Undiscovered (Night)


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3 reviews for Undiscovered (Night)

  1. Bob

    Here, your attention to detail shines through. The image draws the viewer into the story and invites someone to create a backstory. What must be going on in there? Brings you to another place and away from the boring cubicle!

  2. Bryan

    I agree with Danny here. There always seems to be a “story” behind each image and I love it.

    Your artwork is unrivaled here on the net and that is an amazing thing to have seeing as there are hundreds of millions of people on teh intarweb. Thanks again. You have earned a customer for life.

  3. Danny

    I am no different than others saying “i love all your stuff” – abstract, or no abstract – it is all unique and excellent.

    One thing that separates DB from the other wallpapers I have seen around, is the drama and mystery. There is always a touch that makes me think beyond the image.

    This is a good example – who are these people, in the dark temple, in the middle of the forest? What kind of dark sacrifice ceremony are they doing?…

    🙂 spooky, dramatic and mysterious – thats, in my opinion, your strongest qualities.

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