All Hallows Eve — Halloween 2021


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All Hallows Eve from 2007 was always one of my favorite Halloween renders but it suffered from a few problems (IMO). The environment was a bit too chaotic, even for a Halloween pic, and my modeling skills were not yet up to a competent jack-o-lantern.

I’ve taken my original scene here and reworked the parts that I thought needed fine-tuning and I’ve tried to leave the rest alone. One thing I did here that was quite a bit different is that I rendered it twice with different lighting (red and bluish) and then combined them in Photoshop.

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3 reviews for All Hallows Eve — Halloween 2021

  1. Chris [basicmember]

    Fits my phone perfectly. Such a great picture

  2. John [lifer]

    Nice update to a classic! Is it just me or is the pumpkin a little afraid or surprised? Could just be me with the eyes, I think. Would expect to be a little more menacing like the original

  3. Ryan

    It’s taking a bit longer than I’d anticipated to migrate your comments over to DB 2.0 so I’ve renabled them here for the time-being. Happy Halloween everyone!!

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