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10 reviews for Cosmogony

  1. Paul

    Because of my silly transparent terminals, I couldn’t really use it for my desktop. Too bright on the left.

  2. Paul

    This takes me back. For like two stubborn years I carried around my palm pre. I still miss it. This was my favorite wallpaper for it.

  3. Sam

    The perspective makes it feel like the planet is floating towards the light rather than just being in orbit (which is just boring)!

    Funny how the basic look has made it one of the best planetscapes i’ve seen here.

  4. k9burn

    I would love to see this background turn into a dreamscene for vista. Please oh please!

    Also, any chance you can make your dream scenes in 1920×1200 as well?

    Thank you!

  5. doc

    I’m a fan of planetscapes & ‘spacescapes’ (!), and this is one of my favs. I sometimes find in other planetscapes the planets are just too close and dominating to give me any sense of reality. For me, this one has the perspective right.

  6. Liz


    The planetscapes have always been my favorites – and this is no exception. It’s so calm, peaceful, and beautiful. It’s the quiet places where humans have not yet been; the secret beauty waiting to be discovered after we are alive.

  7. Bob

    I don’t get why this image is compelling or detailed. Maybe I just have the wrong monitor settings.

  8. Eric

    The contrasting brightness levels and the beautiful hues of blue make this image one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen. This image is perfect for my dual-screen setup!

    Thank you again for such masterpieces!

  9. Jamie N.

    … when I first saw this pic.

    “Stunning” is another one.

    I LOVE IT!!!

  10. Rankin

    This one is great.. amazing even.. but I love almost ALL of your planetscapes.. keep up the good work man!

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