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This is a very special image to me. I created it while recuperating from major abdominal surgery in early 2009 and in a way this represents my own personal phoenix.

I was re-reading George R.R. Martin’s “Clash of Kings” at the time and a blood-red comet figures prominently in the story. The cyclical, returning, nature of the comet really inspired me.

The comet was created and rendered in Apophysis and composed in Lightwave into a sky-spanning “planet” plate for Vue d’Esprit.

Updated 6/22/11: I’ve added a blood-red version of this image (for Ice and Fire fans) in the Pickle Jar!

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156 reviews for Harbinger

  1. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    This artwork brings to memory in our mountain valley the dominant color blue and shades of blue winter sky canopy on a clear day, snows, ice, and winter crystals on sleeping trees, pines and spruces.

  2. Bryan [basicmember]

    I like the red reflection off the vegetation. This is beautiful!

  3. Bryan [basicmember]

    I love the comet in the cool of night.

  4. Michael [basicmember]

    This is my all time favorite

  5. Shad

    Any way we will se a 4k ver of this wallpaper? 🙂

    Esp in blue? 🙂

  6. Shad

    Any way we will se a 4k ver of this wallpaper? 🙂

    Esp in blue? 🙂

  7. Ryan

    I moved the red version here so all of the resolutions should be available. Let me know if anything is missing!

  8. ~G~

    Are you planning on rendering an iPhone / iPhone 4 version 🙂

  9. Michelle P

    I’m a huge fan of the book and TV series too. I’m so excited to see how they make the second book into the series and book 5 will finally be coming out! Thanks for the lovely ASOIAF inspired wallpaper. I’d love to see more works inspired from the books.

  10. Jeremy

    Any chance of a green version?

  11. Mag

    I love the red, I love the scenery and the mountains in the background. Id also love to see a summer version of this, with the crystal clear river and greens leaves everywhere. That would be beautiful.

  12. Ryan

    Season one encompasses all of the first book. Now get watching! 😀

  13. kellzilla

    I have deliberately stayed away from the series because I haven’t finished reading the books yet. I’m about halfway through book 3. Is it safe to watch season one?

  14. Littlemom

    Absolutely beautiful. I really like this one.

  15. Matt

    Reminds me of the 1950’s War of the Worlds movie.

  16. Paul

    Tried the redharbinger13=5040.jpg but only part of the file shows up? Looks like a few others are also partial uploads?

  17. Garrett

    Awesome as always!!! Is there anyway you could render an iPhone 4 version???

  18. Randall

    Excellent! Thanks for doing this! I had a nerdgasm too watching Game of Thrones, which was excellent, and I’m just about to finish Clash of Kings. So thanks again, Ryan!

  19. Tim H

    Thanks Ryan, looks amazing on my iPhone !

  20. Anton

    i really love this new render, really cool man!

  21. Ross H.

    I love this, Ryan!

  22. Ryan

    I have a tech coming out to the house this afternoon to work on my Internet problem. I recommend holding off on the multiscreens for until I post that they are fixed. Sorry!

  23. Labanimal

    Hi, sofar 3×1080 & 3×5760 files are corrupt…

    Red’s not my color, but it makes sense for the scene – still one of my favorites!

  24. Ryan

    Check the “all resolutions” link on the Pickle Jar gallery page. For now it leads to a directory containing all of the files. The iPhone 4 file, specifically, is here.

  25. Ryan

    I uploaded the multiscreens this morning while (unbeknownst to me) my Internet was flickering on and off. I think a few of the files were scrambled. I’m going to reupload them now and hope for the best. Thanks for the heads up! Check back in 10-15 minutes and they should all be uploaded (durn country DSL…).

  26. Jeremy

    I LOVE the color!

  27. Eric C

    I opened the 4800X1200 Triscreen and it’s got a section that is over lapping. I looked at it one 2 different computers. Looks like the top was copied and pasted over the top with a slight off set. Ryan, you might want to double check some of your images. They don’t look right. Several of them look like a mishmash of the image. Not complaining, just an FYI.

  28. Eric C

    I opened the 4800X1200 Triscreen and it’s got a section that is over lapping. I looked at it one 2 different computers. Looks like the top was copied and pasted over the top with a slight off set.

