Canopy Creek (Winter)


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The daytime winter version of “Canopy Creek”. It turned out a little too bright for my tastes so I also offer a night version which is a bit darker. Both are a little on the creepy side to be honest.

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140 reviews for Canopy Creek (Winter)

  1. Avocet [nonmonthly]

    Nice! I love the snowy landscapes. The Ice Kokopelli is an added bonus!

  2. Mario [basicmember]

    Chilly! Don’t get caught in this snowstorm! Those trees don’t look too healthy either. Good rendition!

  3. Stargazer

    Oh My Gosh!!! Why have I not seen this one before? This is beautiful.

  4. Kobrin

    … this one as my current Desktop wallpaper … this’s winter’s first snow over here.

  5. jmpond

    Being raised in the NH White Mtns., I love this winter scene above all. Beatyiful rendition..

  6. Fabio

    I really hate to talk bad about any of your images.. but this one is just too creepy and weird, i would never put this on my background display, on the other hand you have made just some breath taking art pieces.. that are price-less.. but this one is not one of them.

  7. Narg

    Oh, I guess I should have commented on the picture. 😉

    I love the Canopy Creek set for my dual monitors. The only suggestion I have on the Winter version is the snow flakes look a little too fake (for lack of a better word) The Summer and Fall ones are perfect though (need a spring version 😉 )

    One other note to Dave, you can also do an easier method to switching the monitors. In the display properties, grab one monitor and move it to the other side. It will snap in place, then change which one is the “primary” monitor. That fix works too, but may get swapped back if an update to Windows or a driver update resets the config.

  8. Narg

    Dave, The problem you see is in the virtualization of the monitors via the driver in Windows. First, try to physically reverse the monitor plugs on your video card. Be sure to plug in your primary monitor first. This is usually the root of the problem. Sometimes if you plug in the secondary first, the video driver/card assumes that is your primary, but Windows knows it’s your secondary. This leads to flipped backdrops, etc etc. Also, be sure to update to the latest video drivers.

  9. Ryan

    I’ve tried both the dropdown and the links in the dualscreen gallery and I am not seeing a problem. Can you elaborate on the error for me?

  10. Brian

    I beleive there is some sizing issue with the 2560 X 1024 (dualscreen) version. Please take a look.

  11. Ryan

    Thanks for that!

  12. Kari

    The new zip file for 2560×1440 sized wallpapers is erroneously linked to the 2560×1600 sized one. Just to let you know.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  13. Dave

    I thought I would share a program I wrote last week. I’ve recently started using a dual monitor setup at work, where the secondary monitor is on the left (and I am unable to switch them). The problem with that is your multi-screens are always designed to have the secondary on the right, which means that each half of the image is on the wrong monitor. As you have over 140 dual screen renders, there was no way I was going to fix them all manually. So I wrote a program to do it. It’s called DualMonitorWallpaperSwapper (terrible, I know… I’m no good at naming programs). It’s a simple command-line program that takes each half of the given image and swaps it. You can easily process a whole directory of images with it. You can get it from here:

    There is probably some really obvious fix for this, like some setting in Windows or something – I don’t know. But I wrote a program to do it because that’s what immediately came to mind when I discovered the problem 🙂

  14. Will

    The 2560×1024 version also has the double watermark.

    Otherwise this looks great, and I’m really hoping you give us a dual-screen of the night version.

  15. Blake

    The new renders are looking great. How about finishing the multiscreens for Prismatic Pool. Been waiting for that for quite some time.

  16. Ryan

    Don’t know what to say. Was having a rough day yesterday. I’ve reposted the 3200 x 1200 files this morning. Sorry about all this!

  17. Alejandro

    The 3200×1200 image is double-watermarked, though gorgeous besides that.

    Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

  18. Steve

    Making a request for something warm as it gets colder and darker here in the northeast. (And the rest of the country for that matter).

    Keep doing what you do. Your work is inspiring!

