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Wallpaper À La Carte

Wallpaper À La Carte

The a la carte tool is intended for non-Members who which to purchase individual wallpapers. Members can use this tool if they wish to send images as gifts to friends and loved ones.

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4 reviews for Scape

  1. Ryan

    Of course the only reason I leave these old ones up is so people can get a sense of how I started out. I think this one was made before Photoshop even had layers 😉

  2. Lucid

    I find it interesting to look back on your old work, and see how far you have come. I can see a definite 4 layers on this piece, while your new work is too many to imagine. (vertices etc)

  3. Huh?


  4. Kreg [liferplus]

    Many of these images take me back to when I was in High School in the mid 1990’s. A time when I had just enough knowledge of computers to be mystified as to what was graphically possible. Images such as this remind me of that DOS era and exploring what my friends had on their PC, various software and games available at the mall, and wandering BBS’s late at night with my modem. I would not ask for a remake, but would love to see many of these re-rendered in a larger resolution. Do you still have original data for old images such as this? Is re-rendering even possible? My old DOS era PC would look great with some higher resolution versions of the 1997 gallery.

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