The White Woods (Night)

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I was a bit nervous when I was creating “The White Woods” thinking that folks might hate it because it was so different from my usual render. The reaction really blew me away and I’m grateful.
I did receive a number of requests for different sky colors but the only one that made sense (for me) to try was black. I even added some stars so I can put this one in the Night Gallery 🙂

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14 reviews for The White Woods (Night)

  1. ExhibitA

    Late to the game, but in photography this is called infrared. Google infrared photography b&w and you can see. Color infrared looks otherworldly too. you would need a customized dslr to do this.. great artwork!!

  2. David Hammond [lifer]

    The depth and colors are perfect. Im happy you stepped out of your comfort zone for this one.

  3. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    This is so Awesome, yes a very cool blend of Abstract, Landscape and Otherworldly, I really like both, White Woods and White Woods Night. Great Render my Friend

  4. Donna Keil [liferplus]

    This reminds me of some nights on our farm when the sky is clear black and you can’t see the stars for the moonshine. However, while it’s low in the sky, our trees are lit bright white by that moon. More realistic than you might think. Thank you.

  5. oldtowneast [basicmember]

    Like when Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is playing this is one of those inanimate objects that just has the power to stop anything dead in its tracks to take in it’s beauty. This is stunning Mr. Bliss, you stumbled upon greatness with this one sir.

  6. Tumhalad [plusmember]

    The White Woods (Night), this is an amazing creation and gives me a sense of wonder akin to when I first saw Fluorescence, The Overseer and Crucible.

    Thanks for sharing your talent and imagination.

  7. Dan [basicmember]

    I personally love when you go outside the “norm” of your usual art. I think this series is amazing.

  8. Marc [liferplus]

    Your latest render of The White Woods (Night) ist just great! I love your work!

  9. Anon [basicmember]

    This one has a nice nighttime atmosphere to it. That said, with a black sky, it’s not obvious the forest is white. It could easily be misconstrued as a black and white image of a forest at night. Whereas with the first version, due to the sky having color, there was no mistaking the whiteness of the forest. And when contrasted against the red sky, the effect was haunting and apocalyptic. This time around, the effect is much more tame and it serves as a pleasant alternative to the more striking earlier version.

  10. ArazelEternal [basicmember]

    This is just as awesome as the original render. It gives it an even more otherworldly feel than the original. My current wallpaper.

  11. webworx [liferplus]

    Thanks for an equally astounding alternative. Both of these are great!

  12. Michael North [lifer]

    I honestly don’t have a problem at all with seeing new stuff. Sometimes I’ll like it and sometimes I won’t but for everything I don’t like someone else will probably love it.

  13. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Wow Ryan, this is absolutely striking I love the white trees against the black night sky. So beautiful!!!

  14. Mark A. [liferplus]

    I love it!

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