  19. Ryan

    Reuploaded the 2×2560 and the 2×3840. Had some photoshop action weirdness in the originals. My apologies!

  20. ChrisSpera

    you did a great job with these, Ryan. Keep up the good work!

    Glad it seems you’re feeling a bit better. Hope that trend continues as well.

    Maybe you can do a space/planet scape next?? Or perhaps something new for Christmas..?

  21. Brian

    I hate to add to the list, but you can’t even see the river in the dual wide screen version. Make sure to give that one a look.

  22. JK

    Something went wrong with the dualscreens from my POV. Extremely white and it appears there are corruptions where I see double tree trunks etc.

    3×3840 and 3×7860 appear ok oddly enough…

  23. Greg in KC


    I know you said you posted a version of the dual-screen (2560 x 1024) with the proper framing, but I just downloaded it, and it’s all skewed off to the right like Jason B mentioned… I’d enjoy seeing this one with the “canopy” being a little more in the center of the screen.

    Sorry for the nit-pick. Other than that, great work as always!

    Greg in KC

  24. travis

    i think you forgot to give a winter advisory before posting the dual widescreen. It looks like a white out has hit the creek and no one can see a thing!

  25. Ben

    the dual wide screen file doesn’t look the same….

  26. chris

    i’m aware a lot’s going on in ur life….but needed to mention this. that over the last 4-5 years ur renders have been mostly similar, such as certain landscape angles, mountains, trees, water, planet in the sky, etc….

    it would be nice to see some new stuff that’s different from the same stuff that’s been posted in these years, looking over at older wallpaper of yours shows more ‘creativity’, ‘imagination’, etc. maybe space-scapes of ships/vessels ? perhaps some stone castle close-ups from interesting points of view ? a dungeon, etc….you know what i mean.

    i am not trying to insult you here, but as a customer that’s paid for lifetime, as well as many others, it’d be cool to see *new* ideas. otherwise there isn’t much value to the money i’m paying for rehashes of previously imagined and rendered wallpapers.

  27. Ryan

    I’ve posted a new version of this file with the proper framing. Thanks for the heads up!

  28. Jason B

    On your 2560×1024 dual screen, you cropped it so that the creek is all on the right screen, it’s different from all the other versions and kinda takes away from the “Canopy” of the trees that grow on both sides.

  29. Randy

    I like the winter night. Makes me wonder how spooky the Autumn Night scene would have looked.

  30. robk64

    Ryan, is there a hidden animal or other special “something” hidden in Canopy Creek?

  31. The Zen

    Thanks for all the beautiful art Ryan. I hate to criticize or comment at all as I always believed that artists’ works should be appreciated on the level of self expression, so deepest apologies for this post. I’ve always had a fascination with snowy nights. Would it be possible to add a snowy version to the night render?

  32. Patrick

    I’m excited to see the night render with the falling snow. I’ve been awaiting the first snow of the winter here and to my dismay the beautiful show is holding out on me. Fortunately I have DB to recreate it for me.

    Keep up the great work!

  33. Pete

    I love the night version for just the reason you mentioned. The icons.

  34. Robert

    I liked the snow in the daytime version; the nighttime one is pretty stark without the snow.

  35. Matt Beyer

    I didn’t find it particularly hard to find icons with the daytime version, and I love the snow in the air. If you’re going to make a dual-screen version, please use the daytime version!

  36. Gino

    First, I really like have different versions of the same scene. The winter is especially nice. I prefer the daytime version, although night is good also. I have few icons on my desktop and no trouble seeing them against the daytime version.

    Wonderful work!

  37. Thomas

    Any plans to support the 960×854 Droid screen?

  38. The Guru

    The daytime version I thought was good, but not exceptional. The edges on the trees seemed a little too sharp to be real but with the night time one, I was amazed. The lower light softened everything up and seemed a lot more real to me. Night is my favourite of the two, hands down. Good work!

