Two Jack O’Lanterns — Halloween 2019

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This is an update to and old favorite called “Two Pumpkins (Jack o’Lanterns)” from nearly 20 years ago. This time I modeled the jack o’lanterns using Oculus Medium. (Haven’t really touched Medium since Jason stole my Rift to play Beat Saber)

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18 reviews for Two Jack O’Lanterns — Halloween 2019

  1. Matt Robinson

    Bad ass lighting and depth…….love this!

  2. Ryan

    This is one of those cases where really could use another machine to go back and render some of these missed multiscreens.

  3. Lee [basicmember]

    I know it’s past Halloween but…

  4. Josh [basicmember]

    Great addition to the Halloween collection. I’m also hoping for a multi screen render.

  5. Brian [lifer]

    I still put up the original Two Pumpkins. It’s one of my favorites. So I was concerned about a reboot. But it’s great.

  6. Eric [liferplus]

    hoping for multi-screen versions.

  7. Michael S [lifer]

    Missing from the Latest Renders (Wallpapers > New) page.

  8. Pete [lifer]

    Stopped by to get my Halloween wallpaper fix… This one is nice but I went back to my favorite – the black and white version of The Black Angel from 2014… It’s amazing how its quality and depth have stood up over time!

  9. Tyler [lifer]

    Ryan last year’s can’t be beat let’s just get that right out there. Last year’s was your best Halloween render to date and perhaps ever (though I would love to see you exceed yourself). Anyways I digress this is an excellent piece I actually appreciate that the pumpkin carvings aren’t too sinister (like I would prefer) so this image can cater to the wee ones out there.

  10. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is a great update to this render!!!

  11. ChrisW [basicmember]

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the pumpkins were a couple of ACTUAL jack-o-lanterns, and not CGI. Excellent work! And it sets the mood for Halloween perfectly! Going on my desktop!

  12. Todd [basicmember]

    This looks so excellent! The lighting alone (both foreground and background is spectacular and adds to the depth of the piece. So very well done – and perfect for the Halloween Season!!!!

  13. Dragon [nonmonthly]

    THE GRASS< LEAVES< AND TREES LOOK GOOD> The pumpkins with the moon glow on them look plastic-e. Need to fix that.

  14. Marian [lifer]

    I’ve loved the original since it came out. I was looking for a halloween wallpaper last week and wished for the umpteenth time that you would update that one! And here it is. I’m sure I will use this often in the years to come

  15. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Awesome render, My favorite Holiday, All Hallow’s Eve, love this render. thanks Ryan

  16. WebWorx [lifer]


    I mean “Boo!”

  17. John L [lifer]

    Glad to have a new Halloween render. Maybe you could combine your Gaea renders with something like a Phantom Skull Cave for another Halloween render!

  18. Camille [plusmember]

    Thanks for the great Halloween artwork. I love seasonal themes for my desktop. I would never guess that this one was in the can for so long. Looks great. Will set up for the season.

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