  29. Tim H

    Hey Ryan I love the color. Can you add a iPhone 4 resolution? Thanks!

  30. Gregor

    Thank you for your quick response! I found the file!

  31. Ryan

    I need to update my Pickle Jar script to show all of the available resolutions. For now, I’ve added a simple “all resolutions” link that will take you to the Pickle Jar directory where all of the files can be accessed. They have the resolution as part of the file name so it should be easy to see what’s what. Hope this helps!

  32. Gregor

    Hey Ryan,

    is it possible to make a 1280×800 file for 13″ or similar sized laptop screens? I directly saved the 1920×1080 file for my external monitor, but it would be nice to see this wonderful picture on my laptop as well!

  33. SiccMade11

    I used to use interfacelift as my main source for bg’s but once i saw this pic i had to buy an account, ur work is flat out amazing, keep it up.

  34. SiccMade11

    I used to use interfacelift as my main source for bg’s but once i saw this pick i had to buy an account, ur work is flat out amazing, keep it up.

  35. Miguell026

    one of the most beautiful (night) wallpapers you have Ryan!

    amazing…. excellent work!

  36. Dave

    Oh man this one is just simply stunning. This may be my favorite night scene. The darkness and mixture of that deep blue makes me wish I could be in this scene so badly! It perfectly captures the wonder of staring up at a bright starry sky in the AM’s.

  37. lauralized

    You amaze me everytime. I LOVE your work. Gotta go look at all the other new art.

    Thanks for the beauty….

    Laura Vitale

  38. DBorders

    From the 2560×1024 version on down the list of links, there appears to more noise, the clouds seem to be different (not puffy, but layered from the viewing perspective), and it seems brighter. They seem to be completely different renders. Was this intentional?

    And sorry to hear about the illness. Wish you all the best on your recovery. Us Iowa Citians (current and former!) gotta watch out for each other. 😉

  39. J. Dugan

    After years of following your work and leaching the free gallery this image was a must have! I’m glad to support your talent Ryan and look forward to many more inspiring works such as this. Bravo sir!

  40. Aaronhd

    Hi: I have a close friend who has crones, about twelve years ago he had to have an extensive operation to correct it. But sense that time although he has to watch what he eats he has been trouble free. So hopefully this will follow the same path for you. Get better soon! As always I love the work you do.


  41. tclaybon

    I love this image – it just pops off the screen! I’ve loved other images but this one is just best of the best Ryan’s done, IMHO.

  42. Phillip D

    I am glad to hear you are getting better…speaking of weight, you said you lost 15 pounds in one week…wow that is a lot in one week, must be mostly fluid loss…

    I have lost 90 pounds last year on a 10-month diet. I was at 260 then went to 170. I went on a slow process by avoiding sugar, coke drinks and mcdonalds which I normally consume and switch over to vegetarian diet. I was having high blood pressure and some intestinal problems (no it is not crohns)…that alerted me to lose weight. After dieting, all blood test results as of today went back to normal…

    I do not know about your eating habits, but if you are not on a vegetarian diet or havent been, I do believe starting on that will help give some remissions to your condition over time .

  43. Ryan Somme

    My only critique is the excessive banding that is evident in the clouds. It is the only element that takes away from the “realism” of the picture.

    Great job, thanks for the years of desktop viewing pleasure. I hope you get back on your feet soon!

  44. Jenanne

    Since your post on 02/12/09 won’t accept comments for some reason, I’m posting here — get well soon!!! I’m so sorry to hear about your infection — those can take a lot of time to heal. I hope your doc is giving you Cipro or one of the other strong antibiotics to knock this out. So many of my friends and family have gotten post-surgery infections, I’m wondering if surgeons wash their hands anymore. Take it easy, come back to us strong and well!

    Jessie — many, many thanks for taking such good care of Ryan through all of this!