  39. Jeni

    I’ve loved your stuff for the longest time and the canopy creek images are the ones that finally made me break down and go for the wallet 🙂

    As far as the night vs. the day versions of this one – it’s amazing how a change of light can really change a mood.

    The day version is serene; I can imagine the muffled silence that is unique to a snow fall. Over all, the image is deeply peaceful and conjures up happy thoughts of a world coated in a pristine blanket of snow.

    The night version however… It’s the dark, cloudless, moonless, January night deep in the heart of winter. Cold and merciless. The air cuts your lungs and catches in your throat. Beautiful yet truly deadly.

    I like them both, they make me think.

  40. Bulldoggie

    Honestly, I like the night version better, but that’s just because I AM a nite owl….. (Been working the graveyard shift for a few years now, and have gotten used to sleeping during the day…) Possibly have even developed a sesitivity to bright light…

  41. Chris B

    Day & Night versions usually both make it into the main gallery don’t they?

  42. scott wray

    would love to sport some of your new stuff ryan but youre not releasing dual screen verisons..whats up man?

  43. Jenanne

    Night version rating is currently 8.26, while day version is 8.07 (now, anyway). Sounds like both are winners, with night edging out day. For me, I love both, but like the day version a *bit* better. Great work, Ryan — I hope you feel better soon!!

    Ryan said, “The comments suggest that people prefer the night version, but the ratings suggest the opposite. Perhaps folks are more apt to share negative sentiment through the ratings system rather than writing something out?”

  44. JK

    I second the request for multimonitor versions of the night time picklejar version!

  45. MJPollard

    I like both the day and night versions, but my preference leans towards the day version (because you can see more detail). I get a cold chill, and an urge to sit down in front of a warm, cozy fire with a mug of hot cocoa, every time I look at it. For a picture to evoke such a powerful feeling, it’s gotta be good!

  46. Dragonmaw

    I absolutely love the dark version of the Winter Canopy Creek. Probably one of my favorites to date, and I have been an avid supporter of your’s for many years now.


  47. Marlowe

    I prefer the day version definitely. The darker one loses a bit of the detail I find. they’re both really good though.

  48. Larawen

    I really do enjoy the night version much more than the day. Even if you do not decided to put the night version in your gallery, could you add dual monitor resolutions to the picklejar?

  49. M

    It’s very well done but I can’t help feeling it looks a bit bleak. It looks like a cold and lonely place and is sort of depressing. Maybe it’s because there is no little sign of life in the scene, not even a small bird or deer. I did like how the water looks and how there is grass peeking through the snow at the banks along the edges of the water.

  50. Ari

    I keep virtually nothing on my desktop, so I can’t weigh in on that angle. That said, the nighttime version is more appealing. It feels very peaceful.

  51. robk64

    Looks good. Works well. Thanks, Ryan.

    Keep up the good work and hope you feel better.

  52. Eloise

    I love both of them! The cold is palpable in the daytime one, and someone said the night one is so silent. I’m going to have to switch between them daily.

    Please do take it easy and heal up. Remember to enjoy your family. 🙂

  53. JBumgarner

    I agree with the earlier comment – Windows 7 allows for auto swapping backgrounds. I have mine set to swap every 12 hours @ 06:00 and 18:00. Day and night. Works for me.

    No icon issues for me, I enjoy them both.

    I can “feel” the cold with the daytime version, and I can almost hear the silence for the night version. Excellant work on both.

  54. John

    Yes, I agree that the night version is very creepy. Of course, you could add Christmas lights, but the trees are a bit to scraggly. Also, there isn’t much space for santa or a huge christmas tree, but that is fine, seeing as this was originally a summer picture. I’m still glad you posted it 🙂

  55. lionpants

    I love the night version! Any chance of getting a 1680 x 1050 version? 🙂

  56. DaveL

    I agree with who ever it was who said that you could just feel the cold from the day version… Small sacrifce to make looking for a specific icon on my desktop 🙂

  57. Travis

    Love the night version. Any chance of getting it at 360×480 for the BB Storm? The iPhone one just doesn’t look right on it.


