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These tree models were created in Plant Factory to add to “Ethos (Autumn)“. I put together this simple scene to test out how they look “close up” and figured it looked interesting enough to post in the gallery. You can’t have too many Autumn wallpapers right? 🙂

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Autumnal Dual

25 reviews for Autumnal

  1. JustinL [nonmonthly]

    This is great for the cooler months, the picture actually has a warmth to it. Love looking at this on my desktop!

  2. Ryan

    Would you believe that is completely random. Wow, just noticed it myself…

  3. Maureen [basicmember]

    Thanks, Uncle Gumby. Now I can’t look at this without thinking of Pennywise. 🙂

  4. John Kaufman [nonmonthly]

    I’m finally a member after years of downloading the freebies and looking with jealousy at the others. Your sense of detail, exquisite color pallet, perfect compositional balance and diverse choices of subject combine to create some of the finest and most emotionally moving art I’ve had the pleasure to view.

  5. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    Nice place, well done but honestly, I prefer the night version…has a wow factor this day shot doesn’t. Hard to put a finger on but likely the contrast difference puts the night one over the top. Doesn’t make this any less of a place one would desire to see….

  6. Mark A. [liferplus]

    thanks, uncle gumby. I didn’t see that until you mentioned it. Now, I can’t unsee it.

  7. Unclegumby [lifer]

    Is there supposed to be a clown type face in the fog on

    the front tree on the left? Otherwise, I love the autumn


  8. Afya [lifer]

    This is beautiful, will the lower-resolution multiscreens also be added?

  9. Laura [liferplus]

    Gorgeous. Can’t get enough of the seasonals. I’m always so excited when I see a new one pop up.

  10. wildthotz [liferplus]

    Really like your mix of water, trees and rock/cliff in this one, and the mix of colors too. I’m with you, can’t have too many autumn pix. Good for collections of just one season for a while, or night or daylight. Nighttime cause its easy on the eyes looking at screen and for contrast. But for beauty, autumn, with water, and extraterrestrials. To be clear, they are nearly ALL beautiful. It’s been so wonderful to watch your art evolve as digital tech has. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Susan [nonmonthly]

    Gorgeous, the reflections are wonderful

  12. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Simply Beautiful, the colours are beautiful, and the detail is awesome, love these Autumn renders, great render Ryan.

  13. NikB [liferplus]

    It’s my favourite season of the year. Unfortunately for me it’s spring here in Australia…

  14. D. C. Sessions [lifer]

    Oh, I do like it. However, “too many autumn” got my gek aroused. My current rotation shows:

    Summer 14

    Autumn 10

    Winter 8

    Spring 5

    Make of that whatever. It’s a nice balance of vegetation, stone, and water. The colors are on the cusp between late summer and fall [1]

    [1] For those who actually get “late summer” — Illinois, or New England maybe. I’m in New Mexico and the kids are either in desert country or Montana. Not a lot of fall in either.

  15. Ron [nonmonthly]

    Perfect timing with Autumn on its way and this scene is serene.

  16. Maureen [basicmember]

    You’re right, Ryan – you CAN’T have too many autumn wallpapers. We did a lot of camping when our son was younger, and autumn days were always the best. I feel like I’m out on one of our hikes.

  17. Nogs [nonmonthly]

    Outstanding, would like to see a night time version and spring version

  18. George [nonmonthly]

    The colors are perfect. I like them better than the Ethos colors…less “sun-bleached”.

  19. Tom [basicmember]

    Excellent! Great work Ryan.

  20. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Nice update but I’d like to see less fog/cloud/Mist or even without it. But otherwise I think this is beautiful.

  21. Mark A. [liferplus]

    This is indeed a worthy update to the original autumnal. Very nice!

  22. Overdrive [lifer]

    I usually love your autumn themes, but this one seems a little off and somewhat urealistic. I agree with Kana, the light reflections does not seem to match with the shadows, it looks if you used multiple ‘suns’ from different angles.

    8* though, maybe higher after some tweaking?

  23. gibbylinks [basicmember]

    Another classic for the collection. Although the tree on the right looks wrong, the way the trunk changes colour halfway down where it meets the rock face.

  24. Kana [lifer]

    All in all, nice wallpaper! I love Autumn wallpapers, so keep ’em coming!

    The scientist in me is being slightly picky, however 🙂 The brightness behind the trees strikes me as very wrong. I know it technically could be fog, or maybe even a mechanical light (though I see no other evidence of civilization) or whatever, but your rays from the sun(s) are slanting from the left to the right, and the trees are big enough that the ground fog would be in shadow, not nearly as bright in the background as the fore. Your sky is clear of clouds as well, so there is nothing to reflect the rays into the fog to light it up, as well.

    Just my two cents. Loving the colors!

  25. Jenanne [liferplus]

    We absolutely cannot have too many Autumn wallpapers! Lovely, as ever. I think a bit less green and a bit more red and orange would make this really pop, but it’s very nice as is. Thanks, Ryan!

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