  45. Ryan

    I’ve fixed the link for the newest update comments, so feedback on the BlackBerry wallpapers can now be left there. Regarding the post-op infection: I infection basically involved an area of fluid buildup under the incision. The area was opened up, I was given antibiotics (including Cipro), and now we are just packing it with gauze 3 times daily allowing it to heal from the bottom up. It isn’t a pleasant procedure but Jessie (who was once squeamish about blood, etc) does a great job with it. It’s a slow process, and opening more of the incision on Wednesday was a definite setback. Hopefully there won’t be any need for further cutting (this stuff hurts!).As for the reason for the infection: Normally my surgeon would have had me take a “clean you out” laxative prior to the operation. I wasn’t able to take anything by mouth prior to the operation though (since my intestines were blocked) so I guess I wasn’t entirely clean when I was opened up. I actually went 1 week without any food or drink while I was in the hospital! I was 15 lbs. lighter when I got back home.

  46. Jenanne

    Hell of a way to lose weight! 😉

  47. kathryn

    You are awesome! I found your website by accident! Its one I sure didn’t mind making!

  48. Mandy


    I’ve been following your art since way back in the day when I first came across Trinity; which mind you, I’m 20 now so I had to be in my early teens then. I’ve never bought a membership before because even though you have absolutely gorgeous artwork, why should I pay when I can have other gorgeous pieces of yours for free, even if they aren’t my favorite ones? Well, you just burst that bubble for me. I saw Harbinger a couple days ago when you first posted it and ever since then I’ve been creeping back here when I’m supossedly doing homework just to stare at it. There’s something absolutley wonderful about about it (likewise with Summer Wood) and I just can’t put my finger on it. Anyways, this wasn’t meant to be a rant. Now that I’ve finally bought a membership, I’ll be following your artwork till the day you close down the site – which hopefully won’t be ever! Thanks so much for your beautiful artwork and I hope your recovery is going well! Cheers,


  49. Hybrid

    I definitely like how this piece of art really focuses your attention on the comet and provides a nice background as well. The clouds really add depth to the piece without taking away from it. I definitely like.

  50. drewshaver

    the horizontal one looks ok but the the vertical one is really visually offensive . 🙁

  51. Chris

    Hi Ryan,

    Now that you’ve started offering your images at 1440×900, is there any chance you could do the dual wide images at 2880×900? Since those of us on Windows need to tile the image across both screens, there’s no nice way to get the dual-screen images as our wallpapers.

    As I said before… I love this image, great job!


  52. John


    First of all, I’m sorry I got mad at you. But…you really shouldn’t make assumptions about people you do not know. To think that I am insensitive about Ryan’s condition is ludicrous! I like Ed, also suffer from Ulcerative Colitis (which is similar to Crohn’s Disease). I take asacol 3 times a day for the rest of my life for this chronic condition. At times it doesn’t seem to do much good. I’ve have had this condition ever since I was 35 (I’m 46 now) and maybe I’ve had 2 years where I had remission of it. I have to have a colonoscopy done every 2 years to check on it since I’m a high risk for developing colon cancer. I’ve been lucky I have not had to have a operation yet like Ryan has but I may have to one day, who knows? So yes, I believe I can relate to what Ryan has to go through. When I contracted this at 35, at first I thought “Why me!” (I use to think that I was in a minority with Ulcerative Colitis at the time, but now I find out it must be common place (at least going by all the commercials I see now about it). I did criticize Ryan’s last few works (which is just my opinion no one else’s) and if it was due to him being in so much pain, I’d rather see him take that time off so he could fully recover than to see his work suffer for it. (And don’t forget, I did praise him highly for this rendering!) The point I’m trying to make is just don’t make assumptions about anybody unless you know them. And like you, I’m a nobody as well…but I’d like to think I can still leave my opinion about something (along with my sense of humor if possible! LOL). At the end of the day, everybody just needs to lighten up, I sure even Ryan would agree with me on this point. This is the last I have to say on the subject. Peace!

  53. Delila

    Peace to you as well, John. Strange days, these are, and trying times ahead for us all. Harbinger — how appropriate. Ryan: good, bad or ugly, keep them coming. I think your works help many of us maintain sanity in an increasingly insane world. I wish everyone good ju-ju and the best of God’s blessings.

  54. Corbey

    I love Harbinger and put it on my desktop immediately.

    Only I wish it had a little, teeny, tiny person standing on the rocks, just to irritate all the critics around here! 😉

    May you continue to recover and feel better everyday! All the best to you.