  58. John

    Not only is it nice being able to see the icons clearly, but I like the night version better in and of itself (though I do like both). currently ratings are within .05 of each other, but I imagine all the flux is thanks to not very many ratings as of yet to form a base.

  59. CPinTX

    Nice job on both of these… my favorite is the night version. Sort of Winter + Halloween spooky.


  60. dujeon

    I love both, the night version maybe shading it just but by a very small margin

  61. YBNorml

    Thanks for the night version… Less strain on the eyes, and kinda goes well off with Halloween just passed

  62. Jon

    I love the night version, keeping my fingers crossed for a dual-widescreen version. The day version was a little bit too bright for me.

  63. Bulldoggie

    Ahh, reminds me of home….

    Hope you start to feel better soon, you’re in my prayers.

    Personally, I’d like to see more animations, but don’t push yourself too hard…

  64. Kyle

    I love the night version, is there anyway to get more widescreen version of it? I would love to get a 1440×900 version of it.

  65. MR

    Not big on desktop icons anyway, but the night view actually looks sharper to me. The day view seems fuzzy and, yes, sometimes uncomfortably bright. Perhaps that’s just the snowfall in progress, or maybe it’s just my eyes. Either way there’s no bad choice here.

  66. Jason

    Day version looks much better in my opinion, though the night isn’t bad.

  67. Steve

    Since I tend to prefer your work with darker backgrounds, I really prefer the Canopy Creek (night version). The brighter desktops are hard on my eyes and since I tend to set at a computer for 10+ hours a day, I really needs things that put less strain on my eyes. I’ve found that the bright backgrounds (while beautiful) do cause me eyestrain.

  68. Richard

    There are very few night versions that I prefer to a day time version.

    I agree that most of your night versions are every bit as impressive as the day time versions (temple of the leaf), however I have found that on the whole night versions only work if there is lighting in the scene. It doesn#t matter if it is street lights lighting a path or a moon reflecting off of a lake – it adds a bit more complexity to the scene which I prefer.

  69. Wraith

    Personally I like about 99% of everything here. I’m preferential to the day version because I use a dock and it just looks better to me. Night’s a good addition too though. =)

  70. Simon

    The night version is best! (:

  71. Chris B

    The Day version just gives you chills looking at it. The cold seems to just come out of the screen at you.

    The Night version also gives you chills but more because of the creepy factor than the cold. almost surprised there aren’t a trio of your wolves in it lol.

    I like the day version better as a picture, but the nigh version works better as a wallpaper because the day version is bright (as it should be with the sun reflecting off the snow) and it is difficult to see the icons.

    Could explain the ratings vs comments.

  72. Ryan

    The comments suggest that people prefer the night version, but the ratings suggest the opposite.Perhaps folks are more apt to share negative sentiment through the ratings system rather than writing something out?

  73. JohnB

    I like both, with the night version winning by a small margin. I’m waiting for the multi-monitor renders since all of my PCs now have 2 or 3 monitors 🙂

  74. Bobby

    The night version is amazing. . . What’s even cooler is in windows you can select multiple pictures for a background. Selecting these 2 and having them transition between each other is amazing. My only catch is that there is no 1440×900 Night version in the pickle jar so the digital blasphemy water mark doesn’t match up after I resize the 1920 version. I can’t wait to see the multiple monitor day and night versions. AWESOME work Ryan.

  75. celmendo

    I agree the night version is kind of creepy. I really like it but I prefer the day version.

  76. William

    Your first winter approach to the Canopy Creek was bright and intriguing, but to me the night winter version is far more captivating. I do think the night version should replace the day version in the main gallery (though the day version is not to be slighted by any means). The dark, silver-lined trees have that unblemished, almost other-worldly feel that’s so fun to see in your wallpapers.

