Cosmic Dawn


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8 reviews for Cosmic Dawn

  1. sirmikon [lifer]

    My personal favorite and default background for wallpaper. The dark background is perfect for a desktop. The iconic sun behind a planet is a simple but striking image. I always use db wallpapers since i’ve been a member probably over 15 years ago. And since this image was created, it seems like I eventually come back to this. In fact, that’s why i’m here now. Switching from Seasonal Christmas wallpaper.

  2. Paul

    It’s subtle.

  3. shepard

    reminds me of mass effect. epic picture

  4. alexM

    This image could be really cool, but like 1/3 of the screen is just total blackness. I would enjoy it more if there was some detail on the planet.

  5. April

    So often your artwork is very busy. There always seems to be something to look at. What I enjoy about this wallpaper is the simplicity and serenity of it. And, as always, the fantasy…

  6. Dan

    Perhaps my favorite image you have ever done!

  7. Richard

    A beautiful and grand creation of a cosmic sunrise…I wish I could see one. Perhaps another spacescape sometime soon?

  8. Bob

    looks a little too simplistic. detail of image doesn’t come through.

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