  55. Kody

    one of my favs….

    absolutely amazing!

    glad to see that youre getting back on your feet. hope you keep getting better.

    and if by chance do you plan on making this an animated wall paper to replace the old harbringer animated wallpaper?

    i am among the few people that probably uses those and i was just curious…

    it would be amazing and it would give you some rest time so you can work with an idea that youve already created so you dont have to work so hard.

  56. TKo23

    Nice work. Low key, wide angle, monochromatic. Very moody. Should stay on my desktop for a while. Thanks!!!!

  57. Delila

    I’m sorry, but your comments just struck me as insensitive. “Gee, Ryan, I know you’ve been dealing with pain and misery for the last however-many months, but I expected you to overcome it and do your usual exceptional work anyway.” IMHO, it just didn’t sound very supportive. In retrospect I realize you probably didn’t mean it the way it sounded. And I’m nobody, just a steel magnolia who deeply appreciates whatever work Ryan is able to give us between his hospital trips, doctor visits and whatever else he needs to do to recover.

  58. wnmnkh

    It is nice one.


  59. Mark

    As I said before, great work, but it needs a 2009 folder!!

  60. Serafina

    I update my dual monitors each time you come up with something new, and I have to say – I LOVE this blue streak you’re on. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Glad you’re recovering! Heal quickly!



    Very nice, can you start do triple screen in 5760 x 1200 + split files.



  62. Mantaray

    This is one cool piece of art, i like the angels and vieuw of the creek, i think this one looks really stunning, cool bleu skies whit some awesome clouds, the combinations of the clouds and forrest mach verry well!!

  63. Joss

    Hey Ryan,

    Welcome back!

    I really like this version of ‘Harbinger’ although I must admit I’m a little disappointed with the Tri-Screen version. In the single screen they were fine and I realise it may be a limitation of the software, but in the Tri-screen rendering, it looks like the clouds have been produced using all of 3 colours!

    I’m not having a go at your art work, but…I would love to see them re-rendered so they have a tad more ‘realness’ about them.

    Thanks, and keep up the excellent work!

  64. Maneesh

    Welcome back and I hope you feel better. I really like harbinger, excellent lighting and very peaceful design. However, I was wondering if you have any designs for deep space, like a deep peaceful feeling in space where there is just the right amount of light and peace. Possibly, your idea of what it would be like to knock on the doors of heaven. I would love to see that.

  65. Dave L

    Not much to add to that, my first 10 of the year 🙂

  66. Ed

    I just wanted to say that I’m really glad you are recovering from your trip to the hospital. I have been an avid fan of your site now for a few years, but only recently (tonight) decided I would become a full on member. I’ve always loved your work and thought you deserved something in return, now that I finally have some expendable income to give you (college was a different story).

    Little did I expect to see the first several posts of your blog discuss your time spent in the hospital. “In and out of the hospital… hesitant to discuss the condition.. it couldn’t be…” but sure enough, I scrolled down and saw that you were a Chrons patient.

    While not quite the same, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back… well, almost 10 years ago now. It has been a huge part of my life ever since. I’m ‘flaring’ even now, unfortunately. I just wanted you to know that there are others there who can understand what you’ve been through, and will be there to support you through it all.

    I’m really glad I joined the site – I now have a beautiful wallpaper spanning my widescreens, but more importantly, feel as though I’ve found a kindred spirit.

    Get well soon.

    Kind Regards,


  67. Sly V.

    I don’t know Ryan. I think red would have been cool. I tend to like the warmer colors with the exception of green of course (my favorite color). Maybe this is why I like cosmos so much (btw you need to get that in print, I would really love that one). But in all honesty I think blue does work exceptionally well with this artwork. Great job. Glad to see you on the mend. I see from previous post your wife recently had a birthday. I hope she had fun despite your recent unfortune as of late. Its so great to see you recovering though. Remember though not too fast 😀

    PS: Its interesting to hear that you’re a FF fan. I haven’t gotten into Martin yet but I plan to. Currently reading Farling. Brooks is my favorite so far. You should send me an email of some recommendations. I’m always intrigued for a good read.

  68. Labanimal

    I’ve been checking daily for the tripple Wide version to appear on DB! I’m so looking forward to the Tripple Wide version!!!!!!! oh boy! Ryan, besides that, I’m SO eager to see what you’re doing next!!!! The last few wallpapers have really raised the bar on all your work!

  69. Nate

    I have a friend with Chrone’s – I don’t relish your situation. I hope you feel better and the operation is a success… in the meantime watch what you eat… gonna have to watch it when you’re all better too. Ugh, what a crappy disease. Well, I for one won’t get down on you if it delays any of your work. Best wishes to you and your family.

  70. Brett

    A brilliant reworking Ryan. An impressive labor through the pain you’ve been dealing with. I’m happy the recovery is steadily coming along.

  71. John

    From Delia:

    “And John, I’m sorry but that was just plain rude. I hope at least that you are a paying member.”

    All I can say is Huh? What are you talking about? I give an honest opinion about the last 4 or 5 renderings from Ryan, and you call that rude? Just who are you anyway? And yes, I am a paying member by the way!

  72. Chris

    Glad to hear your feeling better.

    I love Harbinger, will there be a day version 🙂

    Get well

  73. Alex W.

    Very nice! I’m looking forward to the dual-screen versions!

  74. Mercury

    Right up my alley: both attractive and interesting at the same time.

  75. Jenanne

    Well, after careful looking, I’ve decided no man and woman are there. I see comet light reflecting off the bank in the area mentioned; perhaps that’s what you’re seeing? Plus, I don’t see why Ryan would put people in this piece – no need to show scale, etc. But I’d love to hear other opinions on this.

  76. Marcel

    Your Pictures are wonderful and I love them a lot. I’m a member since around 2000 and I have always one of your pictures as a background pic for one of my Macs or PC’s.

    Thanks for the great art and all the best.

  77. John

    Well Ryan, I was starting to get worried about your quality of work lately, but judging by this artwork, it looks like you must be recovering well from your surgery! The last 4 or 5 renderings IMHO were lacking in detail and quality that I’ve come to expect from you (What can I say, you set the bar high from the start! LOL!). This piece is absolutely beautiful! Welcome back!

  78. John

    And yes, I immediately this this as my desktop pic! Great job!

  79. Pager

    I love this. It is now my backdrop 🙂

  80. Delila

    With a name like Harbinger one would think it might be a scary pic but it’s not at all. It is really way cool. Thanks. And I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    And John, I’m sorry but that was just plain rude. I hope at least that you are a paying member.

  81. alexM

    Well it looks like your ailment didn’t affect your ability to make incredible works of art. This is one of the best you’ve ever done, in my opinion. I’ve set it as the wallpaper for my laptop and my phone. Glad to see that you’re out and feeling well enough to work again. Hopefully your pain goes away soon and keep up the good work.

  82. Kim

    I’m very happy that you are getting better!

  83. Walo

    I’ve never seen a comet very close but this is really awesome.

    Happy to see you’re getting better Ryan.

  84. Howler8

    I’m really glad you’re getting better, and this wallpaper is incredible; I gave it a 10. But the one thing I don’t like is all the small little dotty clouds blocking the comets tail. I feel like they really detract from the image.

    Feel Better!

  85. anastasia

    Great job! Keep resting Ryan!

  86. Jan

    This looks really awesome. And compared to the original version it’s even more awesome.

  87. Marcel

    What a picture,no words for it, just fantastic, gladd to see you are doiing well.http://www.tws3d.com

  88. Dewey Heni

    All I can say is wow – I get tied up at work for a while and come back (finally!) to find you all beat up. And by doctors, no less. Sigh.

    No sacharine stuff here, just please get well guy. I don’t communicate much, I just show off your stuff and tell folks how brilliant I am to have found you years ago 🙂

    Please, be well, and let your family be first and foremost.

  89. Ward

    Rest! Its takes time for the guts to get fully working again.

    Thanks for the rework of Harbringer, as always a stealler job.


  90. Ingo

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  91. Rob

    Welcome back. Well worth the wait. More, please.

  92. Patrick C

    It’s great to see you back in commission and what a way to come back!

    A fine work of art (as usual) if I do say so myself. Hope you’re back to a pain free lifestyle soon.

  93. Brandon

    Knowing you like to hide things in your images, I’m surprised no one has seen or commented on this yet . . . then again, maybe it was unintentional.

    Who’s the woman on the bank of the river? Who is the man hovering over her to her left reaching for her? What is their purpose? They are slightly above and to the left of the “digitalblasphemy.com” in the lower right corner.

    Just shadows & light playing tricks – or Ryan at his best? You decide.

  94. Nick

    Seeing this new version of Harbinger made me smile. What a well executed return to work!

  95. Blurr

    What happened to the 1600×1200 resolution??

  96. Fumo

    It’s a great image, and I was looking forward to setting it as my wallpaper, but where did the 1600×1200 go? I hope this was just an oversight and not a migration away from those of us still using large 4:3 screens.

  97. Isaac

    It’s great to see you posting again, and I glad to hear that the recovery process is coming along!

    Thank you for bring art into our live while working through the pain in yours.

  98. Matt

    I absolutely love this one. This is easily in the top 3 of the last year. I really love the dark blue-toned night scenery pieces, and this is one of the best. I am glad you are starting to feel better. Great work on this one!

  99. Carlee

    A new desktop! Woohoo! I’m so glad that you’re feeling a bit better. Keep on mending!

  100. Art

    Glad you’re getting better. Hang in there!

  101. Kimmo

    It is good to hear you are getting better.

  102. Steve57

    First, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    Second, this is really magnificent; as others have noted, it’s well worth the wait — one of your best ever.

    Third, for something you’ve probably never heard before, have you considered doing a day scenery version of this? True, the comet would look a bit washed out, but it might be worth trying.

  103. PeterS

    It’s sure nice to have you back, and it looks great (ie it’s on my computer right now), but I do have to say, the clouds do look a bit off, maybe they need to be softened or something?

  104. Tardis

    Glad your on the road to recovery.

    Just wondered why the latest image doesn’t have a 1600 x 1200 version

  105. b0bb1ns

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better.

    I think the clouds look great as they are; the highlights around the edge of the mostly silhouetted clouds work really well.

  106. Terry

    Hey Ryan,

    glad you are starting to feel better and Happy birthday to Jessie. Really like this, the clouds were impressive in your last piece and I can see you are experimenting further here. Not really got any faults at all. Keep up the good work!

  107. Labanimal

    … 11!

  108. Travis

    I’m really happy to hear you are getting better. As always, your work is spectacular. Such a nice shade of blue…

  109. Onofrio

    No need to say, excellent image… I’m happy to know that you feel better and go on with your beautiful art!

    Best wishes.


  110. SCM

    Love it. Glad to have you back.

  111. Pete

    Hi Ryan

    This looks, great, but more important, it means you are doing better, and that is even greater.


  112. Craig

    What happened to the 1600×1200 size image?

  113. Phillip D

    This is no comparison to your 2001 version, I mean is this is so much better….I can tell version 2001 is from Worldbuilder ( in which as of last August, I dont use that program anymore myself)…

    Anyways, I just love the lighting here….I do have two monitors now so nice to see it in duals soon when you have it posted…

    It was nice to see how you are revising your earlier versions to newer versions becuase because new versions are in no comparision an improved version from the old version.

    Happy birthday to your wife and glad to hear you are well.

  114. A-Ron

    I was laid up similarly twice last year. Wishing you all the best for a speedy (and comfortably numb) recovery. 😉


    Washington DC

  115. Zee

    So glad to see you’re back and the update to Harbinger is absolutely beautiful. I’m also chuckling because of what you said about having some cool ideas while being on painkillers. LOL Too funny. I wish you continued recovery and want to thank you for blessing us with your vision.

  116. A Big Fan

    Glad to see you back in the saddle! This picture looks awesome, I can’t wait for a dual widescreen render to come out!

  117. Matt

    Glad to see you are feeling well enough to work on something new. Even if it isn’t a brand new image, it doesn’t matter. Great to have you back. Image looks fantastic.

  118. Adam V.

    It’s good to see you back in the saddle again! Keep feeling better and better! 🙂

  119. M.D.D

    I have been looking for a perfect desktop wallpaper to go with my personality and I think I found it, what a great finished product! Thanks!!

  120. William

    This is one of my favorites of all your pieces. I love the dark, dramatic mood; it’s really breathtaking! Some of the dark, shadowy objects in the foreground look a little cg, and the background cloud shading seems a bit too bright; but that doesn’t detract at all from the image. Wow!

  121. Linda

    Thanks for the new picture it is fabulous! But then I love all of your pictures and they just keep amazing me every time I check out what is new.

    I hope that you are able to get through this trying time and get yourself all healed up. Just don’t do anything too fast! That is the biggest mistake people make when they are recovering from an illness. Sounds like you have lots of positive energy coming your way though so that is good. And thank you for your honesty regarding your illness, I have MS and don’t always like to tell people that I have it. Many people that find out will judge me based on their sometimes limited knowledge about MS rather than seeing me as the person I really am. I don’t look like I have MS so people are shocked when they find out.

    I wish you all the best and look forward to enjoying my lifetime membership of beautiful imagery. You are a rare talent.


    Linda Villeneuve

  122. Tril

    10/10. One of your best ever.

  123. aerospeck

    I think this is one of your best ones yet!

    Also feel better 🙂

  124. Ryan

    Just a little nugget FYI: The idea for re-working “Harbinger” came from my currently re-reading “A Clash of Kings” by George R. R. Martin in which a blood-colored comet figures prominently in the story. I like blue better than red however…

  125. cmmnoble

    This is beautiful. Thank you! I hope your recovery is going well, and my thoughts are with you and your family.

  126. Liz

    Make sure to keep focusing on getting better FIRST, before working on wallpapers. 😉

    I, at least, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I enjoy your site regardless if I got 5 new wallpapers a year, or 25. I am always blown away by the quality of your images each year. I think the technology is finally catching up to your talent.

  127. Daniel

    Hi Ryan.

    First off, glad you’re on the mend after the surgery – hope you feel 100% again soon.

    I was a member of this site before (though it was a couple of years ago now). I decided not to renew my subscription back then, but I never forgot about digitalblasphemy, and kept checking in to see what you were up to.

    I’ve been thinking of re-joining for quite a while now (you’ve produced some really wonderful wallpapers: Lone Tree, Maya, Hidden Forces, Gold and Green to name just a few), and I just wanted to say that this amazing picture sealed the deal for me.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next, and feel better soon!

    All the best,

    Daniel Woods.

  128. Harbringer

    You definately do your best work in blue. Welcome back!

  129. Robert

    Don’t rush your recovery but I understand doing nothing can drive you crazy. Glad you are feeling well enough to post a new art piece.

    I gave it a 10 because you deserve a perfect score for your long illness and recovery.

    Great to see new work. Thanks


  130. Aeolwind

    I dig it! For some reason I feel sorry for the lonely cloud on the right….

  131. Adamantine

    Good to hear you are doing much better! This one is terrific, love the night scenes, especially the ones that invoke long winter nights looking at the Auroras Borealis

  132. Dave L

    Just like always 🙂 Welcome back, but PLEASE don’t rush your recovery… I’d rather wait a little longer and have you at 100% than rush things and come back at 80% and have issues down the road because of it. I am not going anywhere, I found your work in 1998 and have been with you for most all of your journey…

    Happy Birthday to Jessie, I hope that you take her some place nice when you are feeling a little better. I bet she does a great job in the background keeping all three of her boys happy and well taken care of 🙂

  133. rdeforest

    Your pieces have always been engaging and compelling in some way or another, but as your tools and skills have improved I’ve started to run out of ways to describe my appreciation adequately.

    But I must try.

    What is most fascinating in this picture is the mystery. Not just the story of the bright thing in the sky, but also the nature of the river valley the view point is in, whatever lies beyond the trees on the sides and the haze-shrouded mountains in the distance. Most of this image is suggestion. The only explicit elements are the light, the clouds and the trees, and even those are each obscured in some way.

    After getting my bearings in the scene I begin to wonder about the implied “viewer” in the scene. What were they doing on this river in the middle of the night when this thing happened overhead? Were they crossing the stream to hide their scent as they fled pursuers? Were they sneaking into enemy territory? There seems to have been no light other than the stars before this event, so whatever they were doing they did in darkness. Perhaps they were sleeping on a raft?

    Thank you for another stimulating scene, Ryan, and congratulations on your ongoing recovery and your wife’s birthday.

  134. serkan

    this whole scene forces my mind to feel a materialized fluid of sadness and solitude song of trees sing in the breeze of cold night as this silent song makes a contrast with the tearing passivity effect of comet’s lightining in the opeque blue sky.

  135. Carl

    Brilliant and outstanding! very good work. keep it up! 🙂

  136. Gary

    And good to see you are up and around again. Keep up the good work!!!

  137. John B

    It’s always nice to see where the inspiration for one of your works came from, and I must say I love “Harbinger” as much as I loved the series, which is quite a lot. Just don’t take as long with your next work as GRRM is 🙂

  138. Jon G

    I like it, very well done.

  139. Tyson

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Ryan strikes again!


  140. Chris

    Something about this image really works for me… i have no idea what it is, but it’s definitely my favorite wallpaper you’ve done recently.

    It looks great on my desktop, but it’s too dark for my blackberry. Is there any chance you could lighten the mobile resolutions up a bit? Thanks!


  141. Jenanne

    …your artwork is getting better and better! I gave Harbinger 2009 a 10 because it deserved it. As with all of your fans I’m so happy you’re on the mend and will make a full recovery. It’s great to see you back at your computer with a headful of new ideas. Harbinger 2009 is my new wallpaper, replacing At World’s Edge, Winter. I didn’t think I’d see an image I loved more than that wonderfully eerie tree so soon. Great work! Welcome back, Ryan!

  142. DMSaruman

    wow, I haven’t even seen this full screen and IT’S AWESOME!!!!!

    thank you for your time.

  143. Amanda


    I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. And I have to agree – blue looks awesome and I think the red would have been too angry-looking.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better – thanks to Jessie for keeping the art master well! And Happy Birthday!

  144. Will

    I have to say that I really like it. I like the ‘camera’ angle, and the trees the best. Something about feeling like I am an animal crossing the stream looking up at something amazing. I have to say I do love your night and dusk compositions the best.

    Great work and I am glad you are feeling better.

  145. Alvaro

    I think most people understand your situation. It’s OK. Hope you get better. Oh, and by the way, the new image is really nice. Thanks.

  146. EricS

    I too know about how long the road to recovery can truly be. I hope that your path is clear and as easy as can be possible.


  147. Chris

    Welcome back buddy. Been checking the site every day, eagerly awaiting good news, and a new wallpaper of course =)

    The wallpaper is awesome, but a tad too bright. I feel like I can barely look at it without it hurting my eyes. Something funky with the clouds in the middle as well, but whatever, it’s still an awesome wallpaper, and it’s already on my desktop!!

    Thanks again, and glad to see you back.


  148. Dave

    Glad you’re better

  149. Marlowe

    So happy that you’re getting better. Great wallpaper too!

  150. Hello

    I love the photo, and I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  151. Mark

    Jeepers, that is STUNNING! My literal fist thoughts were ‘that’s pretty cool!’ Great work on this one, awesome work on the lighting!

    Hope you’re feeling better, and Happy Birthday Jessie!!


  152. Tony

    This picture is amazing, I am glad to know you getting better. Don’t rush on our account, you update more than anyone could expect for the small yearly fee you charge.

  153. Braden

    This one looks great, can’t wait for the dual screen so I can put it up on my laptop (I’m docked 80% of the time with a second 1920×1200 screen).

    If only Vista had a way to use different wallpaper for different situations, so I could use the single-screen when undocked and the dual when docked. 😉

  154. Matt K.

    You know a picture is good when you see it and you’re instantly transported there in your mind. I love the colors, the setting, everything. Great work, Ryan.

  155. James

    always have loved your work, and so glad to hear you are doing better. Your art always manages to take me away to a dream and from my everyday grind. Thank you so much for that.

  156. Sean W

    This is AWESOME! Hell, the original is still pretty awesome, but this update is sweetness! I’m glad to hear you’re doing a little better. Keep taking it easy; give your body plenty of time to heal up. If anyone was itchy to get a new wallpaper, this ought to stave them off for a little while longer! ;-D

    Honestly, though, it looks like everyone is cool with letting you take time to recuperate, so please do. Again, great wallpaper, and it’s good to hear a positive update from you!


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