    Take it easy with the Crohn’s. Don’t hurt yourself trying to generate new images too quickly. I believe our membership fees have already been payed back quite well with the images you’ve produced so far! 🙂

  77. Jesse

    I like the night version better. I think the day version is beautiful but as far as being a viable background, I had to take it off my screen because I couldn’t see my icons very well. The night version works perfectly as a background and is a very cool picture.

  78. Ardith

    I really like both versions. Would you consider putting in snowflakes on the night version, just like the day version? It might add a nice touch, and break it up a little.

  79. Heather S.

    The night version is kind of creepy. Add a little extra Halloween flare, and it would be the perfect Halloween picture.

  80. dejerdejer

    The night time scene is way better. This should be the gallery version.

  81. Sue

    1) I can’t tell you how much I admire your strength in both dealing with Crohn’s, and in telling us (total strangers) what’s actually going on.

    2) Never apologize for taking the necessary time for yourself in dealing with your health… you’re most definitely worth it, no apologies needed.

    3) As someone who’s got UC, #1 resonates even more with me than it does to the average person.

    Be well, and take good care of yourself and your family first.


  82. Jason B

    I LOVE the night version, i rated it higher than the day winter version, but I think they should both have a place in the gallery, not only because they are both breathtaking, but I want the widescreen and dual-screen resolutions of both.

  83. Steve

    Fantastically creepy. I think you should flip them.

  84. C Morgan

    Ryan, without getting into too much detail here but if you ever listen to podcasts, find the episode “Parasites” from WNYC’s Radio Lab. May be of interest to you.

  85. scott wray

    would love to enjoy this background too! any idea on a dual screen verison?

  86. Alexandra

    I love this seasonal series! It’s beautiful and so evocative of nature’s rhythms. I love the shadows on the tree trunks.

  87. NikB

    Great picture again, Ryan.

    However (sorry to nitpick) shouldn’t the reflection of the sky on the water be white rather than blue? Then it would match the colour around the corresponding trees in the image.

  88. Ian

    While I hate the season of winter, this picture is very beautiful. Yet another well-done production!

  89. Andrew

    Hope you get better soon. Can’t wait to see what artworks will come in the future. Let’s just hope it dosen’t effect your creative ability! lol

    Nice job. With this one. Very chilling!

  90. YBNorml

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but the wallpaper is too bright and I don’t see my desktop icons very well…

  91. susanfrank

    i do love winter scenes, i really like your canopy series i love the autunm creek and also redand gold and green and gold very beautiful,, i would like a little more color in the winter canopy also i would really love a wallpaper winter scene with trees and mountains with animation of falling snow is this a possibility for the future? sorry i missed the re-up special i do appreciate your talent shalom my friend

  92. Rachel

    This picture is awesome!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  93. Miguell026

    awesome picture!

    a white paradise indeed!

    Relax Ryan!

    take a rest and get well really soon!

  94. Rick S


    Just get better, no matter how much time it takes away from the site and your work. If you go down hard, there will be no site, so I think everyone will understand if you take some time to concentrate on your illness.

    I’ve been a loyal subscriber for years now, and I’ve come to admire your hard work, exceptional art and your devotion to your fans, but I think a little time off here and there may do wonders for you.

    Focus on yourself and the family for awhile…..

    Best wishes,

    Rick S.

  95. MR

    Re: Moto Droid

    It’s not actually that simple. The Droid will take any image you give it and offer you a crop box to choose what square (yes, square!) section to use regardless of the image’s size. I played with images from 1440×900 to 320×320 and got the same result each time.

    I got the best results using abstracts with no dominating focal point, starting with a desktop-sized image and enlarging the crop box to its maximum so the detail would remain sharp. Haiku also works well because the leaf is relatively small.

