Steve

    However, the moon is too bright. It just jumps out at me. If you can lower the luminescence of the moon, I think you’ve hit gold.

    My 2 cents


  51. littlemom

    I thought that the “First Light” wallpaper was beautiful, but “First Moonlight” is even more beautiful. Great job Ryan keep up the good work.

  52. Ryan

    I knew the moon would be controversial 😉 I was going for a blown-out look such as you would see in a night time photo where the camera shutter was left open a few seconds too long. Whether I was successful will be up to you, but the effect was intentional.

  53. Pete

    Ryan, this is beautiful. Talk about romantic.

    Hope the recovery is going well.


  54. DT


    I really like this one. I became a fan of your site, because of the space images. As such, nighttime scenery ranks a close second.

    Many blessings to you and your family for the year. Keep up the great work!

  55. John

    Actually to me it just looks like a blue glowing sun. But I actually think I prefer it this way in this image to a regular moon. Making things a bit different than normal sometimes is good in my book.

    Maybe this isn’t extremely realistic while the rest of the image is but who said a fantasy looking piece had to be completely and totally different than reality. Whats wrong with a mixture of the two to create a variation of the world we live in?

    Maybe he wasn’t even going for that but thats what I see in it and like it for that reason.

  56. Nicholas

    That is one sexy image. Your night scenes are the best Ryan!

  57. Paul

    Hi Ryan,

    I love this one just as much as the the other version! I agree with some of the others that the moon is too bright. If it were dulled enough, perhaps we could see its features.

    This scene reminds me of the iStockPhoto video clip… see this:

  58. Justin H.

    This makes me want to be on that beach so bad! It’s such a peaceful setting and I can imagine listening to the crickets chirp in the night as well as the ocean doing it’s tide along the beach…how I wish it was real so I could walk on it with my girlfriend. This is wonderful.

  59. David M.

    Wow this is awesome. As soon as I logged in and saw it, I was like – Wow I gotta have this one!

  60. Scott

    Wow Ryan the daylight version you made was beautiful, but this just makes my jaw drop, I love the fantastic moon, and in my opinion it makes the image so much better then a realistic moon would be in it’s place.

    I can’t wait for your next work of art, and i hope your getting better by the day 🙂



  61. Steve

    Ryan, you’re too good at this for anything NOT to be done intentionally. It’s up as my background on a few of my rigs. Thanks!


  62. Chris

    Thanks for the new pic!


  63. Abby

    This is my idea of heaven. Moonlight on a nice warm beach. It’s just breath taking. Keep up the awesome work!

  64. Josh

    The water certainly looks better than the last version for some reason. Maybe it’s the lighting. The sea foam is great. The only thing I question in this wallpaper is the intensity of the moon’s light. It almost looks like a distant white dwarf star or something with how bright it is, as opposed to a moon, which I believe was the intention.

    Someone made the point that these wallpapers don’t have to be realistic and that some are fantasy scenes, and I agree and acknowledge that point, but in this case, the entire scene seems very realistic and earth-based except for the peculiar use of light on the moon.

    People will debate whether art is to express a clear, specific idea or whether it just exists, without purpose, to make you think, or to be what you will make of it, but the moon light is just strange. Not sure what you were going for there.

  65. Adam


    This is simply amazing! The “day” version was good…This is spectacular! Please make a poster version!


  66. Lowtom

    Oh man! This SOOOOO reminds me of my moonlight walks on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii! LOVE IT!

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