  96. dujeon

    Thank you for continuing to put out brilliant work through your illness, hope you are feeling better soon and the side effects won’t be too bad – canopy creek winter is fantastic

  97. Michelle

    Lovely work Ryan!

    How kind of you to even offer such a thing with all that you are going through.

    I agree with everyone else here who said that you need to put yourself and your health before everything else.

    I would just tuck your family in there too, that they come before anything else!

    Really hope that the medicine will mean less surgeries and pain for you!

  98. Aaron M

    Ryan, hope you feel better soon.

    P.S. The latest version of Canopy Creek is just beautiful.

  99. Dan

    Check that, the real resolution for the new Motorola Droid phone is 960×854 because it is spread across 3 different scrollable home screens. If this is possible to add to the “Mobile Resolutions” folder that would so awesome!

  100. Dan

    I love the winter version! As always awesome work, you never disappoint!

    I know this may be a bad time to make request, but I just got the new Motorola Google Android Phone and I was wondering if it’s possible to add that resolution to your list of “Mobile Wallpapers”?

    It’s an odd resolution so I understand if it doesn’t work. It’s 854×480, just a little wider than the G1 size.

  101. littlemom

    Awesomely Beautiful!!!!! Great work Ryan. The snow is so realistic and beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  102. Mark

    Ryan, your work keeps getting better & better. Your canopy creek series is flawless. Canopy creek (winter), specifically, is one of your best works of all-time.

    PS I’m praying for your health, bro. Hang in there.

  103. lilbas

    I love this – snowflakes, icy pond, tangle of frost-kissed trees – crisp, cold air – reminds me of a favorite childhood haunt – thank you so much! (Keep well, Ryan).

  104. Tianuchka

    I like this one as musch as all the Canopy Creek works. Thank You very much for this artwork – it’s a masterpiece!!!

  105. Chris

    One thing I have loved about this Canopy Creek series is that it really speaks to those who look at it. Just looking at this makes me feel cold. Your winter pictures don’t seem to score as high as your others, but your series would be incomplete without them. Well done I will be using this as my winter theme Desktop after Christmas 🙂 That is of course unless you post something better 😉

  106. Overdrive

    I recently got myself a 30″ widescreen and i wouldn’t have made such an expensive buy if it wasn’t for your great wallpapers. And i’m not disappointed, on the contrary: the 2560×1600 wallpapers are absolutely stunning and have significant more detail! Canopy Creek winter is no exception ( 9* ).

    Keep up your superb artwork!

  107. John

    Will you be making a Christmas version of this? I can already imagine these trees all lit up at night.

  108. John

    I just moved to New York City from Salt Lake City, Utah last year, and my backyard in Utah used to look almost exactly like this in the winter. I really needed this 🙂 Thank you, and get well soon! I’m looking forward to some more winter scenes, especially the Christmas ones!

  109. Wappa

    Good to hear you are doing better, despite the difficulties!

    This latest wallpaper makes me shiver! 😛

    I love winter but I hate it with the same breath, heh.

    Good luck and God Bless!


  110. Kenny J

    Not really on topic here, but I just wanted to wish you well on your recovery from recent (or not so) illness setback. I was a little suspicious on that being the case when I hadn’t gotten any e-mail updates for a bit. Godspeed on your recovery and to your care givers finding a more long term relief from your ongoing symptoms and subsequent dis-comfort. Thanks for the new render, although it bodes ominous signs of the coming months. Take care. KJ

  111. Greg

    Remind you of the unfortunate comment made by another member a few months ago about it “…all working out in the end…”

    Oops. 😉

    Keep up the AWESOME work and take your time getting better!

  112. mister Gii

    Your health has to come first…

  113. Nate F

    i like the water in this one, a little ice, and a really cold looking stream. not too sure about the currently falling snow though.

    i find it very interesting that you mention your move back to Illinois as influencing your artwork. it makes sense, but i had never thought of something like that making such a difference before.

  114. Alex

    This is a great scene you’ve got here. I find it amazing how fresh the same scene can look in a different season. I’m having a very hard time deciding which one I like best…

    I would also love to see a Christmas version of this one!

  115. Chris

    This render is beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing. Great job Ryan, and hope you feel better.

  116. Dude

    This is beautiful my friend, you have an artist’s vision that I believe resonates within all of us. You have a way of connecting everyone with a memory or feeling or moment that can relate us to your pieces…When I see this, it takes me back to my childhood when I used to just sit in the snow and watch it fall for hours…Thank you Ryan and keep being what makes you happy.

  117. Mike

    I’ve been a subscriber many years to your work and it hasn’t let up in quality at all.

    Keep fighting and keep up the good work!

    Many blessings to you and your family.

  118. JK


  119. Jason

    Best version of this wallpaper by far imho…

    Can’t wait for the multi-screen renders! 😀

  120. Valwit

    i was expecting a winter version, but this is sooooo good, i can’t get enough 🙂

  121. Troy

    Canopy Winter is beautiful! Here in Nebraska it’s November and 70 degrees but this picture, somehow, makes me want to be there. Is there any way this image can be recreated into reality? 🙂 I know, wait a month and it will be.

    Thanks for the awesome image.


  122. James


  123. lindepg

    I can actually get lost in this one, youngster. Absolutely beautiful. Take care of yourself.

  124. Chris B

    I love the seasons too, and ironically this morning was the first day we had real snow & Ice… So Ryan I am holding you personally responsible! 😉

    This pic just looks cold! I like it, it’s very realistic, and you can tell it’s early winter because the water isn’t frozen over yet.

    Sorry to hear about another surgery.

  125. Travis

    Great looking image, Ryan!

    Good luck with your visits to the doctor and your huge decision. I hope all goes well.


  126. FlareHeart


    I greatly enjoy this winter version! Thanks!

    I also want you to know that I am rooting for you and hope that you feel better soon. I have a close friend who is also fighting Crohn’s, so I have some inkling of what you are going through and I hope things work out for you.


  127. Jeff K

    I like that the level of the stream is lower which exposes the banks which you nicely covered in snow. Could use a deer somewhere in the pic.

  128. b0bb1ns

    I think this is the best variant of this picture. Excellent stuff

  129. Bill

    Wow.. that’s awesome. Great job!

  130. Kyle

    Been waiting for a good winter paper from you, really hit this one on the head.

  131. Getwired

    I love the crispness of the snow in the foreground. A favorite already, Ryan! 😉

  132. Josh

    Though I don’t think many of us are quite ready for snowscapes, I love snow and really like this wallpaper. I love having different versions of the same thing. Maybe it’s the collector in me. Now that we’ve got 3 realistic versions of this scene, I would love to see some crazy fantasy version with a glowing stream, some fireflies, I don’t know what. Something wild ala Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  133. Nelson

    The picture is up without a blog post? Or has something gone wrong in my PC? 🙂

    But BTT:

    I admire how many different aspects you can create out of one scenery! Well done, though personally I like the autumn version better.

  134. Ryan

    Not sure I could have made these if I hadn’t moved back to Illinois. If we’d stayed in California I’m sure my artwork would be very different. More desert scenery I imagine.I’ve decided that I was not made to live in the desert. I enjoy my seasons too much.

  135. Jason B

    Only a fellow northerner can create such realistic fall and winter images.

  136. Dan

    Well worth the wait, thank you for another stunning wallpaper!

  137. Brian

    Like others have said, this is a really good wintry wallpaper. Definitely one of your best winter wallpapers to date IMO.

  138. Wraith

    Yay winter version!

    Also hope you get well and stay well Ryan. =)

  139. Marlowe

    This is probably one of my new favourites! The textures are amazing, wow. Also, best wishes for your health Ryan!

  140. Mark

    I love both versions…but I absolutely love the